More Snow Accumulation Expected Overnight

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for the Pittsburgh area.

Monday evening’s snowfall has been one for the record books. It’s the most snow the area has had all season.

So far, six-inches of snow has accumulated in Moon Township; five-inches in Scott Township and four-inches in Latrobe.

In Mars, seven-inches of snow fell. Bethel Park and Donora saw six-inches.

“Too many places to list, but safe to say just about all neighborhoods coming in anywhere between four-to-six inches of accumulation already and the snow is still falling,” KDKA Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla said.

The snow has been falling steadily and heavily in Allegheny County, but the good news is the precipitation is beginning to taper off.

“Look for the snow to taper off here after midnight,” Verszyla said.

Overnight, he expects an additional one to two-inches of additional snowfall along with treacherous travel and reduced visibility.

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  • nick

    please 2 hour delay

    • rich

      no delays i have to be at work on time tomorrow.

    • Get A Life!

      KDKA should re-think their social media policy. You’re giving every idiot the microphone. Poor Jeff – Not your fault man. Hang in there.

  • mark

    gee, the weather wizards missed this one. now, after the fact they run out and give this report

  • rich

    wow i think phil was a little off on this one,you think,lousy rodent.

    • Dan G

      Phil was actually right on — spring came early — problem is it only lasted 2 days !

  • Ace

    my gosh, don’t these nitwits stick their heads out the window before they give a forecast? I had 2 inches in my yard by 3pm, and these guys were saying the snow wouldn’t even start until this evening!!!

    • TJH

      We already got 4 to 5. I hate to see what else we are going to get.

  • John J Johnson

    Its been sleeting for the last hour here in Monessen. Who knows what we will have by the end of all of this!!

  • Bob Kudzma

    What you mean we’ll get 4-5″ of snow? There’s already that much on the ground! I am predicting 4-8″ by Tuesday morning. Weren’t yinz guys calling for 1-2″ of snow yesterday?

  • italianbella412

    These people are idiots its been snowing like crazy for hours n their now saying this..

  • Dave


    • William Campbell

      Groundhog jerky

  • cole

    i feel a second smowpoclaypse

  • Joe

    I know what I’be doing tomorrow,busting my a$$ shoveling snow…….It was gone for what,2 days and now a fresh load…….I am so utterly sick of snow that if I never saw it again it would be too soon !!!…….If I ever get rich (I won’t but it’s a nice fantasy to entertain) I would never return to this God forsaken place

  • Shockly

    Pay through the teeth …? What are you talking about?

  • Jeff

    I’d like to see any one of you ignorant-to-reality critics provide an exact forecast for a completely inexact science. You cannot forecast, control or anticipate the weather. It’s always been that way, it will always be that way. Winds change, fronts form…’s the way mother nature works.

    Hypocritical idiots.

    • Shockly

      Whoa Jeff, loosen that fancy tye you got on there….Sheesh!

    • Biffy

      We all know you can’t predict turbulence,Jeffy

    • Matt

      If you cant predict the weather accuratly then you souldnt try. If your going to guess what the weather is going to do. Then call it that, and dont get anyones hopes up. People rely on accuracy not guesses.

    • Kem

      Jeff, unlike KDKA, none of us claim to accurately predict the weather nor make a living off of it. I’m willing to give the weather team some leeway, but KDKA really dropped the ball on this one. The forecast was “high 40s and rain” when I went to bed last night to “2-4 inches starting in the evening” when I woke up to “4-5 inches of snow” when there was already 5 inches on the ground at the time this article was published! The weather forecast is now up to “5-9 inches” and there’s a literal, honest-to-God, no exaggeration, BLIZZARD outside my window. How the heck do you miss that badly? KDKA should fire their weather people.

    • scott

      was this a line from the movie “the weatherman”?

    • scott

      But I don’t predict it. Nobody does, ’cause i-it’s just wind. It’s wind. It blows all over the place! What the f$%#!

  • JP

    i agree with Shockly

  • Mary

    Okay, I live in Fayette County and it is not even on your warnings, the University I work at is in Washington County and they are getting hammered as well. You have us down as light snow and over cast. I want your job.

  • Duane Rankin

    I love the commercials stating how accuate they’re weather forcast are. I just watched the news last night and i don;t recall hearing about this on Monday. I thought it was supposed to start on tuesday am? How much did those weather radar systems cost those networks. I hope they kept the reciepts.

  • redrock100

    will be more than 4 or 5

  • mimi

    let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! And for cryin out loud people get over it!

    • Ann

      I agree. Get over it. Everytime it snows in PGH, people have to complain; it’s too cold, stop snowing , I wish summer was here. Then summer comes and once again the great citizens of PGH complain it’s too hot. If you can’t drive in snow either learn, get off the road or move somewhere that doesn’t get snow. My goodness people it’s winter in PGH. Deal with it

    • Dave

      No one (or very few) is complaining about _the weather_. We’re commenting on the idiocy of the weather reporters who say “1-2 inches” when there is already twice that outside and it’s STILL snowing. So get over yourself!

  • SysAdmin

    Mt. Lebanon is beyond 5″… What happens now? Does the counter default back to ZERO?

  • Jim

    As I’ve said here before; Tomorrow, either Jeff or Dennis will come on the air after 12-15 inches of snow has fallen and boldly say “As we predicted” even though as late as last night they were “predicting 1-2 inches”. (not even a “nuisance” snow in their estimation!)

  • Matt

    Weather Forcasters are the only people who can always be wrong and still keep their job. First the storm wouldn’t get here until 6pm and continue to 10am. Actually it started at 2pm, the roads were covered and accidents were everywhere by 3pm. Second starting totals were 1-3″ , now 3-5″ but its 9pm and I have 6″ and 9 hours to go. If 10am is correct!

  • bobalert

    at least 6 inches here in Hopewell and still falling… time to update the warning kdka.

  • Tyffani O'Shannon

    I love the bread and pay through your teeth for it.. TRUTH.. aND WHERE DID THIS COME FROM..

  • whiskey6

    still snowing west of cleveland. 4 more hrs to go

  • Justin Gilles

    We have 6 inches in crafton as of 845 and its still coming down hard. what happen to the 1-3? I want just once for a weather man to get on the air and be like yep wow we blew that call didnt we!

  • Mike

    Where is PennDot? Roads are a nightmare. Of course there is Pittsburgh, nothing will be done till Fri.

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