Fort Pitt Tunnels Closed

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Fort Pitt Tunnels have shut down.

PennDOT says the closure is due to a power outage.

Crews are out trying to bring back power and get traffic moving again through the tunnels.


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  1. Mr. Snow Miser says:

    This is one of the stupidest things that I have ever heard. It is a tunnel. It is night. use your headlights. If you are driving at night you should be using them anyway.

  2. Geralt says:

    After Mr.Snow Miser, It was actually worse, I was there last night stuck in the traffic for two hours. The power outage was only in half of the tunnel. After passing through I have been turned back. Thanks PennDOT I lost three hours to get to my destination. If I new that the tunnel was closed I would not enter it.

  3. roberrt says:

    what time did it close?

  4. Geralt says:

    I was stuck from 10pm going south, passed through at midnight, but have been turned back through northbound.

  5. PennDolts says:

    PennDot knows no bounds to their stupidity!

  6. Pete says:

    I was stuck in it and diverted to West End before tunnel b/c something looked wrong. When merging on to Banksville after (around 11:30), it was apparent that nothing South of Fort Pitt Tunnel had been cleared heading up 376 South. Multiple disabled cars and trucks with various fender benders. People were actually trying to shovel and push their way to Banksville. The power outage is being used as an excuse for the fact that the back up was caused by the complete lack of preparation or response.

    1. Ann says:

      I hope you meant lack of preparation and response by the many idiots on the road. If the weathermen got it wrong how the heck does PennDot know better. Oh wait it was raining so PennDot should pretreat the roads just in case it turns to snow earlier and hopefully the salt doesn’t wash away before the changeover. Haha silly Pghers. Everytime there is a snowstorm, predicted or not, there is a blame game, accidents caused by stupid drivers, and people complaining about the weather. Haha

  7. Paul says:

    at about 11:30pm last night I was on my way home from work. They were looping the outbound traffic back through the inbound tunnel. Noone could make it up Greentree hill due to all the stuck and wrecked vehicles still at that time of night.

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