Latest Snow Sets Record In Pittsburgh

By: Dennis Bowman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – An intensifying low-pressure system moved through the district, Monday afternoon and evening, which dumped more snow than expected for the Pittsburgh area.

It didn’t bring as much snow as the 21.1 inches the “Snowmageddon” event brought last year, but the snowfall was still significant.

Part of the problem was that the rain in the area changed over to snow much quicker that anticipated.

The changeover started around 3 p.m. and the snow continued well into the evening.

In general, snow totals ranged from 6 to 10 inches in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, and Westmoreland Counties.

Pittsburgh received a total of 8.4 inches, with 7.9 falling prior to midnight. That 7.9 total goes into the books as a record snowfall for Feb. 21, beating the three-inch record set in 1929.

snow totals Latest Snow Sets Record In Pittsburgh

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Not as much snow fell across the southern counties, as precipitation stayed in the form of rain for a longer period of time. In general, four-to-five inches were experienced near the Mason-Dixon Line.

There were two reports of “thundersnow,” which is snow accompanied by thunder and lightning. The reports came in from Ohio County, W. Via. near Wheeling.

This snow storm is by far the heaviest snow, so far, this season, eclipsing the 5.1 inches on Jan. 20.

Today’s high will be around 28 degrees with a low of 14. Wednesday will warm up a little with a high reaching 39 degrees.

Another system is making its way east and could bring more snow later in the week.


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One Comment

  1. Edith Anne Tarbox of Dripping Springs Tx says:

    I don’t recall ever getting 8 inches in Pittsburgh

    1. Joseph Puskar says:

      edith? hope ur being sarcastic…lol….we had 32 inches in 2 days in 93

    2. BOB says:


      1. dad says:

        Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!! LOLOL

  2. Wendy Miles says:

    We got 9 here in Allison park. Looked like a blizzard there for a while. Julie Baloney on wpxi was saying we here in AP recieved 4.5 inches. What does she know.

  3. Mike Kane says:

    I guss you have to have something to write/? I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for over sixty years and this winter hasn’t been that bad, I’m sure not givibg uo and moving to Erie

  4. SCOTT says:


    1. mwf says:

      The forecasters don’t always get it right because the technology just does not exist. That’s like saying all car manufacturers are useless because cars can’t fly.

      1. Reese says:

        The difference is that the TV stations continuously spend so much time and energy telling us all how accurate their weather technology and forecasters are. They set the high expectation of their abilities. Because of this, the viewers are right to be disappointed when the forecasts are so wrong.

      2. Burgh says:

        Cars can’t fly?!

  5. timmytom says:

    Yes it’s called winter season. I bet all those vehicles that sit spinning their wheels had either “summer tires” or those “all season tires” on the vehicles. Invest in a good set of “winter tires”, so you don’t get stuck and block the way for the rest of us that do.

  6. Robbie says:

    I guess this means you get everything in your life right every time.

  7. Kem says:

    And yet they want us to believe in global warming when they can’t even predict a record snowfall 24 hours in advance. How about the scientists figure out whether it’s going to rain or snow tomorrow before they try to predict the weather a hundred years from now?

  8. ddk says:

    Random heavy snow fall without the correct prediction can be a sign of global warming

    1. Jenn says:

      It wasn’t random, the weather models were showing it…that is how I was able to forecast it. the weather people simply always under-forecast the snow. Global warming…ha! The ice caps are growing, the ozone layer has healed, and global sea temperatures have cooled, indicating the planet has cooled. Watch the next 5 winters and tell me you still believe in global warming.

    2. Joe says:

      DDK, remember when it doesnt snow, it’s global warming.
      Now when it snows hard, it’s global warming.
      You have to hand it to liberals, they have all the angles covered. They can’t be wrong!!

  9. John Koval says:

    Just another day closer to SPRING!!

    1. Robin says:

      I like the way you think John!

  10. superl says:

    Yes it said is was supposed to snow, but not this much snow fall like this can be a sign of global warming. Ever watched al gores movie?

    1. FarmGirl says:

      Al Gore? That guy that invented the Internet?


  11. Ralph Crenjop says:

    Where’s Jeffy “I’m the greatest weather forcaster” . Wonder if he’ll tell us how good he is at missing forecasts.. He’s probably home getting his mani-pedi and his weekly dye job..Wonder if he will show his high tech snowman graph . ha ha ha ha ha.

    1. SUSIE says:

      jeffy wanted to be a sportscaster and couldn’t get a job.

  12. Jack says:

    People without snow tires are dumb.

  13. pam says:

    Hey are they picking up trash in the city today or are all the lazy garbage men sitting at home relaxing. The city should be ashamed of themselves the roads are a mess and there is no excuse for it.

  14. Love the snow says:

    Edith… I remember a lot of snows like this when I was a kid in WPA. I also remember not being able to see the road surface for weeks at a time and cars having chains on their tires. Unlike today where we’ve come to expect that roads will be cleared and salted and bare asphalt within an hour of a storm. It is winter… get really good winter tires on your car and learn how to drive in it if you want to go anywhere.
    Now where did I put my snowshoes…

  15. Jack Beiber says:

    if you can’t drive in the snow,don’t drive.

  16. Branch Rickey says:

    i folded it in half and gave edith 8′ on a number of occasions

  17. Kelly says:

    My new All Season Radials, lots of experience, and not being scared got me through 20 miles of travel by 9:00pm lastnight and 23 miles to work this morning:) Take your time use your lower gears especially going downhill and sharp bends – Drive safely everyone:)

  18. MJ jones says:

    Thanksgiving 1950. Friday and Saturday we had about 28″ of snow! The city shutdown! literally!

  19. Timmy D. says:

    I know the weatherman/woman cannot get the forecast right every time but…. why then do they pound us everyday with Dopler this and Storm Tracker that? If it doesn’t work then quit telling us how great your systems are! If I was this inconsistant with my job I wouldn’t have one, trust me.

  20. jj says:

    Dennis Bowman is a turd and needs to be flushed asap.

  21. lisa S. says:

    It is what it is! You are right mwf the technology does not exist. We should all be worried about the world maybe coming to an end! Enjoy the beauty of it while you can.

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