Man Wraps Face Like Mummy, Robs Herminie Convenience Store

By Ralph Iannotti

HERMINIE (KDKA) – State police in Greensburg are investigating an armed robbery.

It happened Monday afternoon at the Exxon Buy N’ Fly mini mart in the village of Herminie, Westmoreland County.

A guy walked into the store at about 3 p.m. armed with a hatchet. He wore dark cloth wrapped around his face, looking like a mummy.

No one was injured, and the suspect escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

One resident of Herminie told KDKA-TV she thought the suspect might be someone local.

“Everyone knows each other [in town], we know each other’s business, so, it’s kind of hard to get into trouble, without someone knowing what you’re doing,” she said.

Another resident attending a local neighborhood crime watch meeting at the public library in Herminie said he was surprised the suspect brandished a hatchet.

He speculated, jokingly, that perhaps his face was wrapped in cloth, “because he was cold.”

The suspect wore a red hooded sweatshirt and is believed to be white male between 5-feet 5-inches and 5-feet 9-inches tall. State police say the man is in his 30s and had several missing teeth.

State police ask anyone with information to call 724-832-3288.


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One Comment

  1. William Campbell says:

    Must have been some kind of mummy-wrapping job, since they could tell he was a white male, in his 30s, and had missing teeth.

  2. wisenheimer says:

    he needed the cash for his pyramid scheme

    1. gudemonster says:


    2. mojokabobo says:

      ROFL! I’m loving the mummy jokes!

  3. Bud Abbott says:

    Im scared, Lou

    1. Lou Costello says:

      Wouldn’t Lou be saying that to Abbott?

  4. JoBlow says:

    I guess he wasn’t wrapped too tight !!!

  5. You should really get a life says:

    Very punny.

  6. Mon River Towing says:

    his holdup note was written in hieroglyphics

  7. Mon River Towing says:

    he also helped himself to a box of condoms. Ramses most likely.

  8. Adam Sandler says:

    I love you sweeeaaatshirt! Red hooded sweeeaaathshirt!

  9. Hosni Mubarak says:

    This story is a riot!

    1. Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya says:

      Ohhhhhh snap!

  10. John Merrick says:

    looks just like my drivers license photo

  11. $3.19/Gallon says:

    Mummy: Fill er up regular unleaded on pump 5.

    Gas Station Clerk: That’ll be $64, sir….You know, we don’t get many mummies around here.

    Mummy: At these prices I can see why.

    1. Bil Cusack says:

      ba -dump!

  12. free for all in Herminie says:

    No police department and a crime watch member hadnt heard a guy dressed as a MUMMY robbed your gas station? Lock your doors folks.

  13. Dawn Keezer says:

    Brendan Fraser is filming the next sequel of The Mummy in Westmoreland County based on this case file.

  14. anniethegreat says:

    Wait…how did they get a mug shot of the guy if they don’t know who he is? why didn’t they just grab him then?

    1. Worried Human says:

      VERY FUNNY! In the stroy the reporter says the robber “probably looked like this” and then shows the mug shot, which seems to me like they just wrapped some idiot up in TP and took a his picture.


  15. wingedearth says:

    Looks like the unrest in Egypt is spreading.

  16. BOB says:


    1. curious says:

      is this a real comment? just wondering

  17. tallguy says:

    Don’t pick on the poor mummy. You’d have some missing teeth too if you were thousands of years old.

  18. put two and two together says:

    Did he walk like an egyptian ?

    1. Worried Human says:


  19. cartoons r great says:

    Why do I feel like I should be hearing the Scooby-Doo theme song isoon???

    1. Hoss says:

      The Mystery Machine is now patrolling Westmoreland County. Those meddling kids will track down the mummy! Jinkies!

  20. Bolan says:

    suspect walks like an egyptian, favorite hang outs “Local Museums” AKA King Tut

  21. Barry says:

    Karas has rissen again. Three tanna leaves to give him motivation.

  22. Vince says:

    That’s a wrap.

  23. Mayor Sophie says:

    Poor guy is just trying to pay the bills. His wife not only thinks she’s the Queen of Sheba…She is the Queen of Sheba!

  24. Buck Keely says:

    Give him points for originality.
    Heirloom seeds “how God plants His garden

  25. Mon River Towing says:

    Rumor is the suspect vowed he would not brush his teeth until the Pirates topped .500 again.

  26. Phil Kirzyc says:

    Time for another Pause for the Gauze!

  27. Sosad says:

    I’m glad employees at KDKA have humor. But unfortunately your job isn’t to be a stand up comedian. Levity I’m sure is important in your life when you see crimes up close and personal, but when you inject it into your news coverage and put up a faux photo of a suspect that isn’t even accurate (I believe the criminals face was wrapped in a dark cloth)- you do the story and the police a dis-service.

    1. o my says:

      I assume you are a native of this loverly town of Hermine or you would find the same humor as the rest of us. Unfortunatley there is like 99% chance one of your own did this. Because a read robber wouldn’t waste thier time robbing such a dump. So rather than bashing the news, maybe you should glance out your window and find one of your neighbors that fits a description. Although, from what i hear, nobody down there has a full set of teeth =)

      1. Former Herminie Resident says:

        Dearest O My,
        Perhaps some of the residents of Herminie are indeed missing some of their teeth. However, I am sure that many of them can spell better than you do.
        Your message has many misspellings and grammatical errors.
        Have a LOVERLY day. LOL

      2. Former Herminie Resident says:

        Oh, and just for the record I have ALL of my teeth.

  28. Airdoc says:

    Once they wrap this up and catch this guy, he’ll be in de-nile

  29. henry says:

    Maybe it was a real mummy. Is there a museum in town?

  30. FruitySudz says:

    “He axed me to hand over the money.”

  31. Howard Carter says:

    Another witness spotted the suspect drive off in a GMC Sahara headed south towards Memphis.

  32. eyewitness says:

    suspect spotted on a wooden barge near New Alexandria

  33. Crack head says:

    5 foot 5 white male weighing 130 pounds missing several teeth dressed as a mummy that robbed a gas station. Sounds like a crack head…

  34. Not crack says:

    He’s obviously just dehydrated.

  35. Jim Parsons says:

    Suspect last seen boarding a Delta flight to Cairo. TSA found an ampule of embalming fluid in his woven-reed carry on, but it met the required 3oz maximum.

  36. TSA Motto! says:

    Cant see London. Cant see France. Not till I see your underpants.

  37. Amy says:

    i think its pretty messed up you see humor in a persons life being threatened. the man WAS NOT dressed like a mummy. if it was your daughter, sister,mother, would you find it funny then!!!!

    1. Hey Amy says:

      Please dont tell your mummy.

    2. Amy's Husband says:

      Amy. You need to lighten up. Seriously. You need to lose about 30 pounds.

      1. Amy's Boyfriend says:

        More like 40

  38. Travis says:

    How do you have missing teeth? You are missing them, therefore you don’t have them.

  39. heatherfeather says:

    Maybe it was a real mummy? I hear they are fleeing the unrest in Egypt in droves.

  40. ma67 says:

    Mummy, whattya do for money?

  41. bubba says:

    Just look for the condo made of stone-a.

  42. State Boy Blue says:

    Whats most important is HIS TEETH are MISSING, We should Be looking for those first, maybe they have some information!

  43. holly!! says:

    lol i live in herminie!!<3

  44. Ezekiel says:

    Im close holly, are you unde 30 / cute / Curvy ?

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