Storm Catches Many By Surprise

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Snow was in the forecast, but the amount seemed to take everyone by surprise.

Road crews were among those surprised as conditions got so bad that drivers were forced to ditch their cars.

On Interstate 279 abandoned cars still littered both sides of the road Tuesday morning.

While road conditions are improving, those abandoned vehicles need to be removed. Road crews were unable to properly plow or treat parts of the road due to abandoned cars in the left lane as well as the breakdown lane.

What didn’t help matters was the holiday on Monday. Initially predicted to be a minor storm, it intensified as it closed in on western Pennsylvania.

The snow rapidly started to coat the roadways and crews were forced to react to it.

“We still had to battle some rush hour traffic, but it hurt because we had a skeleton crew out. Our blue collar people were off [Monday] so we had to call people in to work the holiday when it started to snow,” Pittsburgh Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski said.

Tow crews are currently working to remove the vehicles from I-279.


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One Comment

  1. William Campbell says:

    They knew a storm was coming, but only had a skeleton crew out. Smart.

  2. Daniel says:

    If the local weather forecasters had looked at and viewed the weather map in motion they would have seen a band of snow from Pittsburgh to near Indianapolis Indiana. Told my wife early yesterday that this was going to be a big one. Where do our local weather forecasters get the wrong info from?

    1. nanny says:

      The wiji board

      1. Joe says:

        That’s Ouija, smart guy.

  3. Ray says:

    What happened to all the emergency plans skippy the wonder mayor and kazeroski had worked on since the last blizzard???
    I love how well maintained the emergency snow routes were taken care of !!!
    And what is kazeroski talking about most people were off for presidents day?
    The city was almost entirely business as usual. My trash was even picked up as usual.
    The federal and state employees get off not the city!
    Time for a new boss

    1. c'mon ray get real says:

      The city county building was closed, most city employees were off. That’s what he means.

  4. Greg T. says:

    Seriously, Meateorolgists have all this big???!! I hope our defense dept. doesn’t use viper radar or we are in big trouble!!!!

  5. jeff verszyla says:

    Sorry, I freak out over 2″ of snow then I downplay probably the biggest storm this winter. Again sorry Folks. Hey I’m right about 20% of the time..

  6. Bob Kudzma says:

    That’s ok jeff, i guessed everyday too.

  7. expittsburgh says: pretty much called it all along. I hope nobody actually uses our local weather to get a true forecast.

  8. Joe Dinardo says:

    i would say i told you so, but…

    nobody listens

  9. margie says:

    Please get me a job as a weather girl. I don’t have to do it right to get paid hey

  10. Penny says:

    GIve them a break, we have all been wrong if our life… If cars that didnt have to be out would have stayed home, tractor trailers would have pulled off before they got stuck knowing that they are prone to being stuck, then maybe they could have done their job better… If YOu guys worked for the state and had to go to work on a governmental holiday you would be ticked about having to work and the sno.

  11. Debby says:

    Hey the groundhog was wrong too 🙂
    Whats the BIG deal…so we got some snow…it is February people! What did they do and who did they blame when they didn’t have weather forecasters or TV?

    1. Debbie says:

      Debby, they probably blamed GOD.

  12. John J Johnson says:

    I like how KDKA is still using the “tweets” from last night on the CW this morning. Why don’t you get some new “tweets” and see how mad people are.

    I understand it was a fast moving storm, but they should have done a better job. What did they do, go to a community college for a “meteorologist degree”?

  13. dave says:

    it’s a shame that your pompous,arrogant,condecending chief meteorologist cant predict a storm when its sitting on top of us. quit being so pompous and do your job.

  14. Bob McBob says:

    All these so-called “meteorologists” need to be fired for their utter incompetence. Even with their DopplerTrackerRadarSnowscopeVegOMatic3000’s they’re unable to figure out what to expect as far as snow goes until AFTER it’s fallen. They would be better off throwing darts at map of Western PA.

    1. Debbie says:

      Come on idiots, they were predicting this storm for days , they were only wrong on the amount, nobody can control that. Again we live in Pennsylvania, if we can’t bear it we should move. I have a question! How many people were on the roads last night that didn’t need to be out? Probably lots. Then they complain. Nobody can predict perfectly what mother nature will do. Fire people?” come on now”

      1. Bob McBob says:

        They were predicting 1/3 of the snow we actually got, and you think that’s OK? Had people known how bad it was going to get they most likely would have been off the f’ing roads in the first place.

        By the way, when you have a question you use a question mark and not an exclamation mark… “come one now”.


  15. Dennis Bowman says:

    only three?

  16. H Wright says:

    Come on are you people afraid of snow storms? You live in pittsburgh! If your not used to this yet move south or quit your crying!!!

  17. Vincent Vega says:

    Good job guys! 2-4 inches, huh? Also, I love the caption of this article on your home page, “Crews Caught By Surprise”. How about “Worthless Pittsburgh Meteorologists Caught By Surprise”. Maybe the crews weren’t prepared because they listened to your worthless forecast….

  18. Peggy says:

    My son passed many PennDot and local snow plows driving around NOT plowing and NOT laying salt last night as he made his way home in the midst of the storm. They were out there, just not doing anything – poor management.

  19. M.Y. says:

    The Ravenstahl “snow routes” were a failure, …unless those routes were supposed to have 8 inches of snow on them, then they were a success.

    Sounds like a paycut for county public works is in order.

  20. Anna says:

    Well at least Julie is honest about how she got the job.

  21. Michael Scott says:

    7.9 inches last night – that’s what she said!

    1. Robin says:

      HA HA HA HA HA

  22. Wayne says:

    People forget that they need snow tires in the winter. Remember,it snows here every winter. All season tires don’t work on heavy snow. They still sell tire chains, remember what we did before front wheel drive and all wheel drive?

  23. TIMSTER says:

    I am definately in the wrong career. I should have been a Meteorologist. Where else can you be wrong the majority of the time and still have job security. The forecasters here in Pittsburgh are a joke. No matter what the season is, they find a way to mislead the general public.


  24. Mr. Snow Miser says:

    Bring back studded snow tires.

  25. Alison Morris says:

    The issue with me is not the amount of snow, it is that the snow stopped around midnight last night, and at 6 AM, most of the roads were still not touched, such as Route 8 in Gibsonia, a 4 lane major highway. My neighborhood street was more clear than a major Pennsylvania highway. I guess everyone put away the winter equipment last week when it was 70 degrees.

    1. Stretch says:

      Just an FYI: It did stop, but it also started up again around 1 a.m. Not disputing the rest of what you say though. The condition of downtown and Oakland streets is simply inexcusable given the amount of time from the last major snowfall in the wee hours to this morning’s commute.

  26. Producer # 1 says:

    Julie Bologna is pretty good at her job… Oh, and she does that Weather thing too. Need a promotion Julie?

  27. Doug says:

    It looks like PENNDOTers and snowplow crewas are in Florida on their winter break or hibernating… Snow in February, who would have imagined something like that… And school cancellations, how are these kids going to develop any sense of responsibility …

    1. Debbie says:

      Sense of responsibility? I’m all for keeping kids safe.

    2. eddie from pitt says:

      DOUG THE MORONIC IDIOT,,,,,,sidewalks and road were unpasable,but u would let thousands of children walk on untreated streets to get to school for 1 day?a day that can easily be made up in summer……some of you people on here are complete idiots no wonder our country is in the shape it is…

  28. Jr says:

    I think the weather forecasters are doing the best they can. Weather CAN change in a matter of minutes. They get one thing wrong and hundreds of people are on their case, as you can see here. A system gets nudged just a little bit and it changes the whole picture. Just imagine life without meteorologists, where you didnt have a clue what was going on……….. then who would you blame….

  29. HAHA says:

    This city is a joke. How much do we spend/ bribe to get these most liveable city reports? Clearly these organizations don’t actually come to Pittsburgh.

  30. suzanne utts says:

    After all, it is Pittsburgh, folks. We only get, what? 58 sunny days per year? We are known for getting freak snowstorms in February and even into March.

    Though I do think with the amt of technology these high-paid weather people have they should do better than 20% accuracy. Think of any other job in the private sector…if an employee was only accurate 20% of the time would their boss keep them on the payroll? I doubt it.

    1. Tbone says:

      It depends how you define “sunny day.” Do you mean partially sunny, totally sunny, sunny for half the day? This criticism of pittsburgh is so stupid. If you do comparitivie city studies, we are over 200 days of some sunshine – really not that bad. Most of the gloom is in winter, where there are much less sun. The wamer weather months have lots of it. You must be one of those “I love being miserable” types. With regards to the forcasts being only 20% correct, weather is volitale and computer models are an estimate.

  31. ed from pitt says:

    WHAT WAS KDKA DOING AT 4 PM? i was in my car and was in plum and there was 2 inches already on the ground and kdka live 4 oclock radio broadcast come on and they said its raining and it will change over later this evening with 1 inch possible,,,,how can that be possible in this day and age with all the vast technoligy?They must be using delayed weather reports from previous day,i will never forgive them for their inability to look out a window…lol

  32. Alison Morris says:

    Weather is an inexact science. But getting the road crews out should be an exact science: if the roads are bad, then call out the crews and clear the roads.

  33. Babies, all of you! says:

    You are all babies, quit blaming forecasters, snow removal personnel, pick up a shovel and deal with it. I have never lived in a city with so many cry babies before.

    1. Alison Morris says:

      I was out until 11:30 last night shovelling, and then was out shovelling at 6 this morning to get out so I could go to work, only to find roads that were terrible. So, I think I have a right to complain.

  34. SickofNoSnowRemoval says:

    I left work about 8pm and walked the 1.5 miles home. Not a plow or salt truck in sight or sound-not many cars out either. Road conidtions on Forbes and Fifth (aren’t they main snow routes) a disgrace. Even this morning-same thing-Forbes I(for some reason Forbes near CMU is never done) a mess, Fifth a slushy mess. Yeah, this babe is tried of paying taxes for snow removal that never happens. Snow emergency routes-what a joke. Either we don’t have enought plows or sal trucks or enough people/people who know how to use them or there is some other problem. The problem has existed since I moved here 25 years ago-will no one fix it????

  35. IT'S SNOWING!!!! says:

    “Crews caught by Surprise,” of course KDKA everyone was caught by surprise. Why? Because your meteorologists can’t predict the weather , that’s why. Really, rain changing to snow was the forecast while it was snowing and there was already an inch on the ground. Your forcasters are useless. It can’t be that hard to predict snow when it is ALREADY snowing!

  36. Ashley says:

    At 5am they said 3 inches then when I went to turn off they tv to leave for work they said 3-6 .. I think they did a pretty good job at predicting it. Weather does change. Then if u watched later on they said 4-8. When there is alot of cars on the road packing down the snow it’s harder for crews to get them cleaned up.

  37. Julie Bologna says:

    don’t worry, my task masters at Giant eagle continue to pad my pockets with dough since EVERY FORECAST is a SEVERE WEATHER FORECAST.. so while you dopes complain I will continue to dance with my dark lord masters. Start Listening to KDKA. they actually get it right.

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