Gasoline Price Prediction Is Hefty

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — World-renowned oil expert and Duquesne University Professor Dr. Kent Moors says gasoline prices will hit $4 per gallon by Memorial Day.

He talked with KDKA’s Mike Pintek about the factors involved for the recent increase in gasoline prices.

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One Comment

  1. italianbella412 says:

    Are u kidding me!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! why is this happening?

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      Why – Beacuse Oil is traded on the US DOLLAR (for now…). When our not so bright president prints 600 Billion in unbacked currency it weakens the dollar thus raising the price of a barrel. further more when our president spends TRILLIONS of dollars and our dept climbs…. it weakens the dollar… Fuel is just the start, watch food over the next six months.
      maybe people are finally seeing why oBama’s spending is so destructive. Our great country is in a SAD state of affairs.

  2. Travelling by foot... says:

    I think I will be going out to get myself a new pair of walking shoes!!!

  3. Josh says:

    Gas prices jumped 16 cents from last night at the Sunoco in Bloomfield. The price jumped twice today. The oil companies are using this as a way to up prices and make a profit.

  4. Sigh says:

    One reason for the increase is the prediction of the increase. Oil companies hear these predictions, and judge public response, to see how soon they can get away with fulfilling the prophesy. Oil companies make record profits during oil-related events – not just record revenue, but record profits. That means, boys and girls, that they are taking advantage of these events to charge more than the increase in their own cost, to line their own pockets with profit. It’s the only industry that actually benefits from an increase in its own costs.

  5. Nick Manning says:

    Gas Prices = Joke

  6. Daniel says:

    I guess this is still President Bush’s fault? Remember when prices went up the last time all of the liberals blamed Bush and Cheney. Now who is at fault?

  7. Jim M. says:

    Didn’t Obama make a campaign promise to hold oil companies accountable when he was running for the presidency. He probably won’t do anything though.

  8. Ashley says:

    Groceries and everything is going up.. When they raise the prices of everythin they need to give us a raise at work also!

  9. Ashley says:

    Yah they keep giving and giving to the lazy welfare bums who live better then we do..collect from welfare but do their drug deals and drive bmws or Mercedes.. It’s pathetic when u go into a grocery store and these bums eat better then we do

    1. Sheri says:

      How does rising gas prices have anything to do about the welfare system? I do not agree with how the welfare system works in this country but please make educated posts!!!

  10. Eddie Yount says:


  11. Scott Beers says:

    Greed Greed and more Greed…. that is why this is happening…. Mostly on Wall Street where the SPECULATION of the Commodities market sets the prices.

  12. Terri says:

    To ZOEYzotron and others….Did it ever occur to you that this “deficit” was caused by the previous administration??? Or does everyone forget that?? I am not pro Obama but I am certainly not pro Bush administration. They are the ones that caused all of this mess and now everyone wants to blame Obama because he isn’t Super Pres and solved all the problems they caused in his short time in office!

  13. Terri says:

    Oh and if you knew what was really going on…You would know that the reason for the spike in price is due to so much civil unrest in the middle east!

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      TERRI – Bush spent to much in his last 4 years, no doubt. However oBama has increased the deficit more in two years than Bush did in 8. Did you see his last budget… a joke. Did you read the Stimilus Plan (I DID). Ask yourself, where did that 870 BILLION dollars go? New Airports… no. New rail system…. no New Nuclear power plans…. no. oBama is an intitlement socialist pig. That is not what America is founded on.

    2. Zoeyzotron says:

      Terri – maybe if you understood commodity trading you would know that Mid East termoil is always a cause for short lived spikes in oil prices, but they level off rapidly. Devaluation of the US Dollar is the real cause for the rise in oil prices. Everything oBama does fiscally devalues the dollar. Keep that in mind and pray he is a one termer. He is truly destructive to our economy.

    3. Zoeyzotron says:

      Just so you know Lybia ranks a lowly 22nd in oil production…. Hardly a big player that could affect oil for the long run.

  14. ron says:

    In my opinion these high gasoline prices will fuel inflation. The question is how much inflation will it create. We can only hope that our business leaders and government will not let this nation slip deeper into recession.

  15. Richard says:

    We can all complain but what does it accomplish? That’s right, NOTHING! We all have to ‘feed’ our vehicles to go to work, the store, wherever. Consumers only have their purchasing power to send a message to any company and we all know that won’t happen with our consumption of fuel. I hear the oil company executives like a little whine with their caviar so go right ahead!

  16. Don says:

    I just read another report that un-employment dropped to 8.9%. But I believe that will be short lived. As if I remember correctly the last time gas prices spiked to $4.00 a gallon it triggered an even bigger crash in the economy?

    Myself, I am a field service technician, and when the gas prices spike it really hurts and cripples the service industry. Causing prices to increase to off set the costs.

  17. Anthony S says:

    We all should boycott the oil companies again so that they have an abundance of gas and then they will have to bring the prices down! It wprk once and it can work again!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say, ‘LET’S DO IT!”

  18. Jack says:

    I get my gasoline for $1 a gallon.

    I’ve gotten rid of my cellphone, premium cable channels and my neighbor and I split internet expenses using WiFi, I spend $180 on gas monthly, and save $120 on Verizon expenses. 60 gallons = $60.

    Not too shabby – sorry verizon, you lose.

  19. David says:

    United States faces fuel crisis

    By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY

    By the numbers
    Fuel consumption facts
    Faced with a natural gas shortage, soaring oil prices and unprecedented demands for electricity, Americans are bracing for the worst energy crunch in a quarter of a century.

    It should hit, economists say, about the dead of winter, when temperatures and resources drop and the need for heat reaches its peak.

    President Clinton ordered the release of 30 million barrels of oil Friday from the government’s emergency reserve in an effort to replenish the nationwide shortage of oil and reduce prices.

    It is the first time the government’s emergency reserve has been used since former President Bush ordered oil tapped from the reserve during the Gulf

    can we send this article to Obama???

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