Pirates President Frank Coonelly Defends Comments

Frank Coonelly joined Seibel, Starkey, and Miller on Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN to discuss the comments he made recently about attendance needing to boost before the team can reach a level of spending that would make them competitive with other teams in the league.

Coonelly said the idea that they can’t increase payroll without increased attendance is not true.  The organization could spend at a competitive level right now, but to spend more, higher attendance would help.

Coonelly also said until they can convince the fan base that they are a better team and will compete, they can’t expect the fans to show up for games, but they also can’t be expected to double their payroll from last year during this year.

When it came to discussing the fans of the team needing to show up at the ballpark, Frank claimed they are the best in Major League Baseball, and Pittsburgh fans are the best in the world, and the fans’ passion towards the franchise just goes to further prove that.

We wrapped things up with Coonelly by having him talk about the CBA which is set to expire in December and he says the Pirates will be at the front of the line demanding change to the current system.

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  • Duh


    I’m no nuclear physicist or anything but wouldn’t increasing the payroll, therefore winning games, increase attendance? God forbid they make an INVESTMENT in the team.

  • James D Isherwood

    You have to be kidding me, almost 20 years of losing and you tell us ” If we show up they will play”. You trade all the best players, maybe if you charged minor league prices someone would show up to see a minor league team. You lost a entire generation of fans. I can name the starting line up for the 60’s Pirates but I couldn’t name three players on last years team. I’ve been at PNC once because we had out of town guest. If you can’t afford a Major League team sell it to someone who can. Then you will see the Pittsburgh fans.

  • Harley P

    Do youknow how to tell Coonelly and Nutting are lying?
    There lips are moving.

  • Scott Beers

    I had more fun at an Erie Seawolves game because they were competative… the Pirates… eh… not so much.

  • BeantownShadyside

    Put a winning team on the field. The Pirates are the joke of baseball for good reason. The management is the worst in baseball. Great ballpark, horrible management.

  • Rick Mossinghoff

    Only if and when MLB & the Player’s Union change the rules to create a level playing field, will Pittsburgh field a good baseball team.

    • Three Rivers

      I dont know that a salary cap and full revenue sharing like NFL would get Bob Nutting to open his wallet. Bob is a cheap, lying, greedy basterd. Not a baseball fan. Until Nutting is gone the Pirates faithful are kidding themselves.

  • Eddie Yount

    Its a shame 20 years of losers … almost as bad as a Cleveland team… Mr Nutting and Company should of sold the team to Mario Lemieux or anyone that would attempt to try to win.. The press conference the other day was a joke lol comited to winning yea right.. O and lets celebrate 1960 every year 70% of the fans that are left rooting for this minor leage team in the majors wernt even alive then . I barley remember 1979 and as for the 90s teams Sid Bream came back and burnt us ..Unreal… They talk about attendence what a slap in the face . They have had years to put a winning team on the field and its sad that 2 expansion teams have been to World Series ( Marlins Diamondbacks) since the last time the Pirates were… WAKE UP … WE WILL yea We Will lose another 105 games a year … You should be ashamed Nutting …. Its pretty sad that people go to a nice park like PNC to cheer for the other teams …sad sad sad

  • Haven't been to a game in 3 years

    The Pirates may stink, but 7 Springs is beautiful with all the money invested into remodeling. Pittsburgh Riverhounds soccer will have a better record than the Pirates. Go see a game!

  • A.j. Poux

    You have got to be kidding me.

  • Joseph Miller

    Its a shame there are a lot of people just disgusted with this ownership it is one lie after another Bob Nutting has to sell team before i spend another dime on the Pirates and that is a shame i like Baseball a lot but when Nutting and Coonelly open there mouth its just another lie Hey BOB YOU SHOULD SELL TO MARIO’S GROUP

  • Bob

    This just in: PNC park threatens to leave town unless a better team is found to play in it.

  • Gary

    I thought the new ball park was supposed to make them more competative. They are a bunch of airbags. Bottom line is, this is a busisness. They are making millions off the product they are selling. Until they start losing money, nothing will change. Get good players, dump the salary when they get good, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

  • Ron

    Until we stop buying seats and pirates memorabilia nothing will change. Break your habits, stop going to games, don’t attend the opening game or be impressed with bobble heads… make a statement by reaming silent – and absent!

    Unfortunate, but the ownership needs their wallets to be affected before this will ever change. As for the players – your in a real mess!

  • 90's team

    Me and my buddies will come back for the right price.

    Barry Bonds
    Andy Van Slyke
    Jay Bell
    Sid Bream
    Bobby Bonilla
    Doug Drabek

  • Will

    You hate to see the city of Pittsburgh lose some status by losing a pro- sports team, but Pittsburgh has been the laughing stock of the country and a farce, when it comes to baseball, now for much to long.. It’s painful to say it but it’s well past time for them to take this team and just leave town with it. Sadly, Pittsburgh is a 2 sport city not a 3 sport city.

  • al

    50% pay cut for all the so called management! Let spend money on feilding a team instead of filling your poockets. No games for our family. 20 years plus
    We paid enough to see loosers..Selll the team to someone who wants to win in Pittsburgh.Not just fill their pockets!

  • Michael Lehman

    learn how to spell

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  • Don Koffler

    I understand about the greed associated with major league baseball but what does that have to do with a farm team like the Pirates? Lets face it, the only thing major league about them is their ballpark and their prices.

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