Fake IDs Headed To Duquesne Students Intercepted By Customs

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A shipment of fake IDs nabbed by U.S. Customs out of Hong Kong led investigators to a large group of college students here, including 20 Duquesne University students.

KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports in addition to being in trouble with police, the real fear students now face is an illegal Chinese company that has all of their personal information.

A student, who did not want to be identified, said more than 20 of his friends already have fake IDs.

“You can get into the local bars on the South Side with them,” he said.

State police say there’s a risk involved.

“There can be future repercussions of that when you’re giving anybody your personal information especially someone who is conducting an illegal operation,” State Trooper Herbert Rieger said.

It’s the same story on the Pitt campus. Students with fake IDs are amazed at how authentic they appear and use them to sneak into bars.

For students caught in this investigation, they lose more than the ID which costs up to $400. They face a fine, possible jail time, license suspension and the real possibility their personal information may be sold by a Chinese company to the highest bidder.


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  1. calen maclaren says:

    400 bucks a pop! No wonder the Chinese economy is doing so well. Probably all paid for with student loans. The things kids learn in college. ha

    1. what an article says:

      http://www.idchief.com is where those perfect ids came from.

      1. award winning LOL funny says:

        Who would ever pay even a penny to buy people’s pictures and height weight stats LOL.

        People don’t give any personal info when they order from http://www.idchief.com and http://www.idchief.com doesn’t sell info LOL.

        The reporter and cop are full of LOL comedy.

        http://www.idchief.com is running a legal business in China.

      2. what says:

        England drinking age is only 16.

    2. jase says:

      if you buy them in bulk (the 20 Duq students) price goes down dramatically. They were probably looking at $50.

  2. William Silver says:

    Where are the minds and morals of these students that attend such a prestigious “Catholic” university? Surely the school doesn’t teach or condone this type of behavior, but rather they learn it from other students. Getting around the system by using a fake ID leads to nothing but trouble at a younger age.If students could only realize that there is no glory found in a bars or the drink, South Side and themselves would be much better off.

    1. What_RuSerious? says:

      Since when is Duquesne prestigious?

    2. denise says:

      it’s a catholic college but let me inform you not all of the students are catholic.

    3. OhSSide says:

      “South Side and themselves would be much better off.”

      I wonder if the abundance of over-intoxicated children peeing in the street is all due to children having fake IDs? I would hope people 21+ wouldn’t act that way. Tough call.

  3. RSQ says:


    1. Rose Ryan-Douglas says:

      They knew Captain Caplocks was going to show up with some brilliant mental nuggets and decided it was better for humanity to disable rantin.. I mean, comments.

      1. Lisa Baxter Sajna says:


    2. Dan says:

      its easier and more POLITICALLY CORRECT to just pick on white people. They are the new minority, and second class citizens now!

  4. Karen says:

    The real story is…why do we have a drinking age above 18 years old? America is THE ONLY country in the world whose drinking age is not 18. Ridiculous. And I’m a 52 year old woman, not a kid looking to drink.

    1. HAHAHA says:

      Obviously because American 18 year olds are idiots. Did we all read the same story? And those are the ones who have been accepted to major colleges. I say if they want the drinking age lowered…go to school in Canada…otherwise freaking wait a couple years.

    2. ed says:

      You have to be 25 in India. But yeah I totally agree

  5. Mike says:

    im of age to drink and i honestly believe that the drinking age should be 18. if u can fight for your country u can have a beer. just sayin

  6. ralphie boy says:

    if you were getting a fake id, would you use your real name and address? did they pay with credit card s, or send a check? in any event ALL their personal information has been compromised.

  7. Richard says:

    What I find funny is that people who were intelligent enough to be accepted by a university are STUPID enough to give their personal information to the CHINESE of all people! Says a lot about young people today, long on book smarts but way short on common sense! Future leaders of our country my A$$!

  8. Jack Beiber says:

    i am 76 and don’t really care to drink. booze will kill you to young.

  9. POSSIBLE says:


  10. HAHAHA says:

    Or you can just wait til you’re 21. They deserve it for being so damn stupid. I work in a bar and college kids think they are the only ones who have ever been under 21…exactly why I hate the south side so damn much. It’s like romper room. Don’t they have frat parties anymore?

  11. Dave says:

    “chance of jail time.” Oh please the students are laughing at that. They hear the news. Everyone realizes that crackheads don’t go to jail. Surely no one is going to jail because of a fake id.

  12. Mitch-A-PaLoooza says:

    I think about the great times I had drinking before I was 21: some of the best times of my life and I wouldnt trade them back. This is what college kids do folks and always have. Don’t get all righteous now that you are old and boring and think your dumb kids are smart.

  13. BB says:

    You can thank MADD that an 18 year old can die for his country, but all the states have been black mailed over access to $Billions of Transportation Fund dollars to raise the drinking age to 21 or lose their fund. The constitution has been subverted by a bunch of mothers! There probably isn’t a college president that doesn’t want to see the drinking age lower back to 18 to get out of the sticky wicket of trying to enforce not drinking on campus. This is all about politics and money. And for now the mothers have won. I for one support overturning the law and going with the constitutional age of 18 to buy alcohol

    1. LightenUP says:

      Well, maybe if 18 yr olds didn’t display an irresponsibility with drinking, they would have had the age set to 18. They don’t just decide these things willy-nilly, there are reasons for them.

  14. An under age drinker says:

    Reading this article makes me wanna drink, and I am 20 years old. Cheers.

  15. Shockly says:

    I drink to remember.

  16. Mayor Stupidstal says:

    Marty I will get you, you medaling sneak, I cant seem to get away with anything on your watch.

    1. Lisa Baxter Sajna says:

      meddling, you moron.

  17. Dan says:

    Can I buy several hundred dollars in knock off american for 60 of the real ?

  18. Hmmmm says:

    I wonder how many fake ID’s terrorists and illegals have bought? They look very legit!

  19. duq college student says:

    i go to duquesne, and honestly almost EVERY SINGLE STUDENT owns or has used a fake id one time or another. this does not make them stupid, as a matter of fact they are most likely 10 times smarter than anyone criticizing them. let students enjoy the best years of their life. fake ids are everywhere at college. its not a big deal at all and its nothing new.

  20. will g says:

    if Marty Griffin reported this story you can bet 90% is inaccurate. looks like these people will have to get there beer the old fasion way, ask someone’s older brother to pick it up for you.

  21. Haters says:

    Wow. I would love to hear of someone now a days who hasnt taken a sip of alcohol before the age of 21. The times have changed and most people drink illegally. It sickens me to hear people talk about how ”dumb” and “stupid” these kids are for getting fake i.d’s. Give them some credit, they got into Duquesne, obviously their doing something right. If they wanna go out and have some fun on the weekends they should be allowed to. Yes this is terrible that people in China can be stealing their identity, but people make mistakes. Half of the people commenting on this story probably dont even know the real story because you shouldnt believe what you hear on the news.

  22. concerned duq student says:

    I currently attend Duquesne and must say I find this apalling. The times have surely taken a turn for the worst. Just 3 years ago we got our fake ID’s from a place called Canada and were charged merely a fraction of the alleged $400 spent by these terribly stupid students. We paid in cash so that no personal information was revealed…sure you had to give them your real name in case the meathead bouncer on the Southside asked for alternate ID…but we never felt the need to give real addresses or other information. I hope these students regret what they have done, and hope that this serves as a grave warning and reminder to any student dumb enough to try and pull off a stunt like this in the future. Just go to Canada, bro.

    1. recent duq grad says:

      As a recent duq grad, I would have to agree. Fake ID’s come as cheap as $20 in Philly… and if you’re a pretty girl, you don’t even have to resemble your picture to get into a bar on the South Side. Why spent $400 of your parents’ hard earned money when you just borrow a legal person’s ID to get into bars? Kids these days…

  23. Miike says:

    You could cost a bar owner thousands of dollars per incident. You could cost them their license to sell liquor period. You can also cost a bartender or doorman their job. The LCB doesn’t care if the fakes are too hard to detect. They fine you anyway.

  24. anonymous says:

    http://www.idchief.com is where those perfect ids came from.

  25. anonymous says:

    This article is LOL funny.

    All people submit to http://www.idchief.com is their picture and height weight etc.

    Who the hell would pay 5 cents for people’s pics and height weight info LOL. Anyone can get that on myspace.

    Plus http://www.idchief.com doesn’t even sell people’s info, whoever wrote that is smoking crack.

  26. anonymous says:

    This article is LOL funny.

    All people submit to http://www.idchief.com is their picture and height weight etc.

    Who the heck would pay 5 cents for people’s pics and height weight info LOL. Anyone can get that on myspace.

    Plus http://www.idchief.com doesn’t even sell people’s info, whoever wrote that is $moking something green.

    1. haters says:

      EXACTLYYYYYYYY!!! they dont have anything on those students at all

  27. anonymous says:

    In england you can drink at 16.

  28. Jenna says:

    if i can die in war at age 18, i should be able to have a drink at that same age. we all drink at any age we want, so might as well accept it and change the drinking age. also i go to canada every weekend and drink there anyways. whats the difference if i have a drink in the u.s.

  29. poo says:

    as long as you only put your real info on the id you are not doing anything bad no fraud.

  30. huh says:

    They spend all their parents money on booze and fake ID’s then cry later when they have to pay back student loans. They deserve to have their identities stolen for their stupidity.

  31. Duquesne Student says:

    The people who wrote this article have no idea what they are talking about. As a duquesne student, I know they didn’t spend $400, they spent $65 and they didn’t give any personal information except their names. Before you judge, learn all the facts. Everyone makes mistakes. Its funny how adults forget that.

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