Penn Hills Murder Suspect Ordered To Stand Trial

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The man charged with killing a man, cutting up his body, putting it in garbage bags and dumping it in a wooded area was in court.

Vito Pelino has been charged in the murder of 24-year-old William King of Penn Hills.

Corey Roberts, the man who says he helped dispose of the body, took the stand. He is charged with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy.

He said he helped Pelino dispose of two garbage bags with the dismembered remains of King. The medical examiner says King was stabbed in the head, neck and trunk.

“He just said he needed help with something. He wouldn’t say what,” Roberts said, referring to a phone call he says he got from Pelino.

They then went to Pelino’s mother’s duplex and went into the basement.

“It appeared to be human remains in garbage bags and a lot of blood … I was shocked,” Roberts said.

“He said, ‘I killed this dude. You gotta help me. We gotta get rid of this,’” Roberts said. “I said, ‘OK.’”

According to Robert, it began at the Hula Bar then progressed to Pelino’s sister’s house in Oakmont where the victim told Pelino he wanted to get with his sister and that set Pelino off.

Neither family would speak with reporters after the gruesome testimony which included the medical examiner’s report.

The report said King had more than 50 stab wounds to his body and that he had defensive wounds to his hands.

“I am not aware of any kind of defensive wounds on the hands of the accused in this case,” Mark Tranquilli, the prosecutor, said.

Pelino’s laywer disagrees and says the defendant did have defensive wounds, but had more questions for Corey Roberts, like why he didn’t run when he saw body parts in bags and blood.

“He’s been arrested for his involvement in this and now some of his story to me just doesn’t add up,” Patrick Thomassey, the defense attorney, said.

Pelino was ordered to stand trial. Roberts is out on bond, but has his own hearing March 28.


One Comment

  1. G says:

    Corey didn’t do anything wrong. When someone who just brutally murdered and dismembered a guy comes and asks you to help him, what do you say? No??? Then risk getting yourself killed?? Yeah he should’ve called the police sooner but still. Pelino didn’t kill this guy out of self defense, 50 stab wounds aren’t an accident. This entire thing is ridiculous and now someone who deserves to be alive is dead over some stupid ass disagreement. Just goes to show you what kind of a horrible world we’re living in.

  2. Joey D says:

    Joey D…well says to me don’t go after some crazy dudes sister

  3. Pauly Walnuts says:

    This moron watched too many Sopranos episodes

  4. oprah dee oh bla dah hey life goes on' says:

    we can barely get kids a basic sex education in school these days

    i fear this is a far too advanced concept for this moron, and the morons who think along his line.

    morons please; what your sister does with her bits is her business, and is not a reflection on you. it shouldn’t matter to you at all, nor do you have any say in it. the world will be better when idiots who think like this, or this line of thinking is extinct.

  5. Mary says:

    G-Cory is guilty. Anyone who calls me in the middle of the night to move anything can wait til morning. It was a total lack of judgment on his part. Even once he did get there, he could have dialed 911 on his phone and given the address and hung up while Vito was in another room or otherwise occupied. Granted a responding officer wouldn’t know why they were coming, but they would have. Also, take a look at Corey’s Facebook page, another lack of judgment. He’s drinking & partying it up as you can see by his comments, he’s not even smart enough to set the privacy settings.

    1. G says:

      Mary, you’re right. I didn’t realize that he knew what was going on the whole time. I thought that the guy just showed up at his house and didn’t really give him a chance to make a reasonable decision. Either way, it’s a horrible situation. In the end everyone involved is to blame. Over the past 10 years I’ve watched my family’s home town turn into the violent and unpleasant place that it is today, and it makes me sick.

  6. John Z says:

    i heard one of the people in this was mentally challenged? was it the victim or the sister?

  7. Ryan says:

    Does Vito’s “Tap Out” shirt signify what he will have to do when Bubba gets ahold of him in the jail shower?

    1. Sore Butt says:

      He’ll have to put a drawstring in his hemrhoids “cause they’ll be hanging down like an orioles nest

  8. John Z says:

    no really ,,,no one has answered and i cant find it now …was the dude killed mentally challenged or the sister? if it was the sister then i can understand why he went off… if its the dude then its pretty tragic

  9. hmama24 says:

    it was the dude
    that what ive heard

  10. hmama24 says:

    nobody should ever get angry enough to take someones life if ur that angry thats when u know its time for some psychiatric help

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