PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Studies show when we see someone flash a sparkly smile, we tend to think of them as smarter, healthier, and more successful.

There’s no shortage of mouthwashes, toothpastes, and home bleaching kits that promise to give you whiter teeth.

KDKA’s Jennifer Antkowiak put one of the newest products to the test to find out, Does It Really Do That?

Crest makes the most popular line of whitening products on the market. The Whitestrips line comes in different strengths and different usage times.

The newest one is Crest 3D Whitestrips 2-hour Express.

It promises to visibly whiten teeth in just two hours, but does it really do that? Antkowiak put them to the test at a dentist’s office to find out.

Once reserved only for smiles of the rich and famous, plenty of at-home whitening products now promise to help the rest of us get our teeth red carpet ready.

One could test the effectiveness of the product by using their eyes, but Antkowiak went to a dentist’s office to get a professional opinion, and a more accurate measure.

Dr. Ronald Speranza also helped to find a tester that fit the profile of a person who would typically have the most success with Whitestrips.

Christina Bazzone’s teeth are straight, without deep stains and she doesn’t have any dental work that wouldn’t take to the whitening process.

“Consider the porcelain in your sink. It is a selected shade, and that’s what the shade is. Same with the porcelain over and crowns, veneers, anything like that. It is like a coat of paint, it is selected and that is it,” Dr. Speranza said.

The instructions also say, for best results, don’t brush your teeth right before use. Additives in toothpaste can interfere with an even application.

Bazzone followed the instructions, using the longer strip for her top teeth. Antkowiak decided to try it as well.

The strips bring up one of the differences, and the benefits of a professional teeth whitening system.

The professional system uses the same active ingredient as in the strips, but in a higher concentration. It also uses a model made from your own teeth that gets all the way around all of the teeth.

Halfway through the two hours, they tested the product’s claim that the new adhesive is so strong, you can even drink water while wearing them.

As it turns out, that claim is true. As for the whiter teeth in two hours?

To the eye, and on the chart their teeth were noticeably whiter in two hours.

So, Does It Really Do That? Yes!

There are a couple of things to point out.

The bleaching agent used is hydrogen peroxide and it can make your tongue and gums tingle. Excess gel on your fingers can also turn your skin white, temporarily. So, it is recommended that you wash your hands and rinse your mouth after use.

The effects of the strips are said to last for three months and you get four packs, or a year’s supply, in a box for around $50.

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