Daycare Operator Facing More Charges

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A local woman accused of selling drugs at her own daycare, could be facing additional charges.

By all accounts, 50-year-old Reanell Booker was a woman who could be trusted to care for children.

On Friday, she was arrested for allegedly dealing crack cocaine out of her daycare center in Homewood.

Her preliminary hearing was postponed Tuesday morning.

According to sources, she was selling between $1,500 and 2,000 worth of crack cocaine a week out of R&B Childcare Services.

When police raided the home, they found $6,000 worth of crack cocaine and $4,000 in cash.

Sources said, she may be facing welfare charges as well.

Booker allegedly would sell addicts crack cocaine in exchange for their state access benefit cards. She would then allegedly use the card to buy groceries.

She may also face additional drug charges for dealing drugs near a school.

She was released on her own recognizance and the preliminary hearing will take place in April.


One Comment

  1. Karen McKee says:

    If she is quilty of the charges then she should be put away for a long time. Dealing durgs while caring for someone elses children. that is a terrible thing to do. Then selling by the school, shows she if she did it didn;;t care about the kids being aroung the drugs. I would put her away a long time if this is all true.

    1. ghetto spyder says:

      For some reason little JAVONS first word was “CRACK”

  2. Shawn says:

    wow if you are going to comment get a dang spellchecker. it hurt my brain to even read that

  3. Carla says:


  4. JoJo says:

    Who would let a daycare in Homewood take care of their child? It’s a dump there!

    1. italianbella412 says:

      Most likely the people who live there ..

      1. mmmm says:

        You probably don’t like in Homewood or in the city. So you probably don’t know what you are talking about. There are childcare centers and churches in the area that provide quality care and nurturing for the children in the city. Homewood has plenty of problems and it is a rough neighborhood but that doesn’t make it’s business owners all dumps. Children in all neighborhoods need care.

      2. Dan says:

        plenty of good and a small amount of bad??? you cant be serious! this is the most deadly neighborhood in southwest Pennsylvania.

    2. Veronica says:

      Before you make a comment that is so judgemental about an entire community based on one persons actions you should really check yourself! Have you ever been to Homewood? Do you know anything about Homewood besides what you have only read or heard? Probably not because you will not take the time to step outside of your comfort level and the very small box that you live in. Just so that you know there are many promient people that have come from Homewood, the Hill District, North Side, and many other “BLACK ” neighborhoods. Also there is drug dealing, domestic abuse, armed robbery, and every crime you can think of in the suburbs or “WHITE” neighborhoods. Don’t get me wrong what this daycare was doing was STUPID and they need to suffer the most servere punishment, but really was your comment necessary!

      1. mmmm says:

        Couldn’t have put it better myself. Too many suburban people think they know this city. There is plenty of good and a small amount of bad.

  5. neecy says:

    thanx italianbella..hey JoJo..glad your not God..those who judge don’t matter and those who matter won’t judge..the dump is in your mind sweety!

  6. Brat says:

    Is a sad world we live in, And someone like this person makes it worse! To put those little childrens lives in danger is as low as a person can go and still walk and not crawl on their belly like the snake they are. I hope this person gets many years to think of what she did.The drugs is bad enough but selling them and having them around little children geeeez what was she thinking? WAIT , she wasn’t thinking of getting caught was she? Another that thinks they are invisible to the law!

  7. B says:

    yeah right, i lived on the city, more and more bad vs good as time goes on. the city has become much worse since the kid mayor has come into play, i am so glad i no longer reside or work in the city limits. i was from mt washington, do you know how much crime has increased in that area in the last 10-15 years, A LOT!

  8. critter says:

    When u have 10 “chile”, any daycare will do.

  9. coco says:

    Having the drugs in the same house as the kids didn’t infect the children with the toxins from the drugs. But drugs dealers and users have a history of using violence as a means to acquire wealth or a fix. If someone knew there was money in the house or drugs and wanted to rob this lady, they would care less about the children in the house. And if guns were involved a child could be dead. This lady is selfish and inconsiderate especially of our children. I hope justice be served.

  10. 3:00 says:

    Let me start with if my memory serves me well this same sort of incident occurred in another community less than a year or so ago and the party in that case was white. This is neither a case of black or white, Homewood or Mt. Lebonon nor business owner vs. your everyday drug dealer, this is another case of it’s a me, me, me world and I don’t care who gets harmed is the process of me getting mine. I understand that in most cases the standard way of earning a living in today’s society is not enough but, only a sick, unforgiving, self-centered mind would put anyone at risk, no less the children of others, in their quest to have more riches. This type of person is a danger to society that comes in many colors from all over. I ask you all to view this as a social issue and not a racial nor locality issue and know that the disease of drug use as well as those who deal it is spreading and coming to a family member, community, school, etc. near you and we need to pray to God it doesn’t knock on our door or isn’t the next place on the news that our children are attending. The scary thing is that this sort thing is not prejudice and can hit any of us regardless of what color we are or where we live. Let us pray…

  11. Andy Vanslyke says:

    Maybe people in Homewood should have some meetings about neighborhood accountability and worry more about their actions. Seeing that community on the news holding town hall meetings about the police is a joke. Why does this community not hold themselves responsible? Easy answer: Stop Snitching. What a joke…maybe we should hold a vigil for someone ratting her out!!’

  12. gus says:

    Maybe people in Homewood should have some meetings about neighborhood accountability and worry more about their actions. Seeing that community on the news holding town hall meetings about the police is a joke. Why does this community not hold themselves responsible? Easy answer: Stop Snitching. What a joke…maybe we should hold a vigil for someone ratting her out!!’

    1. Brat says:

      Whoever ratted her out did a GREAT thing! those little children could have been hurt or killed in that situation, drug addicts don’t care what or whom they hurt to get that fix. Would you want your child in that daycare? Come on wake up people and pulling the race card wont cut it! I am not prejudice! I think black white green or purple should get whats coming to them when they put children at risk! And deal drugs to others that keep the drugs and drug dealers advancing more and more.

  13. RoxyD says:

    What gets me is she received an OR bond. People get a $5,000 bond for being cruel to an animal. She was selling drugs around children and gets an OR bond. WIOW! What wrong with that picture?

  14. johnny69 says:

    she a goood lady now who gonna watch my 10 chillen while i goe spends da welfare money on one a my 10 diffferent baby daddys wit a gift fo his 16th birthday?

  15. Bob says:

    RoxyD, you are right. My cousin sold 2 grams of crack ten years ago and his bond was $50,000 at 10%. He ended up doing 1-3 yrs in prison. I hope they watch this lady closely cause she has a good reason to dissappear. I was mad as hell when I saw the news that that Tata woman who ran the daycare that caught fire was allowed to sneak off to nigeria so I hope it doesn’t happen here.

  16. will g says:

    seem like the youth in this community have a hard enough time growing up there. i’m sure the kids at this daycare are too young to know whats going on there, but how are they suppose to grow up and do the right thing when the people they are suppose to respect are doing things like this?

  17. bmaxy says:

    this ladys kids go to my school no joke but id rather not say who

  18. Isholuv2all says:

    It was wrong and I’m sure that she is aware of her actions now that she got caught . I’m sure that some of you people that are leaving these comments, if you had the opportunity to make the money she was making, doing the same thing you would., and probably with the same intention that sooo many other dealer have,( I,ll just do this for a couple weeks to pay some bills then I’ll get out of it) the probllem with it is that once the money starts looking good, and business is growing it,s not easy to stop. Just like the addict who continues to buy the drugs because of being addictied, the dealer also becomes addicted to the money,power,and other things truth be told. I’m willing to bet that, other then the extremely stupid choices that she made, if she is actually guilty of the act, was probably a very good daycare provider. But after the siin, everyone once to throw stones. LETS NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES I’M NOT CONDONING THE ACTIONS OF THIS CRIME, however I’m also willing to bet that, again if she is guilty of this, Some of the money was used to cover the money lost in nonpayments, to keep thte business afloat and to make this daycare a better place for the children, a wrong way to handle business,but like I expressed earlier, it becomes an addiction. All I’m tryinng to say is instead of riding the” hang’em high bandwagon passing sooo much judgement, when we know non of us are perfect. I say lets pray for her that through this ordeal that she has learned her lesson and lets be Godly and forgive. The way we want God to forgive us our sins.I’m sure that some of us don’t have to look too hard at all to find PLANKS in our own eyes. I think she probably done some good for the hood with the daycare side of the business

  19. Mike White says:

    I would love to try her out, I bet she is really really tight

  20. Isholuv2all says:

    Take mike whites coment for an example….i think he is a sick and demented indivisual…but do we hang him or pray and try to find help for a person like him?

    1. Mike White says:

      pray, pray, pray

  21. Isholuv2all says:

    Inosent until proven guilty people. If she got an OR maybe there’s more too the story then we are hearing. Everbody with a brain knows that the media will blow things up to get a story. They have a way of making people guilty of a crime before te conviction. I say give the girl a chance with her day in court first. Lets hear the whole story first

  22. Mike White says:

    if i find out she is tight, i will keep it a secret. i wont tell the media. PROMISE

  23. Isholuv2all says:

    I will pray for you mike,,,,,But you must also pray for yourself,,,,,..Mike, God is real. and soon everone will know it for sure, because the end is coming faster then anyone knows

  24. Isholuv2all says:

    I think I’ld reather take my chances with Reanell and her daycare then for anyone of my children to spend any time with a person like mike white. you are showing yourself to be a pervert. Are you a pervert Mike white ? aacceptance is your first spet in healling

  25. THINK ABOUT IT says:

    Wow! This is a very sad sad situation. For,the mother’s&father’s that had trust this woman with there children&have build a relationship with this woman really hurts these people&children! So suddently&out of the blue,i was thinking&feeling,was there a time when one or any of the parents felt that there child was not safe at that daycare? I must admit i know of the daycare&i even had a family member work there about 1/2years ago&she has made it a very nice daycare for the children. The outside is nice&inside. When i heard of the news i was shocked&surprised&lost for thoughts&words! I was thinking in my mind,our community is already struggling,homewood already look bad cause of the crime&drugs,why didn’t she think long&hard about what may happen to her,her family&the family who trust her with there little angles? I watch the news&all i want to say is for those of you who honestly THINK that you HUSSEL is all that&you won’t get caught,you will soon see&findout your hussel is just like the others,before you! One thing about this is here there WAS a nice&reliable daycare in the hood&was really needed&affordable for a stuggling mother or father,but the greed destroyed R&B daycare! Dang,i know that she had enough clientale as far as the daycare children&why be greedy&why drugs&children? Girl you made yourself look like a true fool.

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