How To Claim Your Unclaimed Property

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s almost like a dream. The money is out there floating before your eyes and all you have to do is reach out and take it.

This cornucopia of dreams can come true at the State Treasurer’s Office in Harrisburg.

“We want to put money back in your wallet, where it belongs, to work for you,” Assistant Director of Unclaimed Property Maureen Ferrari said.

It’s your money and all you have to do is know that it’s there waiting for you to claim it.

“The money comes from banks, insurance companies, corporations. A lot of the money comes from uncashed wage checks. Insurance proceeds make up a lot of the unclaimed property, Ferrari said.

Finding out whether any of that money is yours is unbelievably easy. Your name could be among the thousands on the Pennsylvania Treasurer’s Unclaimed Money List.

To prove just how easy it is to check, KDKA’s John Shumway took his iPad to the street and starting putting in last names.

Cheryl Smith found her name on the list and found that she had $8,000 waiting.

Last year, 150,000 payments were made that totaled around $100 million.

It’s not just money the state is holding for you. Inside the treasurer’s vault, there are countless drawers of unclaimed property.

“We store them in the vault and then reach out the rightful owners,” Pennsylvania Treasurer Vault Keeper Lori Hetrick said.

From abandoned safety deposit boxes to unclaimed estates, the items have arrived. Some of the items include a 12-carat pear-shaped diamond, a Willie Mays autographed baseball, jewelry by the score, a Barbie doll and even a solid gold bar.

The state will hold all of the items until they become auction eligible.

The eBay proceeds go into an account under the estate name.

So how do you claim what rightfully belongs to you?

That’s actually the easy part. You can either go online and follow a few easy clicks, or give the operators a call at 1-800-222-2046.


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One Comment

  1. GinLupin says:

    I think we broke it… taking forever to load. John Shumway took down the feds!!! LOL

    1. Nicole says:

      It’s working today just fine

    2. Carol from PA says:

      I got on immediately, I was able to pull up hundreds of names; unfortunately I am not able to print from my Laptop and there is a Form you need to fill out so I had informed my Husband who already had a form; it was for a Business he is already aware of.

  2. k martin says:

    i called kdka to report that i have a claim and i have money and can’t get my money but can’t get it because they don’t belive it is me so they need to get the truth

  3. helen wilson says:

    Do I have money coming to me

    1. Brian says:

      Site does not work. How funny is that….must be an As Seen ONLY on KDKA TV2…..LOL

  4. Mindy Eutzy says:

    LOL, I thought it was just me.

  5. Steve G says:

    cant get into that site!

  6. Patricia A Johnson says:

    Maiden name is O”Reilly

  7. Carol Greco says:

    Link don’t work – Boo KDKA!

  8. Anna M M says:

    can.t load the link either. guess they don’t want to give up the goods.

  9. Edith S. Green says:

    Do i have money coming to me?

  10. Mrs. Clark says:

    It’s downloading very slowly. I think we may have overloaded the site!!! SMH LOL

  11. Laura Demchak says:

    Has any one gotten the page to load yet?

    1. Sue says:

      I have less than $100 coming to me. I downloaded the claim form and am mailing it tomorrow.


  12. Nita Montemurro says:


  13. Mary says:

    Well it doesn’t work cause EVERYONE in Pittsburgh is trying to get their “free” money!!!!!

  14. steeler fan says:

    This is a crock you can’t even get on the website.

  15. marlene jones says:

    the lines must b 2 busy, everyone is trying 2 c if they money cause i cant load up the page either!!!

  16. Cassandra says:

    Can’t get on the site

  17. megan says:

    wont work

  18. cindy says:

    I got in when you click on the lick as it is loading close out and click back in. I am in but within the site is taking long to search for name.



  20. Shell Lynn says:

    i got a blueish screen… am i getting some were?

  21. frank koon says:

    ditto, wont’t load-i also think that john shumway is involved!!! lol

  22. mike greco says:

    this is stupid dont advertise these sites if they dont work

  23. Shell Lynn says:

    I think the site is on over laod right now, try later?

  24. augie s. says:

    no losd no money they must of ran out of money

  25. kim says:

    I thought it was my computer ha ha ha it wont let me in…. I think everyone wants to find out if there is money for them… 😦

  26. Steve Creed says:

    No the link is not working

  27. colton says:

    this link is taking forever

  28. Cathy Thomas says:

    Tomorrow is another day, I guess if I have any money coming, it will be there tomorrow. Cathy

  29. donna magyar says:

    i guess im not the only one who cant get through.

  30. janet Bost says:

    what the helll won’t even!!!!..had to refresh many times it starts loading then stops…taking so long.

  31. Cindi says:

    yeah Shumway you said it’s easy RIGHT………………………..

  32. Kel says:

    This was reported on last year, believe me, very FEW people have money waiting and it is maybe a couple hundred at most

  33. Tim Simpson says:

    i try to log in on the site its so slow i gave up so iam going to call the number tommrow.

  34. kim says:

    i got over 200 it says:)

  35. Arlene says:

    It would be nice if I could get into the site.

  36. Gloria D says:

    To slow! ! ! ! ! !

  37. Denise Cole says:

    this site sucks when you get there it asks for your email and a password and it still won’t work

  38. Kathy A says:

    link won’t load for me either. would like to know if i have anything coming to me.

  39. Barbara m Curry says:

    Curry m Barbara nice if you could get in

  40. Suzanne says:

    I think it just got overloaded right after the story ran. It’s working for me now.

  41. jenn c says:

    I got in! and found 3 for my husband and one for me!

  42. Frank says:

    Why even give us a link they never tried to get to open?? Well they seem to be as good at this as they are traffic & weather in the morning. Hum maybe why I switched to channel 11. Wow wait it opened, ok I lied it doesn’t open.

    1. Suzanne says:

      Frank — it’s a problem with the State Treasurer’s website, not the KDKA website.

  43. Mike Y says:

    The website won’t load……. But I’m pretty sure the gold bar is mine.

  44. Suzzanne Stoll says:

    I’m having trouble accessing it to

    1. connie says:

      what is the actuall web site

  45. M.C. CANBY says:



  46. STEVE D says:

    this is all bs just like i thought

  47. connie says:

    I just wann know what the web site is?

  48. Jim says:

    THANK YOU John it worked I’m still poor,but you can’t say we didn’t try. Again, Thanks!!! I have always wanted to do that..

  49. Pat says:

    Got to see I havew money coming to me but won’t let me into the link to claim it great huh??wants to know web ID what’s that? good luck to anyone who gets through. can you help me?

  50. Matt says: been waiting 15 mins.

  51. Betty says:

    I did finally get in but it took awhile because we’re all trying! Don’t pick on Shumway!

  52. Marlene says:

    My deceased aunt’s name in on the site twice. How can this be claimed?

  53. KIM says:


  54. Kate says:

    Think about it – you all were commenting at the same time therefore probably all reading the article and checking the site at the same time, along with others reading just as the article posted. Site works now, you were probably overloading it before.

    1. Nadine says:

      Kate is right. Let’s practice a little patience people! Took me 5 minutes to log on, complete and print the claim form. I’m getting over $100!!!


  55. John W.S says:

    Again KDKA came up short, link did not work.

  56. gerald says:

    on unclaimed money i have a money claim they tell me, but want a fee to get it.but does not guarantess full amount. on kdka unclaim i have no claim. whats up. scam or not?

  57. Lorre W says:

    IT’S not wise to jump on a site when clearly millions of people are doing the same. You can only expect it to overload or run slow common sence (or maybe not) besides this website is always slow, the site isn’t going anywhere try the next day.

  58. George P, says:

    O.K. Here i go again,, trying to open the tabs to find out where my money is hid at,, but i got this little problem,,, they wont open,, so where do we go from here ?

    George P.

  59. Richard says:

    I just tried the link and it connected immediately. There is no fee to retrieve unclaimed property from the Pennsylvania Treasury, just paperwork to be filled out and in my case I had to get some notary work done. It’s well worth it though. I have no idea why so many people are having difficulties with this. I suspect these are the same people who need to read and follow instructions on vending machines!

  60. Justin Gilles says:

    anyone else think the POP ups on KDKA site that take half the page are getting a little ridic?

  61. Pat Sloan says:

    I got in and only took me 2 mins to print out form.. great deal thank you John from KDKA… very easy.

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