Tractor-Trailer Involved In Westbound I-70 Crash

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Traffic was backed up for miles in Westmoreland County after an accident on Interstate 70.

The crash involved a tractor-trailer and a car in Hempfield Township just before 5 p.m.

Darren Lynn, of Charleroi, was approaching the truck in his car when the driver was partially blinded by the glare of the sun.

Lynn’s car rammed the rear of the truck, veered across the highway, struck a concrete barrier, and flipped over on its roof.

Lynn is being hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Police say he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Westbound traffic was at a standstill while crews cleared the scene.


One Comment

  1. Stuck in that mess today says:

    Why is there ALWAYS a tractor trailer in these highway accicents?

  2. will g says:

    it doesn’t say if anybody was killed but this looks bad. one thing we can all be thankful for is that they don’t build cars like they used to.

  3. zach says:

    no one was killed one person taken by lifeFlight

  4. James Gallagher says:

    probably blabbing on a cell phone and not paying attention

    1. julie l says:

      james g he WAS NOT BLABBING ON A CELL PHONE. you should be in his shoes right now and for a comment like that god may not have given you a second chance. Darren has a wife and 5 kids and lots of family and friends who know and love him and are thankful he is alive

  5. Ace Slick says:

    You’re probably right, James G.

    But it gets better, 11pm new reported he wasn’t wearing a seat belt, and the sun was glaring in his eyes.

    Now comes all the posters that will say seat belts probably would have killed him.

    1. julie l says:

      ace slick you also belong right along side your buddy james g. think before you speak your parents must have forgot that when you were a child.

  6. Tina Lynn says:

    Thsi is the wife of the accident victim. I agree with you Julie. Ace and James G. you would not be saying these things if it was you or your family. Be an adult and think before you speak. You also need to get all the facts before you criticise people. FYI he was NOT blabbling on his cell phone, it was and accident that is why it is called “accident”. in the future if I was you I would think before you resond publicly and make sure you have all the facts. You never know when something like an ” accident ” may happen to you or your family. It is ashame people in this world have to be so cruel and ignorant. So next time think about what you would want people to say if it was you in the situation as my husband was in. His live is more important than anything else especially to his family and friends. How would you feel if I was the one making those comments and you or your loved one was laying in hospital bed? Yes, my husband knows about your comments and he can’t understand how someone could be so cruel.

    1. barb b says:


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