Probe Continues In Alleged Sex Assault At Seven Springs

SEVEN SPRINGS BOROUGH (KDKA) — A Johnstown man is facing charges after an alleged sexual assault at a local ski resort.

Anthony Raco, 19, is facing involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault, indecent assault and unlawful restraint charges in connection with an incident on Feb. 23 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Police say Raco met the 16-year old victim in the lodge while she was getting food with some friends. They exchanged phone numbers and things progressed from there.

Raco convinced the victim to meet him at his car so that he could get his boots. Once there, he drove her to a secluded area and offered her money and marijuana to perform a sex act. The victim repeatedly said no, but Raco allegedly persisted.

He was arrested after the victim told police what happened.

Seven Springs Spokesperson Anna Weltz told KDKA-TV that she couldn’t comment on the specifics of a pending legal case, but said, “This is an isolated incident involving one individual. We thank the Pennsylvania State Police for their swift apprehension of the suspect and their active partnership with our resort security team. Seven Springs Mountain Resort will continue to provide a safe, fun family environment for our guests.”

State police say that while this was an unfortunate incident, it could have happened to anyone, anywhere. They are hoping this will be a reminder to all teenage girls that you can’t trust everyone you meet.

Raco was taken to the Somerset County Jail and released after posting $10,000 bond.

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One Comment

  1. jackie says:

    So sad that the media has this person plastered all over the place like they have proven him guilty. There are two sides to every story and his side isn’t being told.

  2. Jay says:

    GMAB. A guy who looks like that has to pay someone to give him a blow job? I don’t think so. She’s lying.

    1. Really says:

      Jay do you really beleive that! Go to his facebook page! He mentions it!

  3. MJ says:

    This girl will soon learn that false reports to the authorities is a serious crime and slander is very costly as well.

  4. masdher says:

    i cant believe that people are commenting on this thing and bashing the year 16 year old girl , first of all the 19 year old is an idiot he should hook up with some one his own age 18 plus otherwise prosecute to the fullest extent if you want to smoke weed in parking lot with a underage girl and take chances getting caught you should be prosecuted if caught , its idiotic to think that anyone commenting on this has a daughter or grand daughter or wife or mother they would share there yhoughts on this without getting smacked for it . this 19 year oold is a jerk there must be something wrong with him if cant get girls of a legal age maybe some of the people can have there realitives hook up with him you people are pathetic

    1. pgh man says:

      masdher………… are assuming that he is guilty. What is wrong with you.

  5. pgh man says:

    masdher….there are people talking at her school saying she lied to stay out of trouble. Why hasn’t someone come forward. I think it is pretty bad that the media obscured the story to make it more interesting. My lawyer, who happens to be my wife, got a copy of the police report just out of curosity. The report doesn’t add up. She volunteered to get in to the back of the car once they drove to the secluded area. It was then that the story seems to differ. No one has heard his side yet. She is afraid to come clean now. Lawsuit coming her parent’s way perhaps.

    1. REally says:

      my question is how and why would you get a copy of the police report and second why would she lye about this and have everyone and I mean everyone know what happended and second if you look at his facebook and yes I did. He mentions in there that he gets girls to do this all of the time. Plus he is an adult she is a child so he should of known better. Also, there had to be enough evidence for the police to arrest him

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