Chaperone Accused Of Smoking Pot With Teens

By David Highfield

LEECHBURG (KDKA) — Pennsylvania State Police say that a chaperone driving a group of high school seniors home from a trip allegedly smoked marijuana with the teens.

Frederick Ulmer III, 33, of Leechburg, Armstrong County, is the youth awareness chairman at the Moose Lodge in Leechburg.

He and another chaperone took seven teenagers from the Leechburg area across the state in November for a Moose scholarship program and the incident allegedly happened on the return trip on Interstate 80.

“He’s totally denying that any of this ever occurred,” said Chuck Pascal, Ulmer’s attorney. “Absolutely not. He never smoked pot on this trip. He never even knew that there was pot in the vehicle.”

Police say one of the students got permission from Ulmer to smoke marijuana and that some students, who are minors, smoked as well and that Ulmer allegedly joined them.

A second chaperone is also charged for allegedly assisting in the incident, but police don’t explain how.

Pascal says it makes no sense. “The whole goal of that particular program was an anti-drug message to students.”

Police say a female student told her mom about the alleged drug use, and in January, the mother contacted Lenape Vocational Technical School which launched its own investigation. State police were contacted last month.

“I’m not quite sure what motivated the accusations, but I have a few suspicions,” said Pascal. “I think this case is a little more complicated than it looks on the surface.”

The Moose Lodge in Leechburg had no comment.


One Comment

  1. Anvil says:

    This alleged incident happened in November, and the girl waited until January?
    And the State Police were contacted just last month about it?

    There’s definitely something more to this story, especially what motivated the girl to finally say something after two months.

  2. Dan says:

    ACCUSATIONS……… There has to be more to this story!

  3. LS says:

    I just want to say that I was a picked at the PA Moose Anti-Drug rep in 1999….it is a great program and they were great to me! I would NEVER believe that a Moose chaperone would do something like this. Their message is very clear! They want kids to stay away from drugs.

    1. Mary says:

      Maybe at the Moose you went to. I can tell you the local Moose here is certainly not full of upstanding citizens. It’s probably 50/50, it’s the half that are felons, deadbeat parents who sit there & drink all day, alcoholics/drug addicts that make the other half look bad.

      1. Matt says:

        You can find those people in every bar in every town. Stop pointing fingers. Get a hobby.

  4. Eric says:

    Polygraph time!!

  5. dr. michael says:

    Big surprize isnt it? We need to get back to basic Biblical moral values. Do what is right and uphold the law, not be tolerant to different points of view or conduct.

  6. Seeking balance says:

    Something seems a bit ‘off’ with this story. I’d like to see what happens when all the information is compiled. Plus, in this age of cell cameras, I’m sure IF it happened, it’s on a camera somewhere!

  7. Tyler says:

    you know what they need to legalize weed already!

    1. Nobody. says:

      Completely agree. If this happened in CA or somewhere its legal.. KDKA would have more time to find actual news. Plus they need to look into the fact that the local VFW in that town went out of business and is blaming the Moose for it. BTW.. The girl who told.. thats the owner of that specific VFW’s girlfriend’s daughter. Strange…. but that is just what i’ve heard.

  8. Wel Hung says:

    Who cares,,this isnt news worthy to be.

  9. Drew West says:

    I don’t see what the problem is here… the kids are going to smoke their dope one way or another, why not do it with adult supervision? This guy should be rewarded for keeping a watchful eye while also letting the kids be kids, it’s hard to find that balance these days.

  10. Josh says:

    The key word is accused. Anybody can accuse somebody of something. That doesn’t mean that they did it. From what nobody says above, sounds like a complete bs setup to me.

  11. chood says:

    i have known the chaperone and his family for a very long time, they are an outstanding group of people that would do anything for anyone! i agree that if this happened in november why wait untl january to say something about it?! i know, its cuz they tried to come up with a lie because it turns out that the one who started this rumor is the sister of a boy who was turned into police for smashing pumpkins a couple years ago by one of the chaperones family members and theyre trying to get the family back somehow! sounds kinda fishy now doesnt it?! i just hope that the liars are prosecuted for starting this vicious rumor once the chaperone is found not guily, and he will be!

  12. will g says:

    when are we going to make weed legal and stop this non-sense?

  13. Josh says:

    This was on the fox 10 pm news. The girl who’s making these accusations openly admitted on camera that she smoked the weed. So I’m hoping that since she freely admitted to commiting a crime, that she will be arrested and prosecuted for her part in this supposed crime. If she’s not arrested, then people need to demand that she is. If you are dumb enough to admit on camera that you did this, then absolutley you should be arrested for it.

    There’s no way that it’s fair to accuse Fred of this, confess, and not be held accountable.

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