FBI Raids Wrong Home

Pitt Law Professor David Harris discusses the legal ramifications with Robert Mangino regarding the early Thursday morning raid of a home in Bellevue.

Gary Adams’s house was the target of the raid. However, the problem was the raid was on the wrong house.


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One Comment

  1. BETTY says:

    BIG SURPRISE!!!!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Bet that was a big “HELLO!”

  3. acitizen says:

    The Fourth Amendment was added to the Constitution to protect Americans from exactly this sort of government evil.

    Valid search warrant, specifying what’s to be searched.

    With you given time to actually read the warrant. Not doors broken down in the middle of the night.

    The Founders knew people would destroy evidence. They didn’t care.

    For they also knew that precisely this sort of government abuse of power was a far greater danger to a free state than some mere ‘contraband’ in the hands of the citizenry.

    After all, it was King George’s reviled general warrants (a/k/a writs of assistance) that led to the writing of the 4th Amendment in the first place.

    We’ve come full circle, just as Ben Franklin predicted. Disgusting. Just wait til TSA gets their state-border checkpoints. You won’t be able to drive anywhere without you car & belongings being searched.

  4. Can't Stand it says:

    If the home owner would have shot one of the FBI agents, it would have been Christina Corby all over again

    1. Super Scared says:

      This certainly will not bode well for the FBI in the Corby case. All along they claim they did everything correct in the way the came into the home and she shot knowingly.

      Now I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong. I am not on her side. I am just saying the FBI, along with the CIA, TSA and most government agencies have become very sloppy and seem very prone to tragic errors as in this case and in Corby’s.

  5. Bea says:

    First, critter, you’re ridiculous. Politics have nothing to do with this. Get a clue. Second, this is nothing like Corby. They were drug dealers and criminals, guilty from the get go, as confirmed by her husband’s conviction. This guy was innocent and not a criminal. Shouldn’t change anyone’s mind about Corby.

  6. nikkitah says:

    I have a problem with anyone just breaking through a door and I know that evidence can be destroyed but shouldn’t law enforcement at least make an effort to gain access without a battering ram? As far as any presumed criminal being given time to read the warrant that doesn’t happen period. Another thing that the police do that is considered acceptable in certain areas is search your person or your vehicle since you are the” wrong” color in the” wrong” neighborhood. I would love to see a” white” reporter drive slowly through a ugh neighborhood in the evening and see how fast they are stopped and searched neighborhood being (garfield-homewood-hill district) and I could mention more but don,t think I need to

  7. BETTY says:


  8. Miss Me Yet says:

    Is gas high redrock? I wouldn’t know, because I haven’t seen anything about it on the mainstream media. When Bush was Prez and gas rose by 5 cents there would be media coverage for 3 months. So I mst assume since I haven’t seen anything on the news about gas prices going up…and the President being the problem, that gas prices must still be at $1.80. Right?

  9. Ms. Stringer says:

    I believe that the agents acted believing it wads on good will. i believe if u were not in the wrong why fight the case and be glad that they are doing their job. Lets face it. We want all the bad guys off the street. Sometimes stuff like this happen. Get over it.

  10. debi cintron says:

    this is just another example of law enforcements doing what the hell they want too! i find it interesting that the proffersor states that we r dealing with human beings and mistakes happen, well thats exactly what happenned with my sister christina korbe, she is human and an accident happenned, but i guess only accidents and mistakes happen if u r wearting a badge! give me a break, yeah keep on busting in them doors! please law enforcement r getting rid of the bad guys, the war on drugs id the biggest fantasy coming down the pike. wake up people before it happens to you!!!!

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