Warrendale Bus Service May Continue

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  1. TerribleTowel says:

    I am very happy to see the private sector stepping up to the plate during these times of economic hardships of our public entities. Personally I am more confident in the private sector to provide better service than that of the public due to its concern for competition and prestige. I am also encouraged to learn this venture will be run without taxpayer subsidy, as I am a taxpayer who will no longer be funding these people to get to work, but do depend on them being there (if only in an indirect way). Kudos to Lenzner Tour and Travel for investing the time and effort required to take this leap of faith of taking over a publicly subsidized service and turning it into a still affordable private service void of the budget eating bureacracy we are all accustomed to.

  2. TL says:

    Better sevice? Well the other two routes Lenzer plans on taking over is going to cost 54% more than what PAT charges, with a significantly reduced schedule compared to PAT. Private transit companies= less service and higher fares…and it won’t be long before you are in fact subsidizing this service as well. Seen it happen in Colorado already. They brought in private transit companies to take over formerly public routes and the system to this day is low rate. Pittsburgh is headed in the same direction.
    LOL I’m sure the Port Authority would be doing fine too if it raised it’s fares by 54% and only ran on a limited schedule. Better service? You don’t have a clue. .

  3. GBM says:

    @ TL, PAT is financed through governement subsidies, which are being cut. The 54 % “SAVINGS”, were being paid by the taxpaywers. That means we won’t be paying for those peoples rides into town, they will be paying their own way finally. Sorry Virginia, there is no free lunch.

  4. troy says:

    @TL HMMM lets see….lets take away transportation service away all together OR have a route that will cost the people that actually use the service a little more money, plus tax payers that dont use the service at all wont have to pay.

    You think private companies are just taking it over because it is better for them? Highly doubt it. They break even to making little money at all on this but will be able to have name reconition for taking the out reach and gamble to try and pass through the system to get this done for pittsburgh. a pittsburgh company helping pittsburghers. @TL maybe you should stay in the city you currently at and please dont come here to Pittsburgh and voice your unsearched OPINION.

    Lenzer is not taking it over by the way, it will be the only company to run the route as the guy said, other companies can jump in at anytime if they run through all the hoops they had to.

    PAT is still in charge but wont run the route themselves AND they have the power to pass the vote if Lenzner gets to run the route or not.

    DO YOUR RESEARCH and maybe listen to the actually interview.

  5. TL says:

    What’s the history of private trnsit companies in Allegheny County? Anybody rememeber what happened in the 60’s s with mass transit? Maybe you should do your research. Private Companies are going to mean higher fares and less service for the riding public. Not better service. I do live here and I do ride the bus. I used to live in Colorado and when they went for private companies the system spiraled downward. i already experienced private transit companies trying to provide mass transit and it wasn’t good. Now again, what’s the history of private transit companies trying to privide mass transit in Allegheny County?

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