Elderly Man Found Living In Filth, Wife Charged

By Trina Orlando

JEANNEATTE (KDKA) — A Jeannette woman is facing charges after police found her elderly husband living in filth.

Kathleen LaTourette, 55, is charged with recklessly endangering another person.

Her daughter, Teresa LaTourette, called police and asked that the charges be filed after she found her elderly father living in deplorable conditions. She says he wasn’t wearing any clothes, there were no sheets or blankets on his bed and there were animal feces everywhere.

John LaTourette, 87, has dementia, gastrointestinal bleeding, prostate cancer and a history of strokes.

Kathleen LaTourette told police her husband takes care of himself while she visits her boyfriend for extended periods of time.

Jeannette Police Sergeant Keith Rosky called it a tragic situation.

Teresa LaTourette thanked police for helping to get her father out of the home. She says he is doing well and won’t be returning to the Gaskill Avenue home.

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One Comment

  1. chibi says:

    geez what the hell is wrong with people -_-

    1. Ryan S. says:

      I agree, when you treat a human being worse than you would an animal, you should have your ability to continue breathing, taken away.

      1. turdburger says:

        Make luke Ravenstal stop breathing….please!

  2. lauren d cosgrove says:

    How old is she with a boyfriend?

  3. The Truth says:

    No offen…never mind…full offense meant…these people scream the term “trash.”

  4. real trash says:

    LUKE RAVENSTAL is trash

    1. servantoftruth says:

      Shut up, fool!

    2. get a clue says:

      wth does Luje Ravenstahl hav eto do with this story??? really people??

  5. redrock100 says:

    Too bad we find this stuff as newsworthy. Take a ride in the Hill district.

  6. headedforwelfare says:

    With Corbett’s new budget, we’ll all be living like this.

  7. Anvil says:

    While a person should never have to live in such deplorable conditions like this, this man (or his family) should also be afforded the option of euthanasia given the list of medical conditions he suffers from.

    Life should be lived in suitable conditions, whether it be in one’s home or state of health.

  8. Mr Soho says:

    Looks like she just wants his Pension and SS checks. She needs a few years in Jail.

    1. what a shame says:

      it’s a shame..He took care of three people his entire life and only one is there to defend him..The other two sure did spend enough of his money. God Bless Tereasa for helping out John. The man who raised and loved both his girls and his wife.

      1. Oh please! says:

        Do you know Teresa? And if so, why did she wait all this time to call the police regarding the conditions? She states she tried for 2 years to help her father…bull…she could have called the cops anytime. She just didn’t want any of them finding her stash. She’s as guilty as the mother

  9. I know says:

    She’s gulity as sin! She has always been a tad bit nuts! She can’t take care of a goldfish let alone herself..Glad the daughter has enough repect for her father to help him out..Glad someone cares..To those whoo think she is innocent….listen to what she said..She is gone days at a time!! The house is a run dowm mess! and amen to the one and only person who cared to speak up..Didn’t he raise and provide for another daughter..or doesn’t she care.

    1. 2 sides says:

      They have 2 daughters..and a granddaughter that lives with them. Why isn’t anyone mentioning that? Teresa does drugs, and has her own problems. If she was that concerned about her father, she would have done something years ago. There are 2 sides to every story, it seems that noone wants to hear both though.

      1. really?? says:

        guess the entire family has issues …for anyone to allow a child to live in these condtions…weather she is guilty or not the cops themselves said the house was filthy and it stunk..Who wants a child living like this and why don’ t they take of their own child?
        Both sides will be heard in court….the top concern isn’t Teresa, the other daughter, granchild, the dogs…etc…
        it is the man who busted his butt working hard all those years to provide for everyone mentioned…now look what he gets…

        ALL of them should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        and question how old is the grandchild that lives there and where is she while the grandma is out all this time….

      2. Lets see.... says:

        the granddaughter’s own mother doesn’t want her…what does that say about her?? …the granddaughter stays home by herself..she probably tried to help with her grandfather and got overwhelmed.

  10. Dad says:

    Thats what he gets for datin someone 30 years younger!!!!!!!!

    1. your kidding right!!!!!!!! says:

      so he deserves to be treaing like that because of the age difference? Your messed up too if you think so. The man took care of the woman when he was well enough to do so. I am sure she spends his money on her wants and needs. It is a disgrace that only one person is standing up to so what is right for the man..He doesn’t deserve this because of age and you seriuosly need help to if you think so.
      Where is the rest of his family? Guess they are all selfish like his wife.
      Get a clue if you think it is his fault!!!!!!

  11. I agree with Let's see says:

    Let’s see…. your comment…

    A young grandchildshouldn’t have to take care of her ailing granfather. Your right she probbaly tried and got way to overwhelmed. Sad story overall…This person says one thing someone else says another. But there is ClEARLY something going on. Some truth has to be behind it for the vops to say the house was bad. For Social services to be involved. And the wife even says she just ”pops” in to check on him.
    Not all all saying Teeas is the perfect one here. I don’t even know her. But I am glad she called in. She should have taken it a step further and called CYS on her sister for leaving the child like this while she is God knows where doing God knows what. My guess is her daughter doesn’t fit intoo her new family.
    What does she think her child does while her mother is out of the house all this time? Does she not care abouther daugter and the man that provided for her all those years when iI am sure she grew up a spolied lil brat.
    I hope John gets better ….

  12. Lets See...again says:

    The grandchild that lives there is not Teresa’s daughter, but Kathleen and John’s other daughter, who lives out of state. And like others have said before, if Teresa was so concerned, she would have done something years ago. She knew all along her mother had a boyfriend, and was going there, yet she did nothing? The whole family is messed up. I hope the granddaughter gets the help she needs. She’s going to need it

    1. again............. says:

      I kinds figured it was the others daughter’s child. Why did she abanoned the child on her parents who clearly can’t take care of themselves let alone a child. Does she not want the child? New husband and he doesn’t want the child? So this poor innocent child is sent to live in this envioroment..Well clearly CYS need to step in. Has she come back to see if herdaughter is ok or does she not care..She should get the parent of the year award.
      I don’t know Teresa to judge why she took so long to get involved but better late than never because the out of state daughter just pawned a kid on them and said …so long!
      The entire family seems to be a tad but on messed up side. I also feel there alot more that we don’t know..I do believe he was abused my his wife butthere is more to it.

  13. Agreed says:

    I alos agree with again and lets see. From what I have heard, and this is heresay, , the grandchild’s stepfather doesn’t want her around, which is why the grandchild is living with the grandparents. My heart goes out to this little girl, who will probably need therapy to recouperate from this.

  14. oldest daughter says:

    It is true the step father doesn’t want anything to do with her…and shame on the mom for allowing her husband to dictate weather or nor her child can be in the house….
    From what I hear it’s all about her and her new family. Then she should have kept her legs crossed til she was married and stable because now the child is left abonded with a grandma who can’t take care of her…And if she thinks she can take care of her she needs evaluated as a parent and maybe shouldn’t have any of her kids..
    No matter what I am happy that John is getting help ans is no longer in the situation. Kathy will get her day in court..and the daughter will someday get her child situation.

  15. oldest daughter says:

    meant the daughter will get her day to when it comes to the situation in which she chose to leave her daughter in..Teresa may not be the best peron and I ma sure she ha sher faults but fron the sounds of it …the other daughter should be ashamed of herself..Not standing uo fro the man who raised her as his own…provided for her…He bought her alll she wanted not her mom. And she can’t even scome back and make sure her FATHER and DAUGHTER are ok. What doe sthat say about her as aperson. She has abandoned two people in her life that need her. her FATHER and DAUGHTER!!! That man is her dad in every way that matters and she should see to it he lives the rest of his life better than what he mom has given him. Her poor daughter is left in limbo. A mother and step father who don’t want her…A granfather who is abused and liviing in misery, a grandma who should be in jail…and what about the childs biologial dda..Does the oldset daughter even know who he is…He should step in.

    The two people here that are victims are John and the granddaughter,..Not Kathy, Teresa ..or the ”other daughter” I am shocked that the grandchild wasn’t taken into custody then..Do they know she is there living like this?

  16. this story is just frustrating says:

    is thiis about John getting the help and care he needs or about the other daughter ony loving the kids she had with her husband and not the one she created when she wa sto young to know better…
    IRight now it’s about John and hopefully the child in question gets removed from the home and never returns to it again…or to the mother who gave her up once already.
    John is safe now and that was what the story was first about. Now it sems as if there is more to it…Now a child needs help..Will she get it????

  17. So sad... says:

    Yes this story is about John and him getting the help he needs. But this also affects the rest of his family. The child does know her biological dad, but he is not in her life. i honestly hope memebers of this family are reading these posts. I’m happy that John is getting the help that he needs. As far as Kathleen goes, someone said it right that there are two sides to every story. I hope that little girl does not end up in foster care, Children are a gift from god, and apparently the child’s mom felt this was a gift she could return when she found out her new husband did not want her around. what comes around goes around

    1. it is sad says:

      I would rather see the child in foster care than to continue on in this house. The child deserves better and her mother should be ashamed to pick her man over her child. As for two sides..yes there are two sides to this but Kathaleen clearly abused this man..Cleary!!! She was out all day and night with her boyfriend while her husband laid in filth. I know this woman and she has NEVER played with a full deck…her lights were always a lil dim….
      The granddaughter needs to be removed from this mess and I ma sorry but her mother and so called step father dont deserve her back since kicking her out once alreday..Someone needs to visit that home and check on the other children.
      I thank God John is safe and now it is time to getthis child to safety…and that sure isn’t with her mother

  18. got it says:

    oldest daughter, you nailed it. That little girl’s mother shoul be truly ashamed of herself. Her father raised her for how many years, and she doesn’t even have the decency to come home to see how he is? What kind of a women is she? And to chose a man over her own daughter…what about his kids that are staying with them..why didn’t she tell him she didn’t want them around? She needs to step up, come see her father, and be the daughter/mom that she is supposed to be!

  19. anyone have an update says:

    she won’t ever step up. Sad but rue…She has all she wants with her husband and the kids they have together. Good mothers put children first. Bad mothers choose men and material things. She coose this over her own child and dad. I just don’t understand wht the child was left there after all of this came to light. She should have been removed when her grandfather was to. There i sNO stable adult in the house to care for her. But sad to say there is noo stable adult in her life at all. I am happy John is getting help he needs and is away from this..I hope someone steps in for the child to. And she doesn’t need to go back to her mom knowing she is unwanted.
    People on here bash Teresa for not getting help sooner but to be fair maybe there wasn’t enogh proove til now. I give her credit for doing what she did. I just hope and prat that the two victims in this case end up on a happier road.
    and this other daughter will someday regret her choice to choose a man over her child.
    God bless John ad may he live the rest of his life as happy as he can. May God watch over the young chiild involved and keep her safe from anymore hurt than she has already endured.
    What is the latest on this?

    1. Sort of an update says:

      Why didn’t someone do something sooner? Teresa said she has tried for years..is this true? She should have been at that house every day. She doesn’t work…so why not help with her father? Even if the mother told her no, she could have called the Agency for the Aging and had them check in. Anytime someone suspets elder abuse, call them IMMEDIATELY. Not years later. A friend of mins said she saw that little girl go with someone last week, hopefully she isn’t at that house anymore.


    well it isn’t that easy without proof..maybe it got to where Tersa had proof.This oldest daughter is just as much in the wrong. She dumps her child on them while she is living it up with her husband and their kids..Buying those kids whatever they want..Buying themselves whatever tey want..while her father lived like this and I am sure she knew just like Teresa knew.
    No Tersa isn’t perfect …but neither is teh wife ..and daugter in question.
    Just like TERSA should hav ecalled area in aging..Someone needs to cintact CYS!

    1. CYS called says:

      CYS was contacted. Met with the child and the grandmother. The child is still living in that house

      1. poor kid says:


  21. hey VA girl! says:

    well she shouldn’t be and her mom is a real winner….mother of the year..butthen again look at who she had as a mother..I hope she reads these post and takes a good hard look at her ways of life.Take care of child..All of your children!!!!!!!!!!!!! and be there for your dad!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Way to go! says:


  22. way to go????? says:

    amen to what???

  23. Way to go! says:

    Amen to what Hey Va girl said.

  24. va girl says:

    VA girl only cares about her two children she has with her husband…the husband nor mother wanted the other child around..she isn’t ”part of the family”
    sad but true..she takes alot after her mom..selfish and only care about what she can has..and favors one child over the other.
    I feel bad for this little girl I can only imagine how it feels to have her mom chose her other family over you and sent you packing…so sad..
    and has she yet to come back and visit her dad? her daughter?? she can play the card al she wants that he isn’t her ”dad” but he raised her from toddler on up..and that little girl she sent to HIS house is her’s!!!
    She needs to gorw up tell her controllonh husband that she is going to take care of her child!!!!! She is a child!!!! she decided to have her!!!!!! now step up and take care of her and come see your ailing father…bet she’ll come on on her mommy’s court date to but heads with her sisiter.
    this is an overall sad sad story..An ailing man who worked so hard to provide for his family ….live sthe last of his years like this..A child brought into this worls by someone who doesn’t love her enough to care for her…so sad….

  25. Such a shame says:

    VA girl. I totally agree with you. I know the little girl has been staying at a friend’s house these past week ends. Someone I know said the same people and their child have been picking her up on Friday’s after school, and taking her home Sunday nights. It’s good to know that she now is going somewhere for the week ends, instead of staying at home by herself. Maybe her mom will read these and see what a mess she is making. Glad to hear that John is doing better.

  26. Jerry Hirak says:

    So many on here talk a lot but knows so little as to what is really going on. Why is the child living with her grandmother out of state? The fact is that the grand child did everything in her means possible to move in with her grandmother. She did everything possible to move back to Pa to be closer to her biological father George Doemling who wants noting to do with her. Who has pushed her away and done nothing but hurt her in every way possible. Her Mother has done everything that she can to give her daughter a good life.

    For all those that knows Theresa Latourette knows that she is just like her mother, worse in other ways. She looks for anyway possible to line her pockets with money without working for it the old fashion way. She has been in and out of correctional facilities since she was a young girl, drug use and has a child to a known thief that is still in jail.

    The oldest daughter that lives in Va with her husband and two other children. She has to do whats best for her family. And when the oldest daughter causes both physical and mental abuse to all family members, is in and out of numerous mental health care facilities and keeps calling bs calls into the police and CPS because she doesnt get everything her way. What else can one do. Please do tell me.

    And why is she not there to take care of the man that raised her? Maybe because he didn’t really raise her but tortured and abused her both mentally, physically and sexually. Not much of a father but more of real life night mare. Theresa’s only reason for going to the media and doing all that she has done so far is because the money was cut off. Truth be said

    1. just covering your a$$ says:

      bull! bull and more bull you just sent her away because she wasn’t yours! Get a life and start caring about the child and less on cars and toys.

    2. Bulls**t says:

      Seriously? So if this man “supposedly” abused said daughter…why in God’s name would she send her own daughter to live with them? This is a sham post and you should be ashamed of yourself. Hope you’re enjoying yourself in Virginia with that no good F****r you’re married to. What an exceptional mom you are…(cough cough) I bet you’re proud of yourself

  27. stop already says:

    Stop the internet bashing already people. It will be handled in court.
    Personally I feel all these comments are being made bt Terresa herself and this latest one will add feul to the fire..
    I can hear the comment now…if she was abused by this man why did she send her daughter to go there to live and can she prove it. So the last comment was above and beyond un called for,
    Stop already people will believe whatthey want to no matter whatthey read on a blog site. This is getting you all nowhere!

  28. Get the facts straight says:

    OK..so the olders datughet that lives in Virginia with her family..what about the daughter she left behind here becuase n=her new husband didn’t want her with his family? This whole family is a joke, and I pray that little girl is taken to a family that will raise her properly. The mother has done everything possible to see that little girl has had a good life? Bullsh**t. She hasn’t been back to PA in over 4 years. She has to do what’s best fo rher family…well what about the child that lives here? Why isn’t she doing what’s best for her and taking her to Virginia? Because her huisband is a controlling bast*** that’s why. And for her biological father…man up dude and take responsibility for the child you helped to make

    1. let it go people:) says:

      yeah isn’t that a nice way of trying to explain how and why she is here. dude just made themselves sound 10 times as bad..Sending her to live withan ”ABUSER”. All bull she just can’t stand up to het husband and his ways..
      Her father treated her well and didn’t abuse her. Why is ths just now beingbrought up..so she feels better about herself and not being there. She sure took his hand out when he was rasing her. She drove a car as a teenager didn’t she???
      Her mom is guilty. The house was seen by police as a dirty run down mess. Her dad is now in a home . And she has no idea what herdaughter is doing. Should have given her up fpr adoption since she had her to someone she barely knew anyway.
      She neeeds to stand up and be there for her dad. When he is gone she will regret it. Or when the husband is gone she will regret it one or the other. They are a couple who onlt cares about toys and what they have…and the family they have together. Plain and simple.
      THis case started as an abused man by is wife and this is what you get out of it. What a shame. I hope she sleeps well at night next to her wonderful man while her child is left unwanted. What a shame.
      But all of us need to quit posting on here. Obviuosly she reads this and could give two cents what people say and think. She obviously could careless about her dad and daughter. She will probably defend her mom just too spite Theresa.
      We all need to do the smart and right thing and not comment anymore. We all think and feel he way we do. It is stated here.
      Let it go.
      Pray for John and the granchild. And in the end Karma will win.
      I will pray for those two..God will bless them both.

  29. Straight facts says:

    I have straight facts about the little girl involved here. She is actually spending week ends with a friend of mine’s family, their daughter is very good friends with her. This little girl is the sweetest little thing you ever want to meet. And my friend just loves this child. They do things with her, not just sit at home. I know they have taken her to the zoo, and she goes places with them. Such a shame that the woman who gave birth to this beautiful little girl wants nothing to do with her. And as far as Grandma goes, what goes around comes around..

  30. other grandparents says:

    Why doesn’t Halie tell everyone that we wanted her to come live with us? Because Halie had her mind made up that she wanted to live with her grandmother Kathy and no one was going to stop her. At least here she wouldn’t have lived in filth like the home in Jeannette. People should know the facts….this is the life that Halie wanted. And for a child that was supposedly abused, she can sleep for 15 hours straight and never wake up…..there is no way she was abused….I was and trust me I didn’t sleep I was up all hours of the night and day.

  31. OtherGrandparents..seriously?? says:

    Other Grandparents..why haven’t you done anything to gain custody of Halie? Did you know she was in Virginia the past few days, because her piece of trash mom is again turning over custody to someone else…apparently a cousin who lives over an hour away from Jeannette. What’s wrong with this family? Grandparents have rights..STEP UP and do something, instead of writing about it!

    1. other grandparents says:

      no we didn’t know that……..and we really don’t have right because we are just step-grandparents and she doesn’t want to be here….she made it quite clear that she wasn’t living here. She wanted to be with Kathy

  32. Really?? says:

    to the other Grandparents…are you the parents of Halie’s dad? Who doesn’t want anything to do with her? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to come live with you. How can a man create life and walk away from the child? What a winner he must be

    1. other grandparents says:

      no we are not Halie’s dad”s parents. We are the step grandparents that wanted her to come and live with us, and you can’t make someone do something that they don’t want to do because then everyone involved will be miserable. That’s like trying to make someone love you……and everyone knows that don’ t work.

  33. I don't get it says:

    Step Grandparents..are you the parents of the so called man that Halie’s mom is married to? The one that won’t let her live in Virginia with them..the one that would rather see Halie in a military school, or living with cousins she barely knows? If so. great job raising a piece of Sh** son. He and his piece of trash wife belong together

    1. out side looking in says:

      wow I like how you can judge someone that you don’t know. I just hope and pray that you have a child that is as defiant as Halie is. Then make these comments!!!!!!

      1. funny says:

        wow. Guessing Halie doesn’t like you huh

  34. Ourside says:

    out side looking in. I know Halie and I think she is a wonderful child. How do you know how she is? I’ve been around her quite a few times, and she has always been courteous and respectful to us.

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