Flooding, Snow Expected In Pittsburgh Area

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Western Pennsylvania will see snow before the week is out.

That’s on top of the expected flood waters.

The flood warning for counties in the area will expire at 11 p.m. Some basement and street flooding is likely. Areas along the Monongahela and Ohio rivers will probably see some minor flooding.

The rivers are expected to crest Friday afternoon. The 10th Street Bypass is expected to flood again and there’s a chance the Parkway Central/Bathtub area will see water as well.

Meantime, temperatures will fall and change the rain to snow overnight Thursday.

“It probably won’t be until after midnight tonight for things to be cool enough to make the change over to wet snow,” KDKA Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla said.

The area will see periods of wet snow Friday afternoon. About three to six inches of “heavy, wet, sticky” snow are expected to accumulate.

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One Comment

  1. gingerboots says:

    I just wanna know if anyone else is bothered by the way Jeff pauses when speaking–as if to induce DRAMA.


    The spotty drizzle will turn into a swath of heavy, wet snow as tempatures cool down…on…Friday.

    1. bd says:

      I for one welcome the added drama. I don’t think they sensationalize the newscast enough nowadays.

    2. JP says:

      That’s hilarious, and I agree…he also says ‘albeit’ a lot, which, for some reason infuriates me.

    3. oldstuff says:

      I thought I was the only person that noticed that. It’s actually quite amusing….and predictable.

  2. a viewer says:

    I often feel like Jeff is disinterested in doing the weather and is arrogant….I prefer Dennis Bowman.

    1. karen says:

      I also prefer Dennis Bowman. He delivers the weather with such smoothness. He doesn’t hesitate like Mr. Jeff does all the time.

  3. DB says:

    All I have to say is I miss Sonni Abatta!!

    1. Joe says:

      Hell yeah. You aren’t the only one.

    2. sammy says:


    3. Cat says:

      When I was at Disney World last year, I put the news on at night and there was Sonni Abatta! She is now reporting in Orlando.

  4. Maddie says:

    He likes to strut his stuff like he’s all that and a weather balloon.

  5. jrnick says:

    drama for the seniors! oh no we are getting snow…please everyone stock up on batteries and tolit paper.

  6. VC says:

    Even more comical is Julie Bologna on Channel 11…she gets rolling when talking, and starts saying ‘it’s gonna wain, weallly hawd, and snow is in the fowe-cast”…she can’t pronounce a hard ‘r’ at all….we watch her simply for comedy purposes…

  7. Gingerboots says:

    So, keep an eye out on the river, because it is going to crest…..tomorrow…evening.

  8. Ryan says:

    This will be bad. Already close to 2″ of heavy wet snow on the ground North of the city. We will get the 6″ end of this, or more. #&$*%!

  9. law says:

    this guy is a joke…he wrong more then any other weatherman around….he should quit and work the candy store his wifes family owns…all you hear is how he nailed it again…hes the worst………

  10. Rob Soltis says:

    Not sure where the 1 to 2 inches we were supposed to get overnight are, but the sun is out here and it’s not doing anything. Something tells me Giant Eagle was behind this forecast.

  11. Mary Lou says:

    Gee can’t anyone be positive and encouraging these days??? Is it all about cutting people down and degrading one another? It’s only God who can predict the weather…if you would listen alot of times they say, “the potential”, which means there’s a possibility!!

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