Prospective Employees Attend Job Fair In Green Tree

GREEN TREE (KDKA) — Pennsylvania’s unemployment numbers are getting better. Earlier this week, the state announced the jobless rate is back below nine percent.

Despite that good news, a job fair was held in Green Tree Thursday and it was a pretty bustling place.

They waited in line just to get into the fair, knowing that there’s a big difference between having a job and needing one.

“I have heard some things that are appealing,” said John Sundy, one of the people at the fair looking for a job. “It definitely looks like the economy is on the up-tick, so I am looking forward to the challenges ahead of me.”

Katie Reppucci is a recent college graduate with a degree in broadcasting, but she was at Thursday’s job fair considering grad school and a different path.

“I’m actually going back for something completely different. I’m going back for education,” said Reppucci. “In the meantime, until I’m done with that I’m looking for that first job, anything in business, marketing, sales, you name it.”

With the economy creeping toward recovery, the fair was a crowded place.

“Honestly, I’m hoping for an in – or a foot – something that will help me nudge my way into my career field as far as design is concerned,” said Carlos Caraballo, of West View. “I’m an artist.”

Yet sometimes, a career fair like this one encourages job seekers to change themselves.

“Don’t put yourself inside such a small little cubbyhole that you have no reason to look outside. You do,” said Bob Hillman, of National Career Fairs. “The more you can take those blinders off, the more you can look around and find things you can do. Just because you’ve never done it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.”

During the first 15 minutes of the career fair, more than 75 people walked through the doors. The employers said that they aren’t just looking for anybody. They are looking for the right people.

“People that might be involved in volunteering; something for cancer research, they’re involved in the Walk for Life or Daffodil Days, something along those lines,” said Eddie Flowers, of Western & Southern Life. They’ve really had an experience in their life and they want to give back.”

Good advice, whether you have a job on need one.

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One Comment

  1. Realist says:

    The unemployment rate is only lower because people have maxed out their steps on unemployment–not becasue they actually got any jobs!!! And, good luck to the girl who wants to change careers and get a job in education. In Pittsburgh, it is almost impossible to get a job in the education field unless you know someone or blow someone who is important!

  2. Matthias says:

    As the old saying goes, “It is not what you know, but who you know.”

    Unless, one joins the service, which is a great place to start.

  3. redrock100 says:

    Ask Rendel for a job.

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