Mayor Ravenstahl, Wife To File For Divorce

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and his wife, Erin, have decided to file for divorce.

The couple announced their separation back in November of 2009, after five years of marriage. They share a 2-year-old son, Cooper.

The mayor’s office released the following statement:

“After careful consideration, Erin and I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. We will remain close friends and continue to share our love for our son, Cooper. We are thankful for the privacy we have been afforded in dealing with this very personal matter and we are hopeful that the respect for our personal privacy continues.”

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.

  • Richard

    I never cared much for Ravenstahl as a Mayor but I still hate to see anyone having problems like this. I wish them both the best!

    • will

      who cares go put your name on 500 city trash cans and waste tax payers money! that should make you happy!

      • Katie

        Do you think he wants this to be news? Do you think he wants everyone in the city of Pittsburgh looking into every little detail of his life? No. How bout you go get a life.

  • Nolan

    Who cares, we all have our problems…..this is not news.

  • Daniel

    Well its basic flaw – what else could it be affecting ?

  • tim

    awesome example of a leader. Leave when the going gets tuff. With a 2 year old son. AWESOME. doesnt run the City much better. What did O’Connor see in him..

  • jenn

    thats good. now he can see how others feel. he has been bad since in office

  • 2059

    It would be nice if the City could file for a divorce from this idiot.

    • Mags

      I don’t necessarily share your opinion, however that’s FUNNY!

    • katie

      you have no life.

  • Biil

    He can now leave his son home alone, dress entirely in black and wander around his Troy Hill neighborhood as a Ninja Warrior.

  • Annie

    I am very sorry for both of them. I hope the news and nebby people can let these two people work this out for them and most of all their little boy, Cooper.
    Despite what and how we feel about our Mayor. It’s none of our business!!

    • stoopm

      Wrong! When you aspire to run for office and are elected, all bets are off, you now become a public servant and your business does become our business, like it or not.

  • critter

    MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — Police are looking for an escapee in McKees Rocks.

    It all started when officers arrested Lamont “boog’ Goodwine, Jr., during an undercover drug operation at a house on Ella Street.

  • Gingerboots

    He annoys me. I bet he was a whiner. Glad he is yours Pittsburgh.

  • Bob McBob

    Teh winnar Ist Luek no baby mama

  • Cam

    Who cares if they are divorcing. Why would he state that we should continue to respect his privacy? He is the one putting the divoce announcement out there.

    Perhaps Ravenstahl should focus on the city of Pittsburgh for once, and not himself. He sure can’t compare to Bob O’Connor who truly loved and worked hard for our city.

  • omar shara

    if him wasn’t fn every pig at calico jacks, her woultn’t be leavin him… plus he been with huss too

  • omar shara

    maybe her should put a snow plow gps on him to find out where he been…

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