Police: Man Playing Ninja Leaves Young Son Home Alone

SCOTTDALE (KDKA) – Police say a local man left his young son home alone while he walked around the neighborhood dressed as a ninja.

Ross Hurst, 28, told police he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was simply acting out a fantasy because he likes playing ninja.

Hurst was charged after they learned that his son was left home alone at the time.

Less than a week later, he was charged with making a threatening phone call to a longtime friend who was a witness in a case against another friend.

“He was pretty messed up – I could tell he was under the influence of something,” Justin Jellot told KDKA-TV. “And he told me, in his real calm kind of creepy voice, he was like, ‘You know that skin around your neck?’ He said, ‘I hope you cherish it because it’s going to be cut real soon.’”

Jellot said he didn’t want to go to police, but had no choice after Hurst allegedly threatened his wife and family.

He’s now hoping his high school friend and college roommate gets the help that he needs.

“There’s obviously something wrong with him,” Jellot said. “To be leaving your 4-year-old child alone and out at two in the morning, being picked up by the police dressed in black, and giving a story like, ‘I’m dressed up like a ninja, I’m playing ninja,’ there’s something wrong.”

Hurst is being held in the Westmoreland County Jail on $50,000 straight cash bond.

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One Comment

  1. Ryan says:

    We need to take away children from the mentally ill. There should be a test to make sure you are mentally fit to raise children.

    1. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

      Yeah Ryan … but trouble with that is that damn near everyone would fail!

    2. sword king says:

      SEE this is what happens when sunday grown guy dungeon and dragons dress up doest take place down at the park at Allegheny river and Washington blvd

  2. Tigerblood says:

    There should be a test you have to pass to post idiotic comments like the one above….

  3. Andy says:

    There is nothing wrong with Ryans comment. I do agree.

    1. Mac Daddy says:

      We can’t even get the state to test 90 year old drivers. Who is going to test all of these so called parents?

  4. Sara Sams says:

    Once you become a parent all your kid games are over. Take the responseability and be a parent. Remember the child was not asked to be born. He is not crazy he is just Stupid. And we can not fix Stupid..

  5. lb says:

    There are times for role-playing and times for being an adult…

  6. Ned Ryerson says:

    I hope his ninja skills will keep him safe in jail.

  7. william says:

    where was the kids mother ?maybe at the ball and her car turned into a pumpkin so she couldn’t get home.

  8. BETTY says:

    where are these mothers when these wackos are taking care of the kids …. lock all the pigs up………….

  9. Laurel says:

    The mothers need to learn to be more picky about the men they choose

  10. Vladimir says:

    Cmon guys the MOM is too busy with all the partys she goes to, just like many other girls they wana “F” they want kids, then they wanna be FREE again and THE LUCKY ONES END UP PAYING CHILD SUPPORT while she is ……

    1. Yup says:

      Uh, ever think the mom was at work? Women do work you know. Not everyone is on welfare. Open your mind.

  11. Brad says:

    Was he wearing the ninja costume when the child was conceived? If so, that’s a win. Which makes me wonder what she had on?? Maybe the child is the great white ninja a la chris farley (rip). Yes.. Yes … It all makes complete sense now. Man conceives child as ninja, father gets arrested as ninja, only to distract law enforcement from taking away the true assassin.. The child !! The great white ninja!!

    Muahhh hahahahjaha muah hahahahahah

    But ya this story is pretty messed up. The guy needs help.

  12. will g says:

    dude why the long face

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