2 Injured In McKees Rocks Shooting

MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) – A shooting in McKees Rocks left two teenagers injured late Saturday night.

According to our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the shooting happened in the 300-block of Broadway Avenue around midnight.

One of the victims was shot in the leg, while the other was shot in the stomach.

They were transported to an area hospital and there is no word on their conditions at this time.

There is no word on what led to the shooting or if any arrests have been made.


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One Comment

  1. dave says:

    you know it was over something stupid i was watching from my window after the gunshot as the ambulance took both of them

  2. johnny69 says:

    If there were, say 50 people at the party (let’s call them 50 people living off of welfare and food stamps with no job and no daddy, but all have at least one child and they are on welfare too) why aren’t there 48 witnesses and the perps arrested? Sounds like bad guys shooting bad guys.

    1. Prime Tyme says:

      No buddy, it sounds like “the code of the streets”

      Stop SNITCHING!!!!!

  3. stormie says:

    In my opinion the Bev Smith brings Louis Farrakan to the hood situation was a joke because he can’t leave the hood because of the Malcom X murder. Vote the older blacks out of office and vote in some young black men with no criminal records or illegitimate children to stop black on black crime, I would call the NAACP or B-PEP but they are busy. I think the older generation should stop lying to the young generation about white people, when the civil rights movement was passed the educated blacks moved and left the other blacks to fend for themselves and the only following Farrakan has is welfare moms and jail birds trying to get back on their feet. There are stacks of dead black bodies on our streets and the NAACP just gave another phony image award program instead of trying to help their own people who need the money. If there is a white devil there has to be a black one so vote the older blacks out to stop racism. I am looking for something new.

  4. stormie says:

    myspcgrrrl I hope you don’t represent the black community because ebonics lost it’s lusture a long time ago with Huggy Bear. Our community is not disappearing it is people like you the NAACP, B-PEP and the preachers teaching watered down christianity that make outsiders think that we are lazy and stupid humans.

  5. TimeTimeTIme says:


  6. redrock100 says:

    Democrats are wimps

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