Higher Fuel Costs Go Beyond The Pump

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  1. redrock100 says:

    was 1.80 a gallon when Bush left office. Where are the sissy democrats saying oil was Bush”s fault?

    1. aj says:

      and close to and over $4.00 when he was in office—Bush made a mess of this country……

      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        How So AJ? Please list examples.

  2. Ms. Stringer says:

    Its sad when a Pittsburgher have to reduce the amount they eat to have enough money to get to the place they call a job. thanks a lot gas prices.

  3. My Own says:

    I would love to hear the entire show but since this stupid website insists on reloading and cutting it off, I have no idea what the guy said.

  4. Zoeyzotron says:

    Must be an Oil Man in the White House…….

  5. Duckdaddy says:

    Why do you work a job that pays you so little that you cant afford to drive to it? Why cant more people put some value on themselves and their labor.

  6. redrock100 says:

    AJ watches msnbc too much. probably a union dirtbag

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