Man Charged With Impersonating Police With iPhone App Tells Story

BETHEL PARK (KDKA) — A man from Bethel Park talked with KDKA about the charge he faces of using an iPhone app to impersonate a police officer.

“I admit, I did hold it up. It wasn’t to cause any problems,” said Adam Phillips of Bethel Park in an interview with KDKA’s David Highfield.

Police say this started as a road rage type of incident at the intersection of Routes 51 and 88. Phillips says he honked at the car in front of him because he thought they had a green light. That’s when police say the other driver pointed to the red light, but Phillips claims the driver used an obscene gesture to do it.

Once through the light, Phillips also claims they threw a McDonald’s bag at his car. He admits that soon after, he used an iPhone app that mimics police flashing lights, but says he held it up to the window for only a few seconds.

David Highfield asked, “When you put the phone up there on the dashboard, what was your intention? Did you want them to think you were a police officer, so they’d pull over?”

Phillips replied, “That wasn’t really an exact intention. It was just maybe like a scare tactic.”

Highfield asked, “But you wanted to talk to these guys?”

Phillips said, “Yeah. I wanted to. They threw something at my car, so I mean I didn’t have a chance to see if there was damage to my vehicle or anything, and they weren’t pulling over. So I held it up.”

Police say he reportedly also flashed his headlights and honked his horn, until the driver ahead of him pulled into the Stoner Centre in Castle Shannon.

“I wasn’t overly mad. I was just a little bit upset,” said Phillips. He says he asked the men in the other car why they threw something at his car, but he says that escalated into a pushing match in which he had a punch thrown at him.

Afterward, both Phillips and the other driver called police. Police confiscated his iPhone.

Man Allegedly Uses iPhone App To Impersonate Police
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One Comment

  1. CitizenX says:

    This is pretty ridiculous!

    1. Bill says:

      At least he wasn’t shot! personally, i’d of shrugged off someone throwing garbage on my car. it’d take me 30 secs to wash off: gas station + experience [minus BK syrup package/fake Iphone cops].

  2. Dan says:

    An iphone app is the equivalent of a cop? Speaks volumes.

  3. Justice for All! says:

    Do they have one for the Droid?
    I’d like one!

  4. GIKN says:

    Wow, another example of cops overreaching and abusing their authority. Tell the kid not to be so stupid and send him home.

    1. Read the law says:

      He pulled the guy over. He made a traffic stop by using a red and blue flashing light. He acted within the scope of a police officer when he did that and yes, that is exactly what impersonating a police officer is. Read the statute and you will plainly see that the only person who overstepped and abused their authority was the driver, who was not authorized in the first place.

  5. Victim Is A Fool says:

    The person who was pulled over with this is a fool. It was a phone screen, not real police lights.

    1. MoreProof says:

      Yea, but reports I heard claimed that the kid was holding a donut too..

      1. Hoss says:

        Ok, now THAT was funny!

  6. alexander ovechkin says:


  7. Tom says:

    I agree, he is an idiot!

  8. Randy Calhoun says:

    They threw a punch at him So arrest them for attempted assult on an officer!!!!!

  9. WayToGoPens09 says:

    MAN Charged With Impersonating Police???? He’s not a man, he’s a PUNK!!!!

  10. Jason says:

    I need to make sure I don’t use my 4th of July themed flashing swimming pool lights this summer. Don’t want to get arrested!!!

  11. stennet says:

    This is stupid, just give him a citation for disorderly conduct, now he has to pay for a lawyer, the courts are involved, the police will take time off there duties to appear in court, no wonder the courts are so tied up.

  12. Victim Is A Fool says:

    The police were correct in filing the charges for impersonating an officer. Too bad gross stupidity is not a chargeable offense because then the could charge the victim for pulling over in the first place.

  13. amodeo says:

    whatever happened to citizens arrests? they damaged his car they deserved to be prosecuted too and they wouldnt pull over for him…
    the ppl putting the “read the law” comments should be arrested for being such big d bags this isnt serious get a life

  14. Seeking balance says:

    Stupidity on all counts. I think the first thing that needs done is for IPhone to be required to drop that App!! With this kind of attention, it’s going to get too much use and someone’s going to get hurt (one way or another)! Stupid hot headed teenager may get shot if he tries it with the wrong car/person & someone really could use it to pull someone over with ‘bad’ intentions.

  15. m3k312 says:

    Poor kid….well, I hope he’s learned his lesson, which is than an officious pig (is there any other kind) makes every situtation worse.

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