SPRING HILL (KDKA) — A domestic violence call escalated into a standoff in Spring Hill.

Zone 1 police say they arrived at the suspect’s home, they found some guns, including an AK-47 assault rifle.

When 21-year-old Brad Parham refused to surrender, they called in the SWAT team.

“They discovered several weapons,” police said. “When they went to arrest the gentleman, he fled to an upstairs second-floor cubby hole.”

Eventually, Parham gave himself up without a shot being fired, but his landlord said it was an overreaction and that he is the legal owner of the guns.

“We told them we could probably get him out easier, but they brought the whole SWAT … that was crazy,” the landlord said.

But police say when it comes to guns and domestic violence, they take no chances.

Parham is in the Allegheny County Jail on charges of domestic violence and trespassing. He does not face any weapons-related charges.

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