Spring Hill Standoff Ends, Suspect Jailed

SPRING HILL (KDKA) — A domestic violence call escalated into a standoff in Spring Hill.

Zone 1 police say they arrived at the suspect’s home, they found some guns, including an AK-47 assault rifle.

When 21-year-old Brad Parham refused to surrender, they called in the SWAT team.

“They discovered several weapons,” police said. “When they went to arrest the gentleman, he fled to an upstairs second-floor cubby hole.”

Eventually, Parham gave himself up without a shot being fired, but his landlord said it was an overreaction and that he is the legal owner of the guns.

“We told them we could probably get him out easier, but they brought the whole SWAT … that was crazy,” the landlord said.

But police say when it comes to guns and domestic violence, they take no chances.

Parham is in the Allegheny County Jail on charges of domestic violence and trespassing. He does not face any weapons-related charges.


One Comment

  1. chance says:

    Burn him out!!

  2. KRYSTYN says:

    thats crazy , this story is about my brother . NONE of what this story says is true && there was guns in the house which did NOT belong to him && he did NOT on him. The so called fight didnt even happen in this area so NONE of what you are saying is true. i was there with tho police the entire time.

    1. Dan Mascaro says:

      You’re crazy

      1. scott says:

        every thing shes saying is tru

    2. Ebony Beck says:

      Nobdody talks about officer jason snyder shooting a innocent black man in homewood 2 weeks ago ! These cops are out of control !

  3. michal nemcok says:

    landlord is my little brother, this is wild

  4. Common Sense says:

    Ebony, you sound like an uneducated moron, big surprise. The guy in homewood admits to shooting at police and you still want to blame them. The race card is all played out. Nobody is talking about it because its so simple, don’t shoot at the police. Don’t shoot at all for that matter. The only thing out of control is attitudes like yours. Nobody owes you or anyone in your neighborhood anything. Get educated, get a job, and shut up. Take care of your 8 children and don’t let them grow up on the street. Maybe have a stable household.

    1. A.D. says:

      Wow! I was with you until you started disrespecting her. You’re quick to pass judgement on her (as if you know her personally) and then say attitudes like hers are out of control. Clearly you dont see yourself and your actions as out of control. Seriously, you dont know this girl from a can of paint, yet you decide you’ve already got her all figured out? Shame on you! In my opinion you should educate yourself about sterotypes because its clear you’re basing your rant solely on them. :-[

    2. Voice of Reason says:

      Why does she have to have 8 children? And why do you have to personally attack someone whose opinion differs from yours?

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