NFL Lockout On Fans’ Minds As Steelers Play Hoops For Charity

PLUM (KDKA) — Some of the Pittsburgh Steelers were out playing basketball for a good cause.

The team hit the hardwood for a charity basketball game at Plum Senior High School. Proceeds from the game will benefit the Boys and Girls basketball programs.

Students also took donations for disaster relief in Japan.

But with the NFL lockout situation, fans couldn’t help but wonder how long it will last and if next season will happen.

“Of course you worry about it,” Connie Robertson said. “What would Pittsburgh be without the Steelers of course? So, yes, it’s somewhere in the back of your mind, but let’s hope it all works out.”

Some people aren’t taking sides in the dispute between the players and owners.

“If they can’t resolve $9 billion and have a settlement between the labor and the owners and we struggle every day and go out and work hard, I think they need to tell the fans, ‘We’re going to get this worked out and we’re going to be playing in September,’” Ken Mousseau, of Monroeville, said.

With billions of dollars at stake, other fans are confident a deal will get done.

“It’s too much money involved – the owners would lose, the players would lose – cooler heads will prevail,” Bill Gras said.


One Comment

  1. cliff says:

    split the 9 billion right down the middle 50/50

  2. Jack F says:

    Boycott the NFL, send the greedy players and their management a message that they already make way too much money.

  3. Ian says:

    Right Jack, and one day you can tell me the max my company can pay me right? People look at the dollar figures and think it’s so easy to determine the resolution. The players association are finally looking out for the retired player and the owners will still make their millions with no Health risk to them. Jerry Jones will still be able to walk the sidelines when he is 90, I doubt Brett Favre will when he’s 70 .. Get Real!

  4. Col. Rossi says:

    I agree Ian. In addition, with the proposal of 18 game seasons.. careers will now be shorter and revenues will rise.
    The problem with the “everyday” person looking at this, 90% of people can’t get past the dollar figures. Then it becomes , “They are millionares playing football”… it’s short-sighted and a poor arguement.

  5. Katie says:

    If you all are worried about loosing out on football, come see some women play. None of us get paid so you’re going to see women who are playing because they love the game. And unlike arena football league, you don’t have to worry about learning a new style.

    1. stoopm says:

      Really? You are an idiot. Unless there is a stripper pole involved, why would any one pay for this?

  6. brian says:

    get rid of football they all make to much money there stealing it from you

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