2 Teens Could Be Charged In Hempfield Sexting Scandal

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — State police say at least two teenagers from Hempfield Area High School could be facing criminal charges after sexting scandal.

Police say they were sending sex videos on their cell phones. State police got involved in the case when school administrators asked them to investigate the case.

Authorities say the students were under the age of 18. According to State Trooper Steve Limani, the two teenagers shared the video and then it was sent to others.

“… From there, we were brought in to investigate exactly who has received the video, who is in the video and also how many other people might have it and that’s one thing – we actually want to stop the forwarding of this video,” he said.

Police want anyone who may have received that video to come forward. Because there are teenagers in the video, anyone could be charged.

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One Comment

  1. Stopit says:

    Stop letting children have cell phones. They shouldn’t get cell phones unless they are either 16 and getting their license (and then they need to be taught to NOT DRIVE WHILE TALKING/TEXTING) or until they are 18 and can sign up/pay for it themselves. There are 10 year old children with nicers phones than me! Why does a 10 year old need a cell? When I was 10 I didn’t have a cell. if you needed to call someone you used the school office phone (if staying late for practice, etc.)

    If parents would stop giving their kids everything their hearts desired, I wouldn’t be so worried about our futures. But these kids just sit around with their heads tilted down texting away!

    1. Just Saying... says:

      I agree 100%. When did having a cell phone become a neccesity? Last I checked, the privilege of owning a cell phone was a luxury. Now it seems that every individual over the age of 7 is ENTITLED to one. Not only are children given them, but there are government funded programs that give them to people on welfare. It is getting ridiculous!

      1. Yup says:

        For real! You want a cell phone? GET A JOB!!!!

    2. haley says:

      in all honestly Stopit, i disagree with you. let the kids grow up. why should technology not be alowed to be advanced because of something thats never going to change? it’s all human nature. theres going to be scandals, sex, drugs, alcohol you name it. If people didnt want there to be, it wouldnt be here at all. stop being so bull headed and thinking the younger generation is any worse than what you were. Just as many adults do the same things as kids do with new technology, so maybe you should just not have it considering how repulsed you seem to be with the things other people are doing with it.

      1. Stopit says:

        Maybe children shouldn’t be handed things and have to pay for it themselves? That’s my biggest complaint. This children get these expensive phones and plans that their PARENTS PAY FOR, then they get so lost and caught up in them they forget how to function in society. If I went on a trip or to school I didn’t have a device with a way to talk to my friends, play games, search the net, etc. I had to read or listen to music or…gasp!…TALK TO SOMEONE.

  2. WIlliam H says:

    Who really cares ? I mean we did that at their age minus the cell phones, all that means is technology is catching up with the times…… if we had cells back then the same thing would have occured and no big deal would be made about that huh ? ! Let these kids grow up

    1. Stopit says:

      So you got out the big 50 lb. tape recorder and made tapes of yourself and handed them to your girlfriend in the hallway at school? Technology is giving children more access to do things they normally wouldn’t do either ever or that soon. Also, it’s taking away from their social capabilities. I love it when I go into a place of business and the child being the counter is more interested in finishing their text message than helping me. And the children that aren’t even old enough to work are running around with iPhones – know how much those cost? Parents are shelling out tons of money for these ungrateful, “me” generation idiots! Phones are LUXURY, not a necessity. But these kids HAVE to have them and the best one and then do stuff like this with them.

      1. Stopit says:


  3. Ace Slick says:

    It’s these kinds of story’s that make me realize why our children lag behind the rest of the industrialized world in education.

    No wonder all the professional people of today seem to be from other countries such as India and China and Japan.

    Seems like all the young people in America can do these days is sexting, update their Facebook page, or purse their lips for their MySpace page. That stuff doesn’t get you into medical school.

  4. Mike says:

    What they did is wrong, but don’t charge them as if they are a predator. That is ridiculous. Don’t ruin their lives like that.

  5. Brad says:

    This went on in every school. At some point during your highschool careers, someone had sex somewhere and bragged about it.. Heck, when I was in school girls were pleasing guys for 5 bucks in the bathroom. And my mom wondered why I wanted more lunch money that week. It’s the fact these little entrepreneurs filmed it and passed it out. My biggest question is not about the boys sending it, of course they are going to brag, they are high school boys, but what highschool girl lets their boyfriend film
    It? I mean how young did little Susie find dad’s stash?

  6. zsailor says:

    Highly likely it is unhealthy to suppress natural sexual instinct. That is more than likely the underlying cause for many mental problems and perhaps physical problems amongst the human population today. The desexualization of the male in the civilized society has already resulted in a drastic drop in male sperm count in the last 100 years. Eventually, if these self righteous people have their way, men will become sterile and the human race will become extinct. At any rate, it is just plain wrong to make criminals of these kids and label them as sex offenders thus destroying their lives just because of some uptight people who made the laws against sex and enforce those laws with no common sense whatsoever. Basically it is a religious matter with the religious fanatics wanting to regulate sexual behavior. It was against the law for an unmarried couple to live together not too long in our past here in the United States. Some things the law should not be involved in and one of those things is sexual behavior. Parents should raise their children according to their beliefs and instill in them their moral character. Since anti sexual behavior is more of a religious matter it should be taught in the churches and not in general public forums. Responsible sexual behavior should be taught in schools. Sex education should be required to be taught in schools. All girls should be put on birth control when they reach puberty. That one act would prevent teenage pregnancies and prevent many from being on the welfare roles. Sexual behavior is a moral issue and should not be legislated.

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