KISKI TOWNSHIP (KDKA) –Two missing kayakers on the Kiski River were found safe Monday morning.

As soon as rescue crews were dispersed to start searching again for two missing kayakers the call came in that they had been found.

Zack Becker and Jaimie Simon were checked out at the Avonmore Ambulance Station Monday morning.

A passerby brought them there after finding them in the woods.

“He says, ‘Do you happen to be the kayakers that are missing?’ I said, ‘Yes, that’s us,’” Zack Becker said.

The two had been kayaking Sunday with Becker’s brother in the Kiski River. They were separated and that’s when both of their kayaks overturned.

Despite lighting a campfire, rescue crews Sunday night were unable to find them and feared the worst.

“The helicopter was shining a spotlight down on the river and I jumped up and started throwing leaves on the fire, making it as big as possible,” Becker said.

“I kept telling him, we’re not too far behind so they’re going to be looking. We were right behind his brother, so it was only a matter of time,” Simon said.

A command post was set up at Roaring Run hiking trail. Family members were there when the call came in.

“We’re all very thankful and the rescuers worked diligently. They gave it all they got. God bless us all and thank you,” Karen Becker said.

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