By: Heather Abraham

ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A pipe in an abandoned mine backed up and caused some serious flooding in Elizabeth Township Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, water continued to gush and gurgle through a drainage pipe as the cleanup efforts persisted.

Orange dust dried on the street and in one man’s yard.

“They’ve been out here checking it and checking it. Just nothing you can do about it,” Bill Hinerman said.

There was a clog in the pipe that served as a drainage pipe in an abandoned mine. When officials cleared that clog, the built up pressure forced a manhole cover off and water spilled out into Hinerman’s basement. Everything is ruined.

“What can you say? I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a mess,” Hinerman said.

The Department of Environmental Protection said there is usually a high flow at this time of year.

The agency maintains that what is dumping into a nearby creek is not acidic.

However, neighbors looking at the clear contrast in water color are still concerned.

Richard Rattani said another town nearby came up with a solution that he thinks could work here.

“They developed settling ponds, so they can actually settle that out before it reaches the Youghiogheny. I’d love to see that done here,” Rattani said.

The DEP has been keeping in close contact with the water treatment facility in McKeesport.

The plant is increasing their monitoring for metals in the water. So far, they are reporting no higher levels than normal.


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