Q & A Tuesday With County Executive Dan Onorato

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  1. Bye Dan says:

    Hey Dan I remember you on TV eye’s bugging out of your head that if they do away with your drink tax you are going to raise property taxes and then when you lost the case you changed your mind because you were running for Governor.
    you see you’re to easy to figure out and now you lost as I knew you would.
    Go ahead keep running for offices cause you’re going down man.

  2. Shane says:

    I agree with the comment (BYE DAN)above,Bug eyed DAN he looks like a NEANDERTHAL. Them morose eyes popping out at you make you want to say OW!!!!! Whats he say” im Dan,Dan Onaroto? Mabye he would of won the election if it wasn’t for that stupid commercial.

  3. Raymond Schrader says:

    i don’t work for port authority and i don’t ride buses. it is tuesday morning 3-29-11 and i just heard marty griffin say that he was going to have the MAN on to give the real reason behind mass transit cuts. THEMAN COULD NOPT EVEN WIN HIS OWN COUNTY, THE MAN WHO IMPOSED A DRINK TAX TO FUND CERTAIN PROJECTS. THE MAN WHO USED THE DRINK TAX TO BALANCE HIS COUNTY BUDGET. THE MAN, MY YOU NOT WHAT. NOTHING BUT A DAMM LIER AND CHEAT. and marty griffin to call him THE MAN. just as much of a clown as the MAN.

  4. Raymond Schrader says:


  5. get your facts right says:

    For the people who think they get the facts from the news on the Port Authority and the union, Toss this around for a bit and if you have a brain maybe it will sink in. Just a few facts. Did you know that management keeps wanting to take away the 10 sick days that union members get , but the low down is all of Management gets 20 sick days a year, Fact two. Did you know that alot of people that were in management started to collect pensions and then came back to work and there salary was held in escrow while they received there pension. And then once they retired for good that salary was paid to them in one lump some therefore in essence doubling their own salary. Fact 3. Port Authority pensions are paid out of a totally separe fund than the operating fund. And 90% of that money was made in investing in the stock market.Port Authority likes to tell the public that they are responsible for it, but, they are not. As a matter of fact , those funds come from 3 main sources, the stoc market, employee contributions and the company unto which the company puts in the least. So what the retired drivers get on pension, has very little to do with port authoritiescontributions. Fact 4 The Port Authority offered those pensions to the drivers because of the fact they would be paid out of a different fund, thereby the company being able to save millions upon millions of dollars by hiring new drivers at a much reduced wage.The retirees are not bleeding the Port Authority dry, we are on retirement because unequivically that is what they wanted. Now they are sending up smokescreans to try to confuse the puplic. The union stepped forward with a cost saving plan, but before that should go into gear every member of management should make the exact same give backs and that includes you Mr six figure Steve Bland. Mr Onoroto has stepped into try to resolve this , but the fact of the matter is, he is a Politician and it will look good on his Resume if he does. But make sure you have your facts straight Mr.

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