HEMPFIELD (KDKA) — The strong storms took off part of the roof at Hempfield High School.

But that was just some of the damage caused by the storm.

Students were practicing for the school play when the roof of the auditorium started to come down.

At the stadium, members of the track team were practicing on the field when they saw the storm move into the area. They took shelter at the field house.

“It was just amazing,” Dylan Shaler, a student, said. “It went back up in the sky and the next thing we knew it came right in front of us and we didn’t know what to do, so we just ran back inside.”

The roof of the high school’s mini theater was torn off in the storm and the roof of the auditorium collapsed.

As giant trees cracked at their bases, hail pelted the area.

“There was half-inch balls of hail pouring from the sky for 10 solid minutes,” Sara Zidek, a student, said.

Parents frantically came to the school looking for their children.

“My daughter called me and said that the roof had blown off the theater and the line went dead,” a mother told KDKA-TV. “I only live a mile and a half from here and it took me about 20 minutes to get up here through all the fire trucks and ambulances and everything.”

No one at the high school was seriously hurt.

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