Charlie Batch Filed For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

By KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Last December, Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Charlie Batch filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

That triggered a series of legal actions both to protect Batch and those to whom he owes money.

The mountain of court documents tells the story of a wealthy man who got very financially over-extended.

And that risks some of his most valuable personal assets.

When Batch found his debts had outstripped his assets by $6 million, he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

“You file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and everybody has to stop,” says bankruptcy attorney Michael Shiner, chair of the Allegheny County Bar Association’s bankruptcy section. “Nobody can sue you any more. Nobody can take anything away from you.”

Shiner says this could help Batch because so much of his debt is unsecured — that is, not backed up by collateral.

“Most of his unsecured creditors are not going to get much, if anything,” he said.

Those include many local banks and real estate investors, including teammate Max Starks, who invested in Batch’s business ventures in this area and Detroit.

But Batch is not out of the woods.

Last week, a bankruptcy court order allowed one secured creditor — Primerock — to pursue Batch’s assets to pay off $800,000.

Among those assets are two Super Bowl rings, along with jerseys autographed by Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward, Super Bowl pictures autographed by teammates and 11 game balls.

But nobody thinks these assets will be seized.

“It’s not going to happen,” says Shiner. “There’s going to be a deal here.”

Doug Campbell, Batch’s attorney, told KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano by phone, “We are working out terms with Primerock and Charlie Batch will be just fine.”

Whatever Charlie Batch’s financial problems, he’s a man who has never forgotten his friends or hometown, having invested substantially in the community of Homestead.

From his appearances in local schools to his efforts to restore old buildings to his popular basketball camp, Homestead Mayor Betty Esper says Batch is a good role model for the community.

“He’s just a good, clean guy. He dresses neat. You never see him, you never hear about him in bars or anything undesirable,” says Esper.

While it’s likely that Batch will lose most of his business assets in Homestead and Detroit, his attorney tells Jon Delano, “The worst is over.”

He expects to cut a deal with Primerock that would allow the well-liked Steelers quarterback to save his sports memorabilia.

Primerock’s attorney, Jim McLean, tells Jon, “Primerock is not going to seize Charlie Batch’s Super Bowl rings. Our intent is to work things out with him.”


One Comment

  1. Wednesday Sampson says:

    My best wishes go to Charlie .Times are rough right now !

    1. Yawnnnnn says:

      “Batch found his debts had outstripped his assets by $6 million…”

      When would you like me to start feeling sorry?

      HINT: It will never happen

      1. Sara Klingensmith says:

        he will just get laid off and go on welfare like everyone else !

    2. DAN says:

      Charlie should just sell WEED like his brother does!

      1. Tape and rope says:

        wow your an idiot dan! Hope someone beats you then ill comment on that article like this: ‘”hahahahha”

  2. Pele says:

    Times should not be tough for someone who has this type of money and potential to make money. We should feel bad for those who file bankruptcy because they lost their job, because of medical bills and some other unfortunate situation. I find it hard that people would shed a tear for someone who does not know how to manage the millions they have made over the years.
    Do you feel bad that some sports stars lost multiple millions of $$$$ in Vegas only to come out in public saying they are broke?

    1. stoopm says:

      Agreed, Charlie Batch is a moron! He waited until he was 6 million in the hole before taking action? What did he think was going to happen?

    2. allday724 says:


  3. BIGDEAL says:


  4. swin says:

    I remember when Chuck Noll used to say to players nearing the end of their career’ It’s time to get on with your life’s work’. All athletic careers are short, especially football. If you spend all the money then it’s as if you never had a career. If you invest all the money and use it as a springboard to ‘your life’s work’, then you’re set for life. Think Andy Russell and Dwayne Woodruff. Many football players come from poor backgrounds and have little education and their eyes light up with all that money and it get squandered. part of the problem lies with colleges who give so-called athletic scholarships when the term is often an oxymoron.

    I feel for Charlie. Who among us hasn’t at some time in our lives faced financial difficulties that were at least in part, of our own making. Charlie is a class act – too bad he wasn’t born with Ben’s abilities. He is an excellent leader and roll model. Perhaps his ‘life’s work’ will be to advise athletes from all sports how to handle the fame and financial windfall that comes their way for only a brief period of time.

  5. Matt says:

    Isn’t this great, first we pay him with our ticket money, then we pay his debts with higher intrest rates. Thanks Charlie

  6. Kevin F. says:

    why is this the only outlet giving this any kind of play?? $6 million in the hole?

    $6 million?? pathetic.

    that sure ain’t from a playground in homestead. his momma’s ups store at the waterfront is folded too.

    i smell lots o’ infomercials in yer boi’s future..

  7. moneytalks says:

    Never feel sorry for celebrities/athletes who file for bankruptcy. Families are struggling to get by & can make ends meet on $25,000-40,000 & then you hear these stories involving millions of dollars, good for them! sorry charlie!

  8. JS says:

    I dont think Batch is asking anyone to feel sorry for him. He’s probably pretty embarrassed that this happened. As an athlete with his background, its clear he has very little knowledge on investing properly, and like many athletes, probably listened to the wrong people when they advised him on financial matters. By all accounts he is a good, humble Pittsburgh guy who happended to be a talented athlete in his day…one who spends a lot ot time and effort giving back to the community and local charities. No reason to bash him for financial mistakes he wishes he never made.

  9. Pat says:

    he was trying to help the people in his neighborhood. if he would banked his money and kept it for himself, he would be OK. but he was HELPING OTHERS…

    1. stoopm says:

      Right, I’m sure he doesn’t have a home with 5 or 6 bedrooms he never uses or a garage with 3 or 4 fancy cars he rarely drives. He’s an angel who donates to every charity possible.

  10. Hey Genius says:

    His frug dealing brother isn’t bankrupt maybe he could borrow some money from him. Then again maybe if he didn’t front SIXTEEN alleged businesses to his mommas “UPS” store then he could buy a cup of coffee. You people think cause he is a good football palyer and “gives” backb to his community he is a good roleb model? How easy you are fooled. You should watch what the left hand is doing while you are shaking the right hand.

    1. DAN says:

      you forgot to mention the MOMS UPS store is how brother brings in several pounds of weed every week, You do know what you are talking about!

      1. The streets says:

        all you guys are ballzy! you know how easy it is to track ip addresses ? and I dont know charlie at all im just saying you dont talk about things that dont concern you even if they are true or are not! Thats how criminal cases happen


  11. charlie's fan says:

    This article doesn’t tell the entire story. Charlie is a compassionate man who, through his foundation work, has made an enormous effort to give back to his community. I’m disappointed in the comments made about him by others because the situation he is in was not caused by financial irresponsibility–it happened because he received a lot of bad investment advice. Don’t judge him him harshly–he’s a good man who was just trying to do his best.

    1. sla says:

      I agree. Charlie is a good man with a big heart. He deserves better treatment. I pray he will get out of this situation. And Charlie helps those who are less fortunate than he. He doesn’t deserve such harsh critcism and such negative responses. It’s clear that no matter what anyone does there are folks out there that will find a way to find a negative way to respond.

  12. Todd Pollock says:

    Now I see why he was invoilved in the negociations with the NFL and the players union…………he couldn’t manage the money he had and over spent like milllions of people do every day. No surprise……..greed is a dead end road. Be content with what you have and you will live a happy life.

  13. rukiddin says:

    the kid never asked anyone to feel sorry for him… you all act like you were born with a silver spoon in ur mouth and ur credit score is perfect. what does his brother even have to do with this? Dumb! isn’t it his half brother anyway???? charlie tell kdka thank you for giving a place for the HATERS to go and to remind you that you will never be as low as them and like ur attorney and the city of pittsburgh believes- u will b okay.Good luck charlie

  14. Shane says:

    I don’t see C. Batches bankruptsy being anyones fuc—- business,dam people get a hobbie.Ya the dumb mo fo made millions and lost it, but its his business and his business alone,freaks!!!!!!You listining poppy,that means you boy.

  15. Rob says:

    Shane, great job murdering the English language! Stay in school kids.

  16. JANE ORIE says:


  17. Cloey says:

    I don’t feel sorry for him or any other athlete. There are rumors our military is not going to get paid next month. Our country should be ashamed. These men and women put their lives on the line every day for us.

  18. Kim says:

    I look at it like this. I don’t know that I feel sorry for Charlie due to his finances but PLEASE give the guy this if you give him nothing else. He’s never been accused multiple times of rape line the Star QB Ben Roethlisberger has. I’m not saying that Ben was guilty but I feel that the PS kept Ben the #1 QB because he won 2 Super Bowls. It’s Human/Ignorant Nature but if you’re a good player they will overlook alot of things in your Character and Charlie has always backed Big Ben and never did cut Ben down to the media. I’m not a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan and I live in Alabama. I wish Charlie all the best. We never know who Charlie may have been trying to help to get into the mess he got into. Until we walk a mile in his shoes let’s don’t be so judgemental. Alot of people are too jealous of people with money, but I guess that’s just human nature also.

  19. Conchita Connie Beane Harris says:

    His foundation still gives to the kids of Homestead and he has a heart of gold. He will be okay.

  20. Southern Belle says:

    What is the point of having a board if you cannot cast your opinion. I feel CBS would delete the comment if they felt it was violating Charlie or his rights.

  21. Joseph Pearl says:

    Thanks for the article. Very beneficial to my practice as a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Bakersfield California.

    Joseph Pearl
    Bakersfield Bankruptcy Attorney

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