Hines Ward Talks About Doing The Cha-Cha

PITTSBURGH (SportsRadio 93-7 The FAN) — Hines Ward joined Seibel, Starkey and Miller on SportsRadio 93-7 The FAN to talk about his first episode of Dancing with the Stars and how nervous he was.  Hines admitted that when it was time for his first dance, he got a hot flash and thought he was going to pass out.

Even though the next football season is in jeopardy right now, Hines says Dancing with the Stars is a great workout because he’s working five hours a day, six days a week and all the moving around is great rehabilitation for his knee.

Hines has always been known for using the chip on his shoulder to motivate him throughout his football career, and admits that he has found a way to translate that to Dancing with the Stars.

After the first episode of the show, Hines said he had tons of messages from friends including James Harrison who warned him that if he doesn’t come back the winner, he better not talk to him again.

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One Comment

  1. Connie says:

    I think Hines is doing great, love to watch him. He has that great smile that makes you smile right along with him. He is Pittsburgh, win or lose we are all behind him. Go Hines we LOVE YOU. Good luck.

  2. Natalie says:

    Good Luck Hines we are all rooting for you here in Pittsburgh. You are the best in everything that you do, keep up with that great smile and great dancing and we’ll all do the voting !!!

  3. Erin says:

    i love hines you are so sweet i love you are a pittsburgher you rock at football an ddancing

  4. Ashley says:

    Hines Ward is the most awesomest football player and dancer alive. All of us here at Pittsburgh Love you!!!!! Go black and gold!!!

  5. Ashley says:

    Go hines ward!!! all of us here at Pittsburgh are supporting you in dancing and football all the way!!! Win dancing with the stars!!!!

  6. Angie says:

    We all knew our Hines had talent, but WOW!!! What great fun to watch No. 86 compete, this time on the dance floor. We know you can do it, Hines. BELIEVE. Steeler Nation is cheering & voting for you!!!

  7. August West says:

    I wish Hines and the rest of the steelers would just go away until the start of the next season. Why do we have to have the steelers shoved in our faces 365 days of the year.


      Because they are the best and we can have them in our faces 366 days a year too. GO STEELERS, YEA STEELERS, WE LOVE YOU STEELERS.

  8. Anita Mann says:

    I wish Hines, could use some of his super-powers to aid the earthquake victims,the situation in Japan, needs a Steeler angle.

  9. Bill Stevens says:

    Why would you idiots post this useless portion of the show when Ward was ripping the NFL and the lockout? You’re more concerned with his Dancing with the Stars than him playing football? No wonder you lost the SB

    1. tina says:

      what is your problem? this has nothing to do with why we lost the superbowl

  10. TIna McDoniel says:

    Love watching Hines Ward and Kym do their thing!! STEELER NATION FOREVER

  11. beth says:

    Cheeks and face hurt from smiling back a ya Hines.

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