Officials: About 90 Homes Affected By Tornado

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An apparent tornado wreaked havoc in Hempfield Township and surrounding areas.

According to Dan Stevens, director of public safety in Westmoreland County, about 90 homes were affected by the storms on Wednesday evening. Thirty houses were completely destroyed.

“Those are huge numbers for a storm that came through as fast as it did,” Stevens said.

KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti reports 11 homes were damaged on Fosterville Road in the Fort Allen neighborhood.

The degree of damaged varied for the homes. Some were completely obliterated while others lost their rooftops.

The safety officer with the Fort Allen Volunteer Fire Department said only one person was injured. A woman suffered a cut on her nose when she was hit by flying glass.

“No one is injured, there are no fatalities because of this,” he said. “This is a miracle storm.”

Tim Agnolucci, who lives on Fosterville Road, went to the basement with his wife. He says he saw funnel clouds.

“The only thing I can say right now is thank God nobody’s hurt,” he said.

State police are patrolling all damaged areas to curb looting.

“There’s some bad people out there that just feel it’s their right and duty to go out and try to profit on somebody else’s loss,” Stevens said.

Authorities are operating on a zero tolerance policy.

“If you’re out there and you’re not from that particular neighborhood, you will be arrested,” Stevens said.

Tornado Causes Turmoil In Hempfield Township

  • Joanne

    In McDonald, we had hail the size of quarters and then smaller stuff during the second round.

  • Megan Foster

    At Clarion University, there is moderate rain with sporadic rumbles of thunder.

  • Frank

    saw funnel cloud pass through irwin. looked like a tornado.

    • Francine

      What else would a funnel cloud be?

      • julie boloney

        if a funnel cloud doesn’t touch down technically it’s not a tornado

    • Tim Smith

      Some of the hail in Latrobe was the size of a raquetball! Damage to my 5 week old vehicle. God Bless the people that lost their homes……..the important thing to remember is everybodys OK! It could have been alot worse………thank God we didn’t have the misfortune Japan has…………count our Blessings!

  • Paul Vondra

    In Bellevue we had golf ball size hail for several minute around 5:10. I was afraid the front window of our apartment was going to break but it held up.

  • kevin fabrizi

    Witnessed tornado and drove through it.. rt 66 near hempfield school. Have footage

    • kevin fabricator

      It is not possible to successfully drive through a tornado.

      • Girl

        Yes it is

  • valerie gaydos

    in Derry Pa, hail was size of golf Balls! really!! we watched the storm from the safety of Chef Dato’s restaurant on rt 217.

  • Cindy Daugherty Leonard

    I live in Fort Allen. Heard a roaring and things striking the roof hard. Went to the front door to see what was going on and saw the funnel and debris swirling all around up in the air. Scariest things I’ve ever seen.

  • Mike F.

    Was on hole number 9 @ Madison Golf course. Saw tornado. Missed the putt.

    • Bobby C

      You should keep your eye on the ball

      • momhami

        Golf ball size hail? At least one of them should have made it in the hole.

  • Steve B

    Golf ball size heil in Robinson Township

  • ssssss

    Hey rubber neckers stay away let the first reponders do thier jobs .

  • kevin fabrizi

    Thought this was a serious reporting thread ..what’s your deal.

    • Auntie Em

      Chill Kev. The thread is dying. It’s yesterday’s news after all.

  • Balki

    I live Kowalski Street in Polish Hill. Me and Stosh saw hail size of ping pong ball destroy window of Saab. im not kiddingaround

  • Bill

    real classy buddy. get a life.

  • VC

    All this comment section does is let people bash each other…there was a TORNADO….so, watch the news morons (the ones that said rude ‘stuff’)…people’s homes have been destroyed…hopefully, no fatalities…

  • Laura Baker

    I live in Irwin. I parked my car in front of Giant Eagles door when the hail was coming down (i have 2 little ones and was freaking out). A lady knocked on my car and yelled at me to get out because there was a tornado! I could see it forming over where the new Walmart is being built.

    • Elisha

      Yes!!! I work right beside there and the hail was AWFUL but didn’t know there was actually a torndao in Irwin til I left work and got on the Turnpike toward greensburg. The whole turnpike was covered with debris at 5:15 where the tornado crossed right at the Irwin exit. It was crazy, then I was stuck in traffic because none of us could move til the debris was cleared. You can see a CLEAR path where the trees and such were ripped out and it contnued across the turn pike and over the hill. I wonder if this is the same one that made its way into Hempfield?

  • T

    your and idiot

    • Comical

      “You’re an”

  • John Ashbaugh

    Wow Wow Wow!… This Place Down Here Is A Mess!! Fort Allen In Hempfield Township Looks Like There Was A War.. That Tornado Was Terrible. God Bless The Folks That Had Their Homes Destroyed.

  • SamDel11

    I live in Fort Allen and it’s decimated in certain areas. Firemen said they may be shutting streets down and you will need your id to get home. Things calming down now compared to the chaos earlier this evening.

  • Jefferson Thomas

    We were lucky here in Moon Township: green sky, but hail smaller than marbles, and no damage I’m aware of. I feel bad for the people whose homes were smashed up. I hope friends and neighbors take them in.

    • Abby

      I live in monroeville pa and we had green skys and golf size hail when I was toin to pick up my brother from track and feild

  • Joshua Tutt

    I was sitting on the couch and hear what sounded to be rocks hitting the windows, I got up to see what was happening and there was no one out side. So I went to the door and saw hail on the ground. Then out of nowhere it started hailing like crazy. So I took a video and it lasted a good 6 minutes, when it was over I took a walk to see what people where doing and got some good pictures, here is the best one:

    I live in Jeannette, PA.

    If you have any good pictures please upload them here:

  • Barbara Saenz

    we had golf size hail second time first time almost a baseball size i thought our house was going to blow off iam from hempfield area i was so scared we have no basement

  • Carrie W

    Craziness.. I was driving and pulled over and watched the funnel form.. also used to live in Fort Allen.. feeling for everyone who was hit.

  • Shawna Weaver

    My best friends grandmother lives on Mohawk. She is okay but she watched homes just disappear. So scary. I was two miles away and the hail was horrendous. I am just so happy no one was killed.

  • KIM Ranalla

    Me and my daughter were trapped in my supercrew truck in Latrobe during the hail storm. We have pictures of hail that was wider than the four fingers on our hands. The hail exploded on the windows. I made her go to the back seat away from the direction the hail was hitting. I sat on the middle console. My head was pressed into the roof and I could feel the hail banging against my head through the roof. I moved to the back to block her and covered using car mats. WE screamed like crazy and couldnt believe what a trip to the store had turned into. We thought we were going to die. God Bless all those in Hempfield twp…I can’t imagaine.

  • Anthony

    I watched the funnel cloud touch down off of Edna Road in Hempfield Township. The tornado then headed in the direction of Hempfield High School and onto Fort Allen.

    • Mort Goldman

      My brother Moishe says the hail in Squirrel Hill was the size of matzoh balls. I sure hope he has insurance.

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