Major Cuts Coming For Port Authority Riders

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Despite last-minute pleas for more negotiation time, the Port Authority is now set to put in place drastic cuts to bus service beginning today.

The transit union wanted one more week to negotiate concessions that might stop plans to cut 15 percent of Port Authority bus routes, 29 routes in all and 180 jobs; however, the Port Authority Board rejected that offer and the cuts will take place starting Sunday. To see more about the changes, click here.

Another protest outside of Port Authority offices on Sixth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh Saturday failed to persuade board members to delay cutting service.

Thousands of people will lose what they consider their lifeline to work, school and elsewhere.

“People [are] not going to be able to get to work; they’re not going to be able to get to where they need to go,” said Leanne Trautman, a bus rider. “This city has to have public transportation.”

The transit union had offered some $18 million in concessions, but negotiators – led by Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato – said that wasn’t enough.

When asked by the union head for another week to negotiate, the Port Authority Board said no, which prompted an outburst.

“I’ll tell you right now, they don’t care about people,” said Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85 President Pat McMahon. “Not only their employees who are going to be on the street on Monday; they don’t care about the citizens of this county who they are supposed to be serving.”

Port Authority CEO Stephen Bland said it was time to take action.

“There were some calls for maybe one additional week to see if we can work something out, but frankly, this issue’s been out there for two and a half months, so we think it’s time to move on,” said Bland.

The Port Authority did okay a private company’s plan to take over routes in Marshall Township and Franklin Park, but it’s thought that most other routes are not profitable enough to be taken over by private companies.

Meanwhile, many bus riders say they’re confused over what they’re supposed to do when the cuts at put in place.

Although the cuts take effect today, the biggest change is likely to be on the first business day after the cuts, Monday, when there’s likely to be lots of frustration and confusion.

Port Authority
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85

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One Comment

  1. World traveler says:

    The more cuts by mass transit, in any state, for whatever reason is not good.

    The higher energy prices go, the less mass transit we as Americans have, the further back in time as a society we go. Just take the Scandinavian countries for example.

  2. cobalt says:

    Pat transit needs replaced and the union needs crushed. They’re both at fault for this and the non union working class, The real working class mr union president, is suffering for it. This is why this country is falling apart: corporate greed and elitism within the unions who are little more than criminal organizations.

    1. says:

      The reason this country is falling apart is because of weak people such as yourself Mr. Cobalt. If you would’ve stood up with a union maybe, just maybe, you and the rest of the working poor wouldn’t be in that class. What does it feel like to suffer from paychack envy?

      1. cobalt says:

        Most of this area I’m in has it because the unions drove out all the industry down to Mexico. At least the union at GM Lords town saw the light and took some cuts to stop from their factory going overseas.

      2. kate says:

        you attitude is exactly why i can not stand unions!! Paycheck envy!! Please… MY taxes pay your exhorbantly high pay rates!! Unions are KILLING this country and it’s economy and your “payucheck envy” commnet PROVES it!! i wonder if you can look yourself in the mirror and be happy with your dishonest soul who steals money every day out of the pockets of working people who make an HONEST living.

      3. Kazlo says:

        Paycheck Envy…HA. I once belonged to a union and made 40K a year, I left the union and now make 80K a year, imagine that!!! Doubled my income by leaving a union, now i’m paid what I’m worth not the same as union employees that receive wage increases just because they belong to a union and not because of what they are truly worth to an organization.

      4. JJ says:

        Yeah, OK Danny boy, Standing up for unions is going to help. Lets pay every uneducated lazy slob $25.00 a hour with life time benefits Duh! Why do you think the steel, auto and lots of other industries left this country? Because of people like you wanting more and more when you are not worth it. If we had it your way people would be paying $10.00 to ride a bus. If that computer you are using was union made you wouldn’t even be here leaving stupid comments because it would have cost $8000.00.

      5. johnny69 says:

        Unions can be great but they can also be bad, has to be some balance. Drivers making 40-60K yearly I have no problems with but 80-100+K? Then again I wouldn’t turn it down either! If my company idn’t have to compete with other companys that pay great wages because of the unions, they would pay as close to minimum wage as possible, so would any businessman. If a housing contractor wants 20K to remodel part of your house, and another wants 30K because he employs union workers who would 99% of us go with? That’s right, the non-union. See, it is ok if it is not coming out of our pocket. As for the cuts I do not understand. Simply it is this: Less routes equals less riders, less riders bring in even less income. Time for the Portt Authority to get rid of the layers and layers and layers of management and corporate rich cats.

      6. says:

        JJ – I want everything that I’m entitled to off yours and every other tax payers dime! If you don’t like it to bad!

      7. dear danny at port authority says:

        danny, really? is that what you say to your union brothers and sisters that are getting laid off? suffer from paycheck to paycheck? you, with your 35 years service and a GED wont retire to save THEIR JOBS….WILL YA? GREEDY, MEAN, SELF CENTERED, THAT DESCRIBES ALL THE DRIVERS. You think you are immune to the crisis, and you rub your job in peoples faces? you sir, are a moron.

    2. Ming117 says:

      What are you smoking? Sounds to me you got it backwords. Wonder if you feel this way about the tax cuts extended to millionaires. Maybe some of that money could be used for the public good.

    3. Mary says:

      Union memebrship in this country is almost non-existent. MOST people do NOT belong to unions. Years ago, this was not the case.
      So STOP blaming UNIONS for the economic ails of this country.
      P.S. Cobalt…without unions, we would ALL be:
      – working 80 hour weeks for bread crumbs
      – with NO overtime or “comp” time
      – get NO breaks
      – WORK thru lunch and NOT get paid for it
      – have NO health benefits
      – nothing
      – NADA
      – need I go on??
      Yes, I agree there are plusses and minusses to unions, but dont blame rich greed and poor management on them. Lower the wages some? Yes. Contribute more to health? Yes.
      But to say the are the cause of America’s downfall? Please..

      1. Jeff Becker says:

        The Unions were necessary in the early 1900’s. They gave workers a 40 hr. work week and fair pay, but they have outlived their time. They create aweful work rules, paid off political leaders for above free market pay and pensions. The private sector gave up on pensions years ago and replaced them with 401K’s and IRA’s, the only choice they had or go bankrupt. The unions either need to get inline with private sector pay or be destroyed.

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        MARY – Years ago are when the problems started.

  3. Lor says:

    If you want good public transportation move to Chicago or DC. This city is going down hill and has been for years. I can’t wait to get out of here.

    1. RR says:

      DC mass transit is terrible, its worse ran and only strives due to government handsout because federal employees get their transit paid for. DC needs mass transit to function.

    2. Jeff Becker says:

      See ya.

  4. Jim K says:

    Are you the real Marty Griffin? If so, nice work

  5. dave says:

    thanks for making my trip to work even more enjoyable port authority…..JERK OFFS!!! anyone that thinks these cuts are for the good are the biggest morons on the face of the earth and are a waste of space. ARROGANT PRICKS!!

    1. dave says:

      Get a car, cry baby!

      1. Barbara S says:

        You sheltered fool, not everyone can drive or is physically able to. And believe it or not, there are some people in this city who are unemployed and laid off through no fault of their own and are desperately looking for work while having to depend on buses to take them where they have to go, despite service cuts. What about the elderly and the handicapped?

  6. ubart says:

    why is it my fault that these people can’t or won’t find their own way to work. i live twice as far, have to pay twice as much in gas, AND subsidize their bus fare. now that is just dumb.

    1. dave says:

      your an arrogant prick ubart, sorry if everyone else isn’t handed everything to them, a job today is so hard to get right now in case you havent realized and been living in that shell of yours

      1. Point Proven says:

        A job might be hard for you to get because you’re half illiterate. I bet you Dave was taught by a union teacher.

    2. selfcentered says:

      It is all about you!

    3. Salvatore Aversa says:

      I hope your car breaks down one day, and you have no option but to take PUBLIC transportation, which is always there for you to use, and suddenly it’s taken away. Because your selfish thinking allowed the top to take everything that you took for granted.

      1. Barbara S says:

        Yeah, see how the rest of us working class live!

      2. herpa derp says:

        are you jewish? you sound like a jew

    4. Ming117 says:


      Why are so many of you on here interested in a race to the bottom.. If people have jobs and decent benefits you complain. If they don’t have jobs, well it must be because they are lazy, no good slobs. One final question: whose tax dollars subsidize the roads you drive on out in your cushy suburb.

  7. whiskeynone says:

    Hey whiskey6 – why don’t you go make it whiskey 7 – 8 – oh heck just drink the rest of the bottle!

  8. Tom says:

    Hey world, take your business elsewhere. Pittsburgh no longer has a public transportation system sufficient to get your workers to work.

  9. Marty Griffen says:

    Dont you democrats feel good now, putting Danny Boy in office

    1. Barbara Spicer says:

      Yeah, see how he cares so much about us working class people in this city? And idiots voted him in, didn’t they?

    2. Salvatore Aversa says:

      OnoRATo is a Republican, who decided to run as a Democrat. He is NOT a representative of our party.

      1. Barbara S says:

        He shouldn’t be a representative of this city.

      2. Mary says:

        OnoRATo is a TYPICAL politician. Does what he needs to do to get elected.
        Jokes on him now..he thought he would take our area in the race for Governor.

  10. dave says:

    people like you whiskey are a waste a life, keep drinking your whiskey and just stop talking. sorry if people such as myself who go to school full time and work part time, have bigger things to worry about then getting a car

  11. Level Green says:

    What everyone is forgetting is that this is not over. It was originally supposed to be a 30% cut in service but ex-Gov Slick Eddie came up with money to hold that off for 18 months. Next summer we will be having this same discussion about more cuts when that money runs out unless the root cost structure is fixed.

    The union doesn’t understand they still need the kind of cut backs they offered to make the service viable and to be on par in pay with drivers in Philly.

    1. Salvatore Aversa says:

      Did you catch this?

      “The transit union had offered some $18 million in concessions, but negotiators – led by Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato – said that wasn’t enough.”

      The unions are NOT the problem. There is no problem. This is strictly to line the pockets of those who benefit from this. The drink tax created so much money, which was suppose to go to PAT, that they cut it from 10% to 7%. Furthermore, OnoRATo kept the people at the top that were mismanaging the authority to begin with. The works and unions are innocent in this. Just because they are making more than you, doesn’t mean that they are the problem. Are you trying to say they don’t deserve to make a living wage? If so, you disgust me.

      Unions are doing everything in their power to make sure this DOESN’T happen, but it’s kind of hard when the other side doesn’t offer any alternatives, and is not willing to budge.

      1. Michael says:

        The problem is the unfunded pensions…. You do know what those are right? To bad they can not re-structure retirement benefits… then and only then will they be able to survive. You are right about the unions not being the problem, they are only part of the problem…. This is what happens when you have unions throwing huge amts of money into political matches and when the horse they choose comes in. oh then they get sweet heart deals…

  12. unreal says:

    This is like a building falling on me bcuz there is no 55 anymore i just officially lost my job mind u i have a 3 year old and a 1 month old i have NOO idea what im goin to do now this is crushing

    1. Salvatore Aversa says:

      Remember, according to the Republicans, YOU are the problem. YOU are lazy. YOU need to do better. This is all YOUR fault…

    2. Hard Truth says:

      Here’s what you do. Stop whining, take responsibility for your life, realize it’s not up to me to solve your problems and the start working to improve your life.

      1. Tony G says:

        Why are you on this article. It cost the state tax payers less than 20.00$ are year to fund mass transit. Take it away the revenue from job loss will be much higher than 20.00$.

  13. Barbara Spicer says:

    Colored? Are you by chance caught in a 1950’s time warp, you brainless racist? And in case you wondered, I’m a white woman with a white husband. I just detest ignorant racist fools.

    1. Barbara S says:

      How old are you? 12?

  14. SINE PIETATE says:

    Thousands of people will buy cars, so thats good. There will be more traffic, with lots of new drivers though. Not that I care, because I live downtown and work there. Oh yeah, and there will probably be lots of small businesses springing up so people don’t have to travel as much. I guess Walmart won’t do so well though.

    1. Barbara S says:

      Not everyone has the luxury of buying a car, especially people without a job. And not everyone is able to drive. So what are all those people, including me, to do? Go on Welfare and walk for hours all over the city to get where we have to go, in all kinds of weather? What are the elderly and handicapped to do???

  15. 2059 says:

    PAT= poor a$$ed transportation.

    1. Barbara S says:

      I thought PAT stood for “Please Audit Them.”

  16. stay out of my pockets says:

    I do feel bad that people can’t get around as easilly as before, but bus driving requires……….. a license. no education. bus drivers should not make 45K a year. unions cost too much, and the people suffer. blame the union, the management, the state for enabling this mess, heck, everyone shares blame. but stop whining for god’s sake. there were months of negotiation before today, and both sides failed. i am tired of bailing out a system that i do not use.

    1. Salvatore Aversa says:

      Did you happen to catch this?

      “The transit union had offered some $18 million in concessions, but negotiators – led by Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato – said that wasn’t enough.”

      This isn’t about the unions. The transit has done well with them long before. Unions insure that EVERYBODY has a voice. And if you are upset for they making as much as they do, perhaps you should join them? Because this isn’t about me vs. you. This is Big Business vs. the little guy. And they are pitting us against each other, while they get through what THEY want.

      1. Bob says:

        Port authority told them they needed $20 million to balance the budget over two months ago. The union thought they could negotiate that number. that number was not negotiable. If the union would have come up with th $20 million in cuts like they were told the Port authority wouldn’t have made these changes.

      2. Mary says:

        And they have been working on this and other issues for over 2 months….you dont always read in the paper EVERYTHING that goes on behind the scenes.
        Union offer = 18.6 million
        PAT offer = 20 million
        These are SO CLOSE to each other.
        Dont know about you, but given the fact that these cuts were going to hurt a lot of riders, the least PAT could have done was postponed it. Whats another week or 2?? They were EXTREMELY CLOSE to each others offers. It could have been resolved. But PAT said NO NO NO
        Blame PAT this time guys, not the union.
        Score one for management!!

  17. Barbara S says:

    And that mismanagement is the real reason the Port Authority’s going broke, and bus riders have to suffer for it.

  18. Barbara S says:

    Maybe if they hire you, the system won’t be in danger of going broke and the books won’t need to be audited.

  19. Salvatore Aversa says:

    We need to get OnoRATo out! He is a sorry excuse for a Democrat. Let’s get a true leftist in there, somebody who cares about the public!

    Tell me, now that they are cutting the bus lines so dramatically, probably to pay for that mistake tunnel to nowhere, will they be cutting out the drink tax? Wasn’t that money suppose to fund the Transit? And wasn’t it doing so well, that they decided to cut it back from 10% to 7%?

    What a crook!

    1. Barbara S says:

      Yeah, you said it. But none of the idiots who voted for that crook are blaming him for driving the working class into the ground, when he’s got his greasy paws in all our back pockets. They’re placing all the blame on the Port Authority. Onorato’s the crook that rejected the Port Authority’s plan. Place the majority of the blame where it belongs – the thieving crook you idiots voted for! And he’ll just keep on stealing from us until there’s nothing left.

      1. Salvatore Aversa says:

        I voted for myself where OnoRATo was concerned. I refuse to vote Republican (just look what they are doing across the country, and right here in the state), and then there was Corbett…

        OnoRATo is a disgrace to Democrats.

      2. Barbara S says:

        Onorato is a disgrace to humans, no matter what their political affiliation.

  20. Salvatore Aversa says:

    We need to get OnoRATo out! He is a sorry excuse for a Democrat. Let’s get a true leftist in there, somebody who cares about the public!

    Tell me, now that they are cutting the bus lines so dramatically, probably to pay for that mistake tunnel to nowhere, will they be cutting out the drink tax? Wasn’t that money suppose to fund the Transit? And wasn’t it doing so well, that they decided to cut it back from 10% to 7%?

    What a crook!

  21. Salvatore Aversa says:

    Do you enjoy safe working conditions? An 8 hour work day? Overtime pay? Did you have to work in a factory as a child? How about making a living wage, or close to it? Health Insurance? You have unions to thank for that. Even if you are not in a union, chances are the reason you have what you do, is to keep the workers happy and unions out. Either way, unions are essential.

    Democrats care about people. Republicans care about big business. End.

    1. FedUp says:

      Salvatore Aversa – Thanks for the history lesson. Not relevant today. Unions were very much needed when they first began but have outlived their use and need to go the way of the dinosaur.

    2. Jeff Becker says:

      The government has created OSHA, EEAP and other organizations to make businesses comply with sake working environments and employee rights. UNION are over!

  22. Barbara S says:

    You racist pig. Your disgusting hate remarks shouldn’t even be allowed on this forum.

  23. Salvatore Aversa says:

    As opposed to taking everything away from the little guy and giving it to the top?

  24. Barbara S says:

    Actually you ignorant moron, I am a white Italian-Irish woman, as whitebread as can be, with a white husband and white children. I just findbrainless racists disgusting, as any decent intelligent human being would.

  25. Barbara S says:

    How would you know what I have? Yeah that’s right, you are a racist pig. And unlike you, I’m living in 2011.

  26. Barbara S says:

    In this city you won’t have to wait long for some reports of shootings on any night.

  27. Salvatore Aversa says:

    You probably are fooled into thinking that these people have you as their best interest. I’m not even offended by you. I just feel sorry for you…

    1. Barbara S says:

      Yeah, you have to feel a little sorry for anyone that brain-dead and obviously filled with that kind of irrational hate for his fellow human beings who, for the most part, are just trying to live their lives as best as they can in this city.

  28. Salvatore Aversa says:

    What does it matter if somebody is black, white, brown, yellow, or green? None of this has anything to do with the topic at hand. You must live with so much hate inside you…it’s just sad.

    1. Barbara S says:

      I know, this is supposed about bus cuts not personal attacks against people on this forum who you don’t even know.

  29. Chance Wayne says:

    If we could just offer more tax cuts to millionaires and give more tax subsidies to Marcellus gas drilling (they already pay no taxes for drilling in PA) I believe we could turn this thing around. More wars like Iraq that cost $100 billion + dollars might also help quite a bit. Wasn’t that “Shock & Awe” spectacle worth it? Who needs libraries, schools, mass transit, infrastructure, etc. anyways? We should also consider Republican measures like deregulating the banking industry again… Bank bail-outs rock!

    Long live the Boobocracy!

    1. Barbara S says:

      Yep, that’s the way it’s going in this place. And they still get voted in.

      1. Salvatore Aversa says:

        I think we have the illusion of an election. The illusion that we have a say. In the end, it’s the people at the top who decide gets in. And even if by chance the ones we want get elected, they aren’t the ones who run things.

      2. Revis says:

        You would not want to see this country without a bailout

  30. Barbara S says:

    Were you born brain dead or did you just work hard at it your whole life?

  31. Yikes says:

    Where is all the drink tax money that was supposed to bail out PAT?
    I guess it all went to the “Tunnel under the River” . What a waste of money !!!!!!

  32. Barbara S says:

    You got my vote.

  33. Barbara S says:

    You mean whites never shoot whites?

  34. Shane says:

    Mabye the METHODONE HEADS and the career BUS PASSERS can join forces and go to Harrisburgh and lobby the JACK WAGON politicans for help to get around while the rest of have to get it on our own.

    1. Barbara S says:

      Some hardworking taxpayers actually have to ride the bus every day to get to work and everywhere else and expect to live in a city where there’s a bus system, you sheltered fool. Not all people who ride a bus are crackheads and lowlifes.

  35. Barbara S says:

    How did the inbred racist 3rd-grade graduates manage to take over this forum about bus cuts???

  36. CHANGE!!!!! says:

    Unions did wonderful wonderful things for this country. However, they are an outdated relic and continuously handcuff progress. I have worked protecting unions and decertifying unions, and, frankly, things usually after a union is removed. The checks and balances that the union once provided are no longer necessary. Today, the union acts as a cash cow for those in charge.

    There is nothing more humorous than seeing a company with union and non-union workers together. Union workers defend the union to death, yet they pay for the right to receive worse benefits, identical pay and a hierarchy that suppresses initiative and hard work. Meanwhile, the non-union members chug a long laughing at the outdated union mentality.

  37. LB says:

    YOU NEED BUS SERVICE IN ANY MAJOR CITY , not all jobs in Downtown Pgh pay 50 k a year , entry level jobs pay very little and Parking is ridiculous I do not use the bus service and only have been on one a handful of times BUT I FEEL TERRIBLE for the little guy in this mess , the office cleaners , fast food workers , Hotel staff ETC . NOT HIGH PAYING JOBS but Important jobs to keep the city moving , ITS A SHAME EVERYDAY IN THIS COUNTRY , THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE MIDDLE CLASS get another rung lower on the ladder .

  38. LB says:

    Rich get richer and the Middle class gets beat down again

  39. bk says:

    im getting laid off only been at port for a liitle over a year. everyone won that thinks a bus driver is over payed is nuts first the real problem in this country health care when is our govt going to stop the out ragious prices. it has to for the driving everytime i get behind the wheel i have 5 10 30 40 peoples lives in my hand and you have to deal with every car on the road that dont want to be behind a bus and 98 percent of the people just want to get from a to b and then there are the 2 percent. the people that ride a bus know but then there are the that spoiled that have never rode a bus have no idea.

    1. Wow says:

      Wow… just wow bk. Maybe you got laid off because an 8th grade reading/writing level is required to pass a drivers test. You need to take a bus that’s left to a class every “know and then” and learn how to write.

      The simple fact that you even had a job is proof enough to me that the union needs to be busted.

      1. Ming117 says:

        Wow,,,bet you voted for Corbett and his education cuts.

  40. j says:

    I am personally advocating toll booths at the city limits on all of the major highways so that the people who choose to give their tax dollars to suburbs rather than the city itself can pay to work and pay there and fund the public transit system that serves those who choose to live within the actual city of Pittsburgh.

  41. Sal says:

    the reason why public transportation is going under is precisely that the private sector cannot afford to fund it. We have bus drivers pulling in 60-100k a year while the average taxpayer in pgh makes between 25-40k. And people say that the taxpayer needs to make concessions? The county is broke. So, we should raise taxes to pay for drivers to make the money that they do? Who is it really that does not care about people, Sir? It is you. It is the person who is unwilling to take a paycut to provide a vital service because the “working poor” cannot afford more taxes. This is disgusting. Look up the number on what these fools made last year to drive a stinking bus! It has nothing to do with “paycheck envy.” No one can afford higher taxes to feed these pigs more cheeseburgers.

    1. Salvatore Aversa says:

      Actually, we are currently paying the lowest tax rate ever. Same with the rich. In fact, we are paying more taxes then the rich. This is just mismanagement of funds.

    2. Mary says:

      You could NOT PAY ME ENOUGH to drive a public transit bus.
      What jobs allow…
      getting SPIT ON, things thrown at you, having people yelling in your face, the crazies, the ones who URINATE and POOP in the seats, non-payers, etc.
      Scool bus drivers dont have to deal with stuff like this and thats why they are not paid as much as public transit drivers.
      Oh, and they dont get SHOT AT (about a yr or so ago, driver in E. Liberty was shot at and HIT in leg), They carry knives on public buses too and other weapons. You dont get this on school buses.
      So no, you cant pay me enough to be a PAT driver.
      Are any of you allowed to be personally assaulted at work? Or spit on? I seriously doubt it.

  42. mark m says:

    why do you people belive that a union is so bad? i just don’t get it. union members have to fight and negotiate for everything they get. nothing is handed to them. someone wrote earlier that a PAT worker will take and early retirement and get 57k a year ‘for sitting on their couch’ well…… so what!?!? they payed into their pension and they can spend their retirement however the hell they want!’ lol who the hell are you to say that they can and can’t do. the union offers any group of workers who wishes to organize, a chance to negotiate their own wage and safe working condition. the union protects their brother and sister from being treated unfairly. they help negotiate a contract that is agreed upon by BOTH SIDES. is that so bad? i bet alot of you would love to have that power of negotiation. someone in your corner at all times. just imagine if you could by negotiation, have your company give you another weeks vacation or better yet, have your health care payed for. wouldn’t that be nice.
    i am a proud member of the international brotherhood of teamsters. don’t let our politicians destroy the working middle class.

    1. Sal says:

      I have a right to say that it is “so bad” because I pay for it, a*hole. I pay for it long past the age at which you are “afforded” to retire. Get a clue. The public sector is OUT. WE WILL NOT HAVE THIS ANY LONGER. Talk about riots? Look at what is happening to socialized systems across Europe! The United States is in for it much, much worse; and no right minded taxpayer wants to hear you complain about your “work conditions” relative to your disgusting slalry and benefits…

      1. Chuck says:

        Sal, im sick of paying school taxes-i dont have kids-im sick of paying for suburbs and borough who get rid of their police force and use the State Police-im sick of paying increasing health costs, im very healthy-im sick of paying companies tax credits to open businesses and then closing down- Sal im sick of people like you..

      2. chuck says:

        im also tired of tax dollars funding 2 new stadiums and a arena for millionaire athletes, which the average family cannot attend or afford–im also tired of paying for free cell phones with a surcharge on my monthly bill the list is endless, i hope all you suburbanites have gas rise to 8 bucks a gallon and parking rates triple, and you sit in your big suv’s in traffic wake up people

      3. Salvatore Aversa says:

        Oh my, Chuck. Here’s the thing. If you have kids, the public schools are there for you for free. If you get sick, your health insurance is there to help you. If you need the police for any reason, they are there for you. You are a selfish F*CK, and it’s disgusting.

      4. CHUCK says:


      5. Salvatore Aversa says:

        Chuck. A dork? Name calling? I love how fast you resort to that. I own a home. Everybody pays a tax, then your children go to public school for free. You don’t have to pay a yearly fee additional at the school. It gives everybody an equal opportunity. Perhaps you need to get your head out of your a$$, and do what is required in a society.

      6. Mary says:

        Sal, Sal, Sal,
        Public schools are anything but free. If you are a student, you dont have to pay tuition. But MY real estate taxes include school tax. My share of STATE taxes include school tax. PUBLIC SCHOOLS are FREE TO ATTEND. They are NOT FREE TO HAVE. (I was wondering…who do you think pays for schools?)
        The roads and bridges you drive on are not free. They are funded by the public. Our infrastructure in publicly funded.
        What Chuck was telling you was that there are a lot of public things paid from public taxes that people dont personally utilize. Same for public transit…a lot of people are saying its not their problem if you have to ride a bus…..they dont want to pay taxes to cover it. But SO MANY things are paid for by taxes, yet not everyone uses ALL ot them.

  43. SEINFELD says:

    Typical negotiations tactic–take it to the last minute (in this case, last few days) and make the dramatic speech in front of the news media stating”Onorato said NO….Onorato said NO”

    Bland said it best–this issue has been on the table for months and NO concessions by the union–until the last minute. I’m glad Bland said NO to the union during the 23rd hour…..glad that the board saw through the typical union tactic.

    Unions are no longer necessary and at times impede the ability to provide or cover the cost of doing business. I grew up with unions in my life and agree with the fact they did what was necessary WHEN it was necessary–took care of the working man and his family. We have waht we have in some instances such as the benefits, etc–however; it seems businesses are thriving without union shops. If they aren’t thriving here–the are thriving elsewhere–it should at a minimum raise your eyebrow slightly. There are only so many pieces of the pie to divide up.

    Mass Transit-agreed that it is necessary. Should have been revamped and lightweight rail options invested in long ago. Options–government provided in conjunction with privatization. As you see–when Lenzner came in with an option–it became competitive. No competition–no price benefit.

    Dems v Reps–doesn’t matter which side of the isle you’re on….this region is hemorrhaging. We are bleeding money, tax base, businesses, families, singles, and manufacturers.

    Future–most livable city?? how about most resistent to improvements or change? Or most “this is how we’ve done it for 100 years”–Or the most likely to put the same politicians in office over and over again regardless of the financial crisis’, deterioration of infrastructure, degradation of local neighborhoods by drugs and thugs. Please Pittsburgh–enjoy what you have reaped–you put them in office.

    Long term—mergers, consolidations, shared services–ALL need to happen and join the City-County into one with new management. These issues will NEVER go away without massive change in thought processes.

    Take a look OUTSIDE of Pittsburgh–there is actual productive government, productive business, and productive communtiy.

    1. WINNER says:


      for your reading pleasure enjoy!!!

  44. TOM says:


  45. FedUp says:

    This whole issue is getting sooooo old and tired. The cuts are coming, deal with it as best you can, period. Best thing that could happen to PAT is to allow it to go into bankruptcy. That way all Union contracts, for both current employees and retirees, could be thrown out and re-negotiated. Management needs to be scrutinized and held accountable. Fares need to rise to a realistic level, where fares cover more than a third of costs. Taxpayers need to contribute but it should NOT be to cover exhorbitant costs/contracts/retirements/management, only a supplement to income generated by PAT itself.

  46. Tim says:

    I wonder how much of a pay cut the Port Authority Board is willing to take I heard no mention of any. at least the workers offered some cuts iIt is just another that the rich get richer and the rest of us lose it all

  47. James Love says:

    People like Dan Onoraldo Steve Bland and all Port Authority Board Members (except for Mr. Martoni) who not only cut another 15% percent of Port Athority Routes that went into effect this morning are not thinking stright in any way shape or form. What the Media is not telling you is that at yesterdays Board Meeting ts that County Counscil ATU 85 ATU Lawyers had asked for a one week stay to keep routes as they were while they would work with PAAC Dan and Dan to work with the State Representitives and Governor Corbett. At that time Steve Bland and the Port Authority Borad took a recess. When they came back they sat down gave the 13K 13J to SCAB LENZNER COACH USA and without another word they got up and left. People this is not a proper way to treet workers and passengers. Dand Steve PAT Board refuse to give anything back yet they exspect ATU 85 Members to give up their healthcare pentions. Nobody in their right mind would do that. Corporate Greed from Companys an those in State Governments and Federal Governments must stop. We low income and middle class workers have given back enough. Its high time the rich wake up and start paing there share and find ways to properly fund Mass Transit Amtrak Greyhound Trailways Highways Bridges and stop SCAB Workers like Charles Lenzner of SCAB Lenzner Coach USA from ripping people of affordable transportation jobs food lives and all humans need in life.

  48. busriderman says:

    So they were less than 2M apart and couldn’t work it out?! And the board wouldn’t give a little more time?! The first I heard anything about that was on the news Thursday night. If they were working on it for over 2 months why was that the first time it was in the news? It seems to me that some deal could have been made. So now, we the bus riding people, the ones that need the service, have to suffer because the board and county ex said no? I don’t feel they are doing thier job! As for the union, what would you have to do to get to the 20M. Another .25 cents an hour? Thank you to all sides!!!!

  49. Randy Morale says:

    Port Authority Retirees need to start paying for their own hospilization just like most other unions retirees do. This is what caused the the board to cut jobs and service. I’m retired from Union and have to shell out over a good portion of money $400 a month for my hospilization. Port Authority Pensioneers get the most benefits out of any union around and its time they pay their health care. My neighbor Bobby T, of Baldwin Township brags about how much of a pension he gets from the port authority and about the great health care he doesn’t have to pay for from Port Authority.

  50. Ming117 says:

    No, I think we should invite her to your neighborhood to see how how my tax dollars are subsidizing you racist ingrates.

  51. Jerri Bauman says:

    something to get done with this my husband has no way to get to work tommorow or rest of month he take 8 perry highway north hills maybe the workers should go on strike or something we need the bus services please put them back

  52. Torocaca says:

    Nobody read the fantastic deal the union was offering? It was to forgo the 3% raise supposed to occur in January 2012 (that they have not received yet, though they just received a 3% raise in January 2011), and 10% of wages will be put in the union pension fund. Still can’t figure out how this will save Port Authority money now, but it will save for the union members later.

  53. WINNER says:

    Mr Steve Bland Port Authority PERKS

    keep paying higher taxes and privatize Dumb Ass


  54. Ming 117 says:

    I know all about white people. I watch Intervention.

  55. flc says:

    The green left should be applauding this. More people walking, less greenhouse gases etc… I guess the left just can not be pleased

  56. Ming117 says:

    Crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

  57. Dr. Heffner says:

    The unions ruin another entity. Sell the Port Authority to a private concern.

  58. dave s says:

    history lesson-Several years back Port Authority again asked for a dedicated source of funding due to a 47 million dollar shortfall .Dan onarato stated that Allegheny County only had 27 million dollars which was the Counties share in order to receive State funding.The state Legislature gave Dan Onarato a poured drink tax and a rental car fee with the stipulation that this money could only be used for Public Transit. The first year alone this tax brought in 50 million dollars.Problem solved,right? Wrong Dan Onarato took the 50 million dollars and kept it.He then gave Port Authority the 27 million dollars and told them make the cuts.This issue isn’t about dollars its about corruption.As always -follow the money.

  59. Voice of Reason says:

    I do not understand how Mr. Onorato is getting the blame for what is going on with the PAT budget woes. He sponsored the drink tax to give a designated funding source to the Port Authority. His sponsorship of the drink tax cost him the governor’s race last fall. Yet we have people now still criticizing him that he is not doing enough. I believe Mr. Onorato has been very fair in this whole matter and done the right thing. The Port Authority is mismanaged and is still operating like it services a city of the 60’s and 70’s. The days of watching the big dinosaur buses troll the area with few people on board are over!

    1. Dave S says:

      There are 67 counties in Penna. Dan Onarato won 2. Do you really believe it was because of the drink tax?Most people in Pa. didn’t know anything about our drink tax.

    2. Barbara S says:

      What hole are you living in? Onorato’s had his crooked hands in everyone’s back pockets since you idiots voted for him, and this city has gone downhill every since. He’s the one who rejected the Port Authority’s offer of $18 million cuts to avoid service cuts. It wasn’t “enough”, yet he gets richer on the backs of the working class and couldn’t care less about public transit. He could’ve saved bus riders from this mess and avoided layoffs and cuts, but he chose not to – showing himself for the greedy crook he is. Come into the real world and get out of fantasyland.

  60. Shane says:

    Everyones talking about ming and barbara being the worst loosers on this site,george and poppy are runners up.How are you jack wagons doing today? I’m doing fine thanks.i’m winning!!!

    1. Barbara S says:

      You inbred moron. You’re really showing off your 3rd grade education by not being able to write a literate sentence – don’t know the difference between loser and looser? Why don’t you get off this site and leave it to the adults?

    2. Ming 117 says:

      Is that right. What exactly have you won pray tell!

  61. johnny69 says:

    In my opinion, unions can be great, but then again they can be hurtful. There has to be an even balance there. Union drivers making 40-60K a year I am ok with, but making 80-100+K a year, is just not good. We all have to face it that without the unions, every company would pay minimum wage or as close to as possible, any business would, so even though I do not belong to one, I realize that without the union workers out there, my company would IMMEDIATELY cut my pay in half…and so would every company.

  62. Barbara S says:

    What does that have to do with bus cuts?

  63. Shane says:

    Barabra S you know what you are your a looooooooooser how ya like me now,Shaka Zulu was looking for you pale white come over tonight and get some tribal love.

  64. Shaka Z. says:

    I want me some barbara S to keep me company tonight at Zulu Nation hesd quarters.I hear shes a LOOOOOOOOOOOSER but me ang the gang will make her feel right at home.

  65. Bubba Methmaker says:

    I know all about white people. I watch INTERVENTION

    1. Eyes Wide Open says:

      Here’s the deal. We continue to suffer from a completely missmanaged city. Pat transit needed to be privatized years ago. That being said, I don’t take Pat transit. I have to drive into our non car friendly city. Parking is hit or miss. You can either take your chances in a horribly overpriced lot and pray that your vehicle doesn’t get broken into and become a transient camp while you work to stimulate our economy. Now we did have a light rail system that worked fine for many years, they were called trolleys. You can still see what one looked like at the History Center. Then we opted to destroy the network of tracks the city had for increased car use. Now we have no real system that links the surrounding towns and suburbs. Oh wait there is the T, great if you live near it’s 10 stops, not so great if you don’t. Instead of building tunnels to no where let’s set up a comuter train system that actually works.

  66. shane says:

    Ming the ding wing how bout some moo goo gai pan my looser friend from the east lands.The CONFEDERATES are listining very intently to your inept words of stupidity.Where do you get you sayings from a fortune cookie?

  67. Shane says:

    Did you hear the story of BARBARA S. and MING,George.and Poppy?Some say its a ledgend in the making,must see t.v.I cant wait to watck the premeir.

    1. Ming117 says:

      Your in it…you actually play an African King.

  68. Harris says:

    I’m an upper class, educated person. I take the bus bc it makes sense. Not because I’m poor like some of you think would be the only reason to take the bus. Most people who can afford to drive choose to. They like to sit in their cars in traffic for some reason and burn gas. I get to Oakland faster by bus than car. If we had more riders, we wouldnt have this issue. But Pittsburghers think mass transit is for the poor. And definitely the Unions should have made compromises sooner than the last hr of the issue. I blame everyone. The city, the people, the drivers, the unions. I dont care if you hate on my comments. My route is ending too, and its going to be a pain but I’m still going to ride the bus.

  69. No regrets says:

    For those of you who do not belong to unions, just wait. Your elected republicians will focuse on you next. When they are done with the unions, your wages and health care will be next. It was unions who closed sweat shops, got children out of the factories and made the workplace a safe place to work.
    Soon you will be working for min. wage. Trying to make your car payment, your insurance and pay your electric bill. Soon you will become the poor that you disdain. Your masters will force you to work 12 hour days and probably saturdays and only pay you for 40 hrs. Why, because you have no representation. I get paid thirteen dollars and hr and I have nothing left for such things as vacations or new shoes. My rent is 780 dollars a month for a one bedroom apt. I live here because I csnnot afford 4000.00 dollars a year in realestate taxes for a 800 sq ft house. I don’t feel sorry for you. You should all look north and west at Detroit. Your time is coming.

  70. eabosket says:

    this bus this is wrong we neeed the buses to get to doctors appts, food, work. people will be out work , people cant get to work will lose jobs Think about this maybe pittsburgh mayor and panel need to look at this this is so wrong gas is up
    what are we going to do fire a few of the bigwigs they get paid to sit on their butt put a few of them out of work

  71. Jeff Becker says:

    If Dan Onorato stood up to the Port Authority union a year ago he woud be Governor now.

  72. Clinqua says:

    How my posed to gets home from Knoxville? My bus ain’t come all day and I needs to gets back to the Nor Side

  73. ROB says:

    Ii’s th same old story all over this country, the politicians and the unions strong arming companys and taxpayers to the point of bankruptcy. Can’t you people see that.!!! Can’t you see that’s why we have 16 million unemployed. Can’t you see why we can no longer afford $80,000 bus drivers with lifetime healthcare.
    Why is it that those who feel that unions deserve more benefits and wages that most so called middle class always blame management and millionaires???

  74. tom says:

    I love how things are blamed on the unions. Personally, I have never seen a really wealthy union worker. Yes, some of have some cash and good paychecks, but that also comes with working a ton of overtime. If people have a problem with that, blame the management that allows it. Fact is that most union workers live paycheck to paycheck.

    People also blame the unions saying that are getting to much in benefits. Keep in mind, that two sides agree upon a contract. It’s not one sided. Also, keep in mind that many unions are offering concessions, offering to pay more for those benefits or even taking cuts in salary. Do you ever see management take cuts? Do you ever see the upper-class take cuts? No. It’s always the middle-class. Not to long ago, Republicans fought against raising the tax rate for the wealthiest few percent. Wonder why? Biggest donors to their Party maybe? Fact of the matter is that the country was doing just fine when the wealthiest few percent paid as much as 70%. I would never condone that, but to say that their taxes can’t be raised a bit is ridiculous.

    Finally, I get very tired of people stereotyping union members as lazy, uneducated people. Guess those same uneducated people are helping raise your kids huh? Their called teachers. What about those other unionized people that carry your family from city to city? Their called Pilots. Should I even get into policemen/women, firemen, nurses and yes those dedicated people working mass transit. They get you to work every day with no thanks from you.

  75. Make it Private says:

    Port Authority should be eliminated allowing the private industry to step in and service the community. This simple act would significantly lower the taxes of the citizenry of Allegheny County and the State of PA.
    Bus stops every block, every 10 minutes is simply too expensive for tax payers. If you want to ride a bus, then the prevailing cost of that bus ride is what you should pay. Tax payers should not be burdened through subsidies to cover your bus ride.
    Oh, and an $80,000 salary for a bus driver is simply ridiculous. City ouncil, Fire, Police and medics are the only necessary government employees. All other could be privatized.

  76. City Bus says:

    Take it easy on me guys its soo ruff out here in the cold :(….

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