McKeesport Mother Charged After 3-Year-Old Wanders To Store

MCKEESPORT (KDKA) — Police plan to charge a McKeesport mother after her 3-year-old daughter was found wandering outside alone twice in less than a week.

The girl’s mother, 23-year-old Ashley Warman, is already facing two counts of child endangerment from a similar incident.

On Saturday, the 3-year-old walked into a convenience store on Lyle Boulevard and treated herself to some candy.

“Based on the route that they know that she took, it was about a quarter-mile from her house,” McKeesport Police Captain Timothy Hanna said.

Paramedics threw away the child’s pajamas, calling them a bio-hazard. Police found the little girl living in deplorable conditions at HiView Gardens. The child also has a 2-year-old brother and a 7-year-old sister.

“Something has to be done,” Hanna said. “She’s proven she’s not capable of taking care of these kids.”

There no answer at the door when KDKA’s Mary Robb Jackson tried to contact Warman. Neighbors said she moved out on Monday morning and needs real help.

Warman faces misdemeanor charges and will receive a summons in the mail.

The children are now in the custody of Allegheny County Children and Youth Services.


One Comment

  1. Jill says:

    White trash. Her facebook page proved it even more. Hopefully the kids find a home where someone will love them.

  2. ........ says:

    How in the hell does a 3 year old wander that far- twice in one week? Her pajamas were a bio- hazard? This “mother” is pathetic! No excuse for that!

    1. Steven says:

      I 100% agree, but the “biohazard” label is a joke just to add to the article. If EMTs treat someone with clothing containing bodily fluids it’s the norm. In a race someone fell/collapsed and I used my shirt to stop their bleeding. It was taken away by paramedics because it was deemed a biohazard. But that aside, yes no excuse…none at all.

  3. johnny69 says:

    Where is baby daddy and how does white trash mamma support children? Welfare? So WE have to pay for her to get knocked up again and again?

  4. Exo says:

    She “fell asleep?” What kind of excuse is that? More importantly, why would you want your kids to live in those kind of conditions? Wow.. Stupidity never ceases to amaze me..

  5. K says:

    It always takes a child “wandering away” or getting injured, or worse, before CYS realizes what type of deplorable conditions these kids are forced to live in. Maybe if they would follow up on calls and actually go to these houses it would prevent this stuff from happening… that is if any calls were even to CYS made about this pathetic joke of a mom? Sickening

  6. FixPGH says:

    According to WPXI this piece of trash ASKED Police to take her children because she “couldn’t handle it anymore.” Well, trash, you better learn how to handle some birth control and condoms because your disgusting self should not be ALLOWED to reproduce!!! Bet you anything she lived on Welfare. I am so sick of people who REFUSE to work living on Welfare. McDonalds is always hiring, it’s a job and something to have on your resume, or even a place to move on up so you better get working. Welfare is supposed to be for people that lost their jobs and need help until they find a new one, not to support trash like this! Close your legs, dear, you’re only hurting society and the lives on innocent children!!!

    Jill – I was trying to find her Facebook but didn’t seem to be able to. A few months back when that woman left her baby on a doorstep – her Facebook BLEW UP (She was too dumb to know what Privacy Setting were, haha). Then of course, finally after a week or so, her and her “boyfriend” started a slew of bad grammar ebonics to “defend themselves.” It was hilarious.

    1. K says:

      FixPGH….she is a on facebook!/profile.php?id=100000798615004
      Her profile picture is a picture of her daughter she let wander off…. and it was just updated on Sunday!! Guess this is her way of showing she “feels bad”… or something? Don’t look through the rest of her pics… she is one ugly lookin mama… don’t know she got 3 kids in the first place :-X

      Welfare is a joke. I know one too many “moms” out there who are living off welfare then complain how their life is soo hard being a single unemployed mom and blah blah sob sob

      1. Eyes Wide Open says:

        Couldn’t agree more K. Having children is not an excuse to be lazy and irresponsible. On the contrary, it should be a wake up call to stop acting like a child yourself. We need to start having some kind of manditory parenting class if you want to recieve wellfare for your kids. If you don’t attend and pass, you don’t get any money. It’s that simple.

      2. FixPGH says:

        Man, she was smart enough to block her wall : /

        I agree K and Eyes Wide Open. A lot of people do – more tests and stuff for Welfare. There was a senator or something a few weeks ago talking about that, they even interviewed a KNOWN worker on welfare (still receives Welfare after she started working!) and she said “there are so many hoops to jump through just to get it, why make more” or something and you know, obviously the hoops aren’t small enough! Hopefully his ideas get passed (drug tests, etc.). I think Welfare should only be good for 6 months or something, and in that time you HAVE to find another job. If you don’t find one before 6months is up, you have to prove you’ve been looking and after 6 more months if you still haven’t found a job, tough. Anyone can find a job in a year. And you have to hold that job for at least a year before being eligible for Welfare again (unless you were laid off – not fired – due to reasons beyond your control) but even after that year of working you sitll have to find another job within 6 months…so might as well just keep working the first job! An older woman who was on Social Security or something, I don’t remember, came in to my old job every week to make a copy of a “proof I’m looking for a job” paper to send in to keep receiving money. I know it wasn’t Welfare, it was something else but she was probably in her 60’s. It was bull SHE had to do that but these children that pop out babies to receive more money do.

        Although we are making assumptions that this girl was on Welfare, I’d be willing to bet that she was so we will air our frustrations out no matter what and hope that things will change soon.

  7. FixPGH says:

    “receive more money do” = do should be DON’T. Sorry.

  8. help her says:

    This young mom needs Jesus our Lord and much prayer, we don’t know what happened to her to get to this point, but I’m glad she finally admitted she could not handle it and thank God for his grace and mercy that kept the children. My heart is breaking after seeing this horrible condition these children had to endure. We all need prayer and this mom needs counceling and to be shown love

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