Port Authority Service Cuts Go Into Effect

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Port Authority’s 15 percent reduction in service went into effect Sunday, but the real impact will likely be felt in the days ahead.

In all, 29 bus routes in Allegheny County were eliminated.

That means many who relied on those buses will be scrambling to find another way to get around.

The real impact probably won’t be felt until Monday’s morning commute when thousands of people are trying to get to work or school and realize that they can’t.

“Everyday I get to work a half-hour late and they’re really getting tired of it. But, I really [have] my hands tied,” Richard Bruno said.

The big question for people who depend on the Port Authority to get to work is, who is going to be on time Monday morning and who isn’t?

The Monday morning rush is the first time a lot of people will use the system since the latest round of changes.

A total of 29 routes were eliminated, service on another 37 routes was reduced and 180 workers were laid off.

“Fortunately, I get a ride in the morning, but I catch the bus home so I’m already thinking about what that’s going to be like,” Heidi Pope said.

One thing riders can count on is that Monday will be a day of transition because it’s the first work day for the changes.

On Sunday, people were waiting long periods of time and no one seemed to know when the buses were coming.

Late Sunday evening, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85 issued a statement saying its members would do everything possible to make for a smooth transition for Port Authority riders

However, with more than 50 eliminations or reductions in routes, there is sure to be at least some confusion for both the morning and evening commute.

The Port Authority is adding extra personnel to its help line where people can call with questions about the changes.

The phones will be staffed beginning at 6 a.m. and the number is (412)-442-2000. Their website will also operate with up to the minute information about the changes.


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One Comment

  1. FixPGH says:

    I’d like to know where the drink tax money went…wasn’t that to prevent this from happening?

    1. SueQ says:

      NOT used for PAT…ask OnoRATo…used for Allegheny Real Estate Tax subsidies or something like that. Go figure..

    2. WINNING says:

      Dan OnoRATo made the public believe the drink tax was to fix this problem he is using the money so he can hang his hat on and say I did not raise property tax in Allegheny county when i was in office.

      His political career is done soon he will not win the attorney general election he stabbed to many people in the back along the way!

      goodbye you RAT

      1. FixPGH says:

        What bothers me is you guys say this stuff about him, but I believe we all hated him in the first place so how did he get elected to begin with?

  2. Angie says:

    call for boycott of services please join up and see if we can force their hands


  3. Shane says:

    If you get stuck because of a bus, call us! PITTSBURGH PONY EXPRESS 412-366-1151

  4. frank says:

    cut routes then advertize new fair boxes on all buses how many lost there job for a new fair box and how many millions wete spent on this endever

    1. FixPGH says:

      I wondered the same thing. It’s expensive to make/install those “new fair boxes” they were even advertising on the radio! Current boxes seem to work just fine, why change? Why not use the money towards, ya know, NOT cutting routes or jobs?

  5. unreal says:

    Yes im so glad someone else is on the same page BOYCOTT!!!!!!!! BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!

    1. sherlyn porter says:

      boycott lets do that

      1. Amanda says:

        will gladly boycott

  6. Web Master says:

    The Port Authority’s website isn’t even working right now. Seems one of the jobs they cut was their WebMaster.

  7. Uncle Bob says:

    Were there cuts to the most popular routes West Mifflin and Collier garages? I always see buses running those routes as I stand and wait forever

  8. Unionssuck says:

    Another Union Democrat success story.

  9. Regina says:

    Easy to blame the unions.
    I dont want to drive a bus. DO YOU?
    My job….they dont allow me to get spit on, shot at, cursed at.
    THANK GOD!!!

    1. Shawn says:

      Are you so naive to believe this is commonplace or simply an extreme example of a very unfortunate happening(s)? I also would not want to drive a bus, thus I decided a while back to go to school to secure a better working environment.

    2. DEAR REGINA says:

      I think the drivers have a way of getting even if any of their brothers or sisters get cursed at, spat on, etc. they merely beat a customer almost to death, run over a customer with a baby carriage because he had the nerve to beat on the bus door…pat drivers are as abusive as it gets. they can quit their jobs, no one is stopping them. the union drivers with 35 years svc and a GED should retire voluntarily to save their UNION BROTHERS AND SISTERS BUT NO….ITS ALL ABOUT ME ISNT IT? THEIR RUDENESS AND LACK OF SERVICE IS DISGUSTING.

  10. Phyliss Diller says:

    Raise the fares to $5 per trip. It would still be cheaper than driving a car. Can’t afford it? Stay home!!

  11. danojeep says:

    BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!! – Shutdown the city of Pittsburgh for a day or two and watch the results. The problem with the U.S. today is no one is willing to stand up for their rights. This country was built on protests and demonstrations. (think Boston Tea Party) People today are just too afraid to stand up against what is wrong. EVERYONE INCLUDING THOSE WHO DRIVE CARS SHOULD JUST NOT GO TO WORK FOR ONE DAY. Shut down the city and send a message that you are just NOT GOING TO TAKE IT!!!!!

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      That solves nothing, nor did you present a viable solution to the funding problem… great post digbat….

  12. frank says:

    port authority site is working

  13. WINNING says:

    Yeah privatize people were turned away and only 11 passengers !!!!!!

    The first trips of Lenzner Tour and Travel’s private bus service from Warrendale and Franklin Park to Downtown Pittsburgh.

    Eleven passengers boarded the first of five scheduled buses at the Bladerunners park-and-ride in Marshall; by 7:30 a.m. the Warrendale park-and-ride, the second bus stop about a mile away, was half-full with 50 vehicles.

    Charles Lenzner, company president, said a few people who were turned away because they had not signed up. Lenzner’s routes cost between $10 and $11.50 per day and must be paid in advance. Lenzner said he expected union members to protest his bus routes this evening.

  14. Really? says:

    Fire the entire management of Port Authority and hire new people. Fire all unionized drivers and hire non-union labor (after all, plenty of jobless people would be happy to have these jobs). Bring in new management that knows what the heck they are doing. Fire all city and county government officials and institute a new government structure with less spending on stupid stuff. There ya go… problem solved!

    1. Jon Weiss says:

      why don’t we revert to anarchy?

  15. Bea says:

    I still don’t see how Pittsburgh keeps making those “best cities” ratings when they were in bankruptcy and especially can’t have a deceant transit system. Who cares how great it is if you can’t take a bus around it, can’t afford to park in it, can’t afford a car to drive around it.

  16. Green River says:

    if you missed the bus try hitchhiking. It’s free.

  17. Fat Cats says:

    This is the worst city when it comes to transportation. I don’t know what is wrong with our news stations/reports – they really need to get tough and find out the answers as to where Port Authority spends their money and on what. They need to divulge their budgets so we can see where all of this money is going. I just wish the city officials in this town would stand up and quite being so wishy-washy and get different transporation companies in here so that they can port Port-Authority out of business for good. Unless you have a car, that’s the only way to get around – that’s the bad thing about living in the city of Pittsburgh. If Port-Authority is having so much budget problems….then cut salaries!!! Hello!! Every other company does it! But noooooo….they want to keep all that money and then some with free benefits, etc. The fat cats, just want to keep getting fatter!!

    1. HELLO says:

      the money is spend on hospitaliztion for retiree’s and their families and the current employees. that eats up a big piece of the money …make the retiree’s pay like the rest of us do and don’t forget they retire as early as the age 48 and have hospitaliztion for the rest of their life. Hello WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE …….

      1. mark m says:

        it’s called a pension. ever hear of one? oh wait you haven’t because you are a UNION HATER!

      2. rmsbl4 says:


  18. Lee says:

    Wonders what next……Since half or most of the buses aren’t working now then why not get it over with and just have no buses period cause thats what it is going to come down to in the near future.
    I think the 51 Carrick bus is still running. Thats the only bus that is here where I live….
    But mark my word in a few yrs from now there won’t be any buses anywhere. The city is holding the suberbs hostice cutting off service.

  19. Anthony Ziccardi says:

    Hey, don’t pick on the retirees. I worked my 25 years and payed into my pension plan for 25 years too! As far as healthcare goes, Port Authority made a deal with Blue Cross/Blue Shield that everyone at Port Authority would only have that insurance. We got what was given to us. I did retire at 50 but I was lucky the numbers were right for me, age plus years worked. 25 and 25. Not everyone had that combo. And I’m not getting anything near what some of the bigwigs are getting for a pension. And, I wasn’t in the “drop program” either. Ask Dan Onorato what that is about.

    1. Brundon says:

      you retired at 50 from driving a bus? Guess what? NOBODY is sympathetic dude.

      1. Anthony Ziccardi says:

        I didn’t drive a bus. I was a mechanic. Someone who was responsible to make that bus safe for you and all passengers to ride. I did that job to the best of my ability and was proud to make that vehicle safe for you to ride for 25 years. Tell me, what do you do to serve the public?

      2. Brundon says:

        Saint Tony! LOL! I think you are confused what public service actually is. If you are paid it is not public service. If you volunteered for 25 years to fix buses you deserve gratitude and my apology. The truth is Tony you fixed our buses and were paid well to do it for 25 years. Now you will be paid well NOT to fix buses for 25 years. Sounds to me like the public is serving you, not the other way around. Again. Not sympathetic at all. Jealous? Yes I am.

      3. Brundon says:

        Saint Tony! I fix cars for friends and im not even a mechanic. I guess by your rationale that qualifies as public service. Furthermore I dont hamstring the public with fat pension and health benefits because I have neither. What better public service than that? If you’re a saint, I guess that makes me the Pope.

        By the way, what was your wage your last year? Was a sight more than $4/hr wasnt it? Did you spike your pension?

    2. Zoeyzotron says:

      That deal with Blue Cross ended in 2006… it is too late to take your pension away, your time has come and gone. Pensions and free healthcare going forward have to be restructured. Like 401ks…

      Newsflash for you – working 25 years with a taxpayer funded pension and free healthcare is the SOLE CAUSE OF THIS PROBLEM. How about trying to defy union logic and accept responsibility for your actions one time. YOUR benefits are UNSUSTAINABLE, I am sure you will get yours but all your current union brothers will not.

      1. Anthony Ziccardi says:

        Excuse me, but when I started at Port authority in 1970, I was paid $1 per hour while I was in training and my salary after that was $4.00 an hr. And I fixed many, many cars for my friends and relatives for FREE for over 25 years. I am a saint, I went above and beyond the call of duty for many, many people. Also, I paid into my pension fund out my own pocket every payday. It wasn’t taxpayer money. I earned every penny of it. I still want to know what you do to serve the public??

      2. Zoeyzotron says:

        ANTHONY – Excuse me, but you never paid more than 4.5% in to you pension that you will hopefully collect for years. Your pension plan is amazing and will never be replicated in this country, atleast not in our life time. Do you realize that even in your top year of earning you probably paid about 3000.00 into you pension… I believe that you get more than 3000.00 a year out of it… Even if you paid 3000.00 in for 25 years (which you clearly did not based on your $8.00 a day 1970 salary) that would be a lousy $75000 dollars… My guess is that you would collect that in a year or two of retirement… Where the hell do you think the other hundreds of thousands of dollars are coming from? Newsflash – most of it will come from FEDERAL and STATE funding… which comes from the TAXPAYERS. So please do not be so selfserving in your comments.

        Do you realize that the majority of us now a days pay all our own 401Ks/IRAs? If you are lucky your company will kick in .50 on the dollar only up to a lousy 6%. So please don’t lecture me on “serving the public”. When our “401k money” runs out, that it, there is no “endless pension”. Its Social Security (if it is even still around) and thats it. Very very very few people in the workforce today will work less than 35-40 ears.

        You take your pension, perhaps you did earn it. However you should atleast admit that it was union greed that has the Port Authority in this place now. Your union “brothers”, riders, and the city of Pittsburgh will now pay the price for it.

  20. FedUp says:


  21. Thanks Disco Dan Onorato! says:

    Few problems reported with the morning commute. I guess the sky didnt fall after all. This Pat McMahon is a false prophet. I say try and cut another 15% next month and see if anybody notices. Probably not.

    1. Salvatore Aversa says:

      Do you own a car? Do you take a bus? Was your bus route cut? No? Then you are in no position to talk. Try talking to the people who had to quit their jobs because they no longer have transportation. To those people, it matters. A lot.

      1. Cry Wolf says:

        Do you really believe this stuff you make up? NOBODY had to quit their jobs today because of this. If I’m wrong please cite 1 example you can prove.

  22. disgusted says:

    Who gets to retire at fifty?? No wonder we can’t afford public transportation? I hear the drivers make 50k with benefits! That is more than most teachers with master’s degrees! I am not totally against unions but this is an example of unions running a program into the ground.

  23. Zoeyzotron says:

    This says it all for me. I can’t believe that you only pay 4.5% of your damn retirement!! That is a joke!!!! Does anyone really not understand why PAT will fail??

    What the hell kind of company can survive with handcuff’s like these:

    -The current contract allows workers to collect overtime for work in excess of 8 hours per day, even if they don’t work 40 hours for the week.

    -employee pension contributions at 4.5 percent of total compensation

    -He said the authority currently is paying $31.5 million a year for health care for 3,300 retirees — more than the 2,700 active employees who get it. By contrast, the much bigger SEPTA transit agency spends $8 million, he said.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! WHAT A JOKE! this is much worse than I thought… HEY PAT… Welcome to the real world!

  24. someone who cares says:

    zoeyzotron maybe you should try doing what the bus drivers do then you will understand alittle more instead of running off at the mouth. this all happned a long time ago but that isnt how it is now . but let me ask you this would you drive and let someone spit on you .Or hit you and you do nothing back cause you could loose your job .

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      SOMEONE – You are missing the point… This is all about SUSTAINABILITY. The current system will not work. Do you understand that? And the three points listed above are from the CURRENT CONTRACT.

      Also, it is a choice to drive a bus, no one has too.

      1. Sam says:

        So then make RETIREES contribute to their health care. You want current employees to make $8/hr to accomodate the $31M costs for retiree healthcare.
        LOOK TO RETIREES TO HELP…its only fair.
        If they contributed say 5%, they wouldnt go broke and it would go a loooonngg way to helping the budget.

  25. The breakdown says:

    The spitting and assaulting of the bus drivers is disgusting behavior and needs to be stopped immediately. However, these conditions do not warrant extra pay or benefits as compensation. It does warrant harsh police action absolutely. Im guessing that that problem isnt as bad as its made out to be. If it was this union would have made PAT address it more seriously. Instead the union tolerates the abuse and instead uses the abuse of drivers as leverage for its negotiations. It makes the public think that driving a bus is a hazardous job and deserves greater compensation for it. DRIVING A BUS IS NOT A HAZARDOUS JOB! ITS A VERY EASY JOB!

  26. How Does your Hatred profit you says:

    Apply for the job drive the bus then you have a right to address the issues. You are a part of the greater problem which is a huge lack of factual knowledge. Go ahead privatize also, no one will be able to afford to ride the bus. Transit will become a for profit business, its been attempted in the past and failed, any smart business man would know its a lose lose business why do you think it is a Public Service. I dont want to hear about your holy tax dollars towards the Port Authority either…lol, because you all have know idea how much of your dollars even go towards the P. Authority! My question to all of you miserable hateful scary people is… How does all of this hatred towards the Bus Drivers benefit you all… how does it profit you all, will you be pleased when one of the last decent paying jobs is gone, and more families destroyed??? What is it jealousy, envy, or your huge unknown amt of tax dollars. The job was always there for anyone to apply congrats to you all now another good job going from Pgh. . Oh, and FYI, …let me state some facts, we dont retire at 50, that was a one time deal offered by management, we DO NOT make 100,000$/yr ,lolThats a handful of drivers that live at the Port Authority, (And I mean sleep, eat and drink there ), starting $…10.00/hr thru training, then over a 4 yr period top rate is 24.00$ and some change, and this may help …a lot of drivers suffer from heart problems and many pass away shortly after they retire, from the stress of the job…does that help you all feel better? I wonder would the drivers feel you all were worth whatever your paid. I know the Politicians are not , they retire with umbrella retirements and full health care, Steve Bland makes over 200,000/yr. to destroy and mismanage funds along with OnaRATo. Your hatred is misguided and foolish without fact and knowledge. ” There is wickedness in high places”, The drivers are just hard working Pghers, just like you all ! However soon they will lose their homes and pull their children out of college, file bankruptcy, then you will all sleep better at night knowing you helped your community and city rid themselves of the plague, Known as the Port Authority Bus Drivers. Who have we become… God help us all because your job could be next ! I wont take pleasure in that day for any that it happens to, I want us all to live a decent life.

  27. The Breakdown says:

    If drivers were dropping dead shortly after retirement legacy costs would not be an issue. Thats all the fact you need, Jack! These guys are retiring young and with help from a cadillac health benefits package living forever. All I want to hear from you is a humble “thank you”.

    1. Lilipud says:

      Not everyone is a DRIVER…jeez…wake up!!! There are many, many different positions at PAT

    2. A Humble Thank You says:

      Sry, not enough have passed away to satisfy your sick obsessive jealousy of the job. However once again you have no facts. The legacy costs were given and offered by your politicians and the management of Port Authority because at the time the funds were obviously available. I wonder would you have said no to them…lol, I thought not. Again they are not retireing young , that was a deal offered in the 90s to move the older drivers out. If you really want to gain the truth of the matter, take the time to find out what it truly is the deal back then it was 25yrs and out. Or hey apply for the job ID LOVE TO SEE YOU DO THE JOB MAYBE YOU COULD LEAD THE PACK BUT … IDONT THINK YOU COULD HANDLE THE TRUTH OF THE JOB. PLEASE COME DRIVE WITH US MAYBE THEN YOULL BE WORTH LISTENING TOO. A humble thank you to you, for your comments. I hope you keep your current employment and do not suffer any lose for your family in the future, sincerely.

  28. Tim says:

    Was a time when public sector workers were paid less and given a better health and retirement package to make up for it. That was fair. No more. Now they make more than private sector in salary, retirement, health, vacation, sick days, personal days, holiday triple pay, overtime overtime overtime, you name it, with no real threat of being fired unless they royally skrew up twice!
    Please dont come here looking for sympathy. /

    1. Whats happened to the Kindness of The most livable CITY says:

      Tim, not at all looking for sympathy, its a good job, difficult, but a good job, just asking for all the hate to stop, I dont begrudge anyone a good wage for a hard days work. I dont presume to understand a job Ive never done nor do I have the arrogance to dictate what your wage should be to perform that job. Your unknown amt of tax dollars including my own, (I too pay taxes), also does not give you power over our worth. I believe your suffering from displaced anger, its your elected officials that have mismanaged the Port Authority, ie( Dan Onorato) call him, ask him how much he makes and what he did with the Drink Tax. Good luck with your future employment, we are all at risk these days and I for one hope we enjoy a middle class income in the future. This use to be a united city, I remember a time when we cared about our neighbors. However, you and others on this site scare me and prove that is gone from Pgh, or hopefully you are just the few.

  29. papie7778 says:

    Tim if they got it like that you should have a job there instead of complaining

  30. Shane says:

    I realize there is a whole bunch of you out there that are beyond frustrated with the recent cuts placed by Port Authority of Allegheny County. I can honestly say that I completely understand, because I’ve been there before. That is exactly why we here at the Pittsburgh Pony Express is offering the general public trips to and from your locations at a reduced rate that may even SAVE you money compared to your typical transit rates! Call us today at 412-366-1151 or email us at pittsburghponyexpress@gmail.com for more details and get that ride scheduled ASAP!!

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