Report: Crosby Cleared For Morning Skates

By: Casey Shea

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Sidney Crosby’s recovery took another small step in the right direction Wednesday morning.

According to KDKA-TV’s Jory Rand, Crosby has been cleared by doctors to participate in the team’s morning skates and he will accompany the team on their upcoming road trip to Florida.

This is just the next step in his recovery. If he is able to get through the morning skates without any issues, he will be allowed to participate in practices.

General Manager Ray Shero said that the team “has no expectations for [him to] return in the regular season.”

Crosby has not played since being injured against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Jan. 5.

Despite the injury, Crosby still leads the team with 66 points (32 goals, 34 assists). Overall, he’s tied for 19th in the league in points and is still in the top ten in goals.

The Penguins will play the next two games on the road against Tampa Bay on Thursday and Florida on Saturday.

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One Comment

  1. Ron Cook says:

    Sid would be better served resting that concussion until next season when they have a real chance.

    1. Tim from USC says:

      Agree – go as far as you can with this team – come back strong next year with a rested sid and geno -stahl – add neal – with this teams supprt cast they would be the favorite!!!!

      Go pens

      1. Ron Stackhouse says:

        You dont need to be the favorite to win. Look no further than Butler and VCU in Final Four. You cant give up. You owe it to the 25 guys in the locker room busting their humps who got you this far to take THIS YEAR seriously. Sid should play in the playoffs if his concussion symptoms are gone.

      2. Tim from USC says:

        you da man #3 – Go Pens

    2. stoopm says:

      I agree, how effective can he be knowing one solid hit could end his career. He would end up being more of a floater than he was before the injury.

  2. Righty says:


    1. Tim from USC says:

      why do they call you righty anyhow?

  3. Dan says:

    Right! Hes not coming back this year so stop thing that he is. He is better off waiting til next year

    1. Dan's Husband Daniel says:

      I have it on good authority that Dan doesnt know what he’s talking about.

      1. Dan says:

        Dan does know what hes talking about I have many connections in the organization because I work for the penguins this season. Hes not coming back this year. Sorry bud

  4. Hobo on Grant Street says:

    If you are in the playoffs you have a chance. Anything can happen. Fans like Dan and Ron here are so spoiled. They think playoffs are automatic next year and every year after. The Penguins have to give everything they’ve got toward a Cup run every chance they get. That includes Sid. If he can play then he HAS to play.

    1. Dan says:

      You all criticize when you have absolutely no idea. The media is holding out so much from you people. Crosby was seriously contemplating retirement because of the severity of the injury. He could not see out of his one eye when he looked in a certain direction for a month after it happened. Ive been told by very high up people in the penguins organization that there is a 0% chance of him playing again this year

      1. Hobo On Grant Street says:

        i don’t care what Nathalie Lemieux says, Dan!! Sid is going to play in the playoffs but not until after the Pens are down 2 games to none in the first round.

  5. Garden XXX says:

    It’s funny. I didnt hear anybody say Big Ben should sit out the playoffs to rest his concussion. All Ben did was win the friggin Super Bowl that year. Dan is the typical yinzer moron.

  6. Flapjacks says:

    If other teams can win without Sid why is it a foregone conclusion that the Penguins cant? It’s shocking that anybody would be willing to call it a season when the playoffs havent begun. Sure, the Penguins chances are slimmer without Sid, without Geno. Ever hear of the 1980 Miracle on Ice? These Penguins have a better chance than USA did. Believe you morons.

  7. Average Bob says:

    When he takes another hit? He’s done forever then.

  8. Bif says:

    Oh is he?

Comments are closed.

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