Man Crashes Through Window At Petersen Events Center

OAKLAND (KDKA) — A 19-year-old man underwent surgery at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital after crashing through a window at the Petersen Events Center and falling four stories to the ground.

Pittsburgh Police say the man was attending the concert with his father. Investigators believe the man crashed through glass that was at least one-inch thick.

There were initial reports the man got into a three-point football stance and yelled “hike!” before he crashed through the glass.

“He seemed to be a little – I don’t know what the term is – but he seemed to be a little out of it at the time and he may have done that, but that’s not for sure at this time,” Pittsburgh Police Lt. Daniel Herrmann said. “We just know that he did hit the window and we’re looking for actual witnesses that saw this.”

The man was attending a concert by the group Furthur which includes two former members of the Grateful Dead. The show was not interrupted.

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One Comment

  1. annonymous says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if drugs were involved in this tragedy

    1. sixfter says:

      All my strenth goes out to the young mans family to help them get through their difficult times ahead.

  2. Ulricht says:

    Today it is Thursday, Thursday. Tomorrow it is Friday, Friday,

  3. Mindpower says:

    Probably file a lawsuit againist the Peterson Center that the glass should have been thicker than an inch.

  4. annonymous says:

    you people must have no respect to say stuff about a kid who you didn’t no anything about that died. obviously you have never lost anybody truely close and don’t no how it feels you should feel terrible about yourselves for such comments its just wrong to disrespect any dead person you should look for the good in someone not the bad

  5. Loves Crosby says:

    OMG.. Will why would you say such a terrible hurtful thing about this tragic event.. Maybe they should fill a suit against you for idiotic comments.

  6. Christian Man says:

    It’s been determined that this kid was drugged up before jumping out the window. It is reported that he was there with his father. Hope they question him, and give him a drug test b

    1. Terri Fair Smokovich says:

      Christian Man- and just where is your source? That information would not be available THAT soon- let alone to the public. Ever heard of HIPPA? You know protection of people’s information once they enter a healthcare facility? I can’t imagine what this kid’s parents are going through! Lighten up already!!

  7. Will says:

    It would be nice if the steelers running game could fall that far forward when they get in the red-zone.

  8. anonymous says:

    With all due respect I personally knew joe and he experienced more hardships in his like than a 19yr old should.just show respect for his name please

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