Officials Warn Tornado Victims About Out-Of-State Contractors

GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Officials have a warning for tornado victims trying to rebuild – beware of out-of-state contractors.

Al Murray, who owns Al’s Roofing Company, a business he and his family have operated for the last 30 years in the Greensburg area, says he got a call from a Texas company that wanted to buy the right to use their name.

“They offered me $20,000 plus $5 per square that they put down in this town,” he said.

Murray refused the offer, but worries that other local contractors are receiving similar calls from stormchasers looking to cash in on the aftermath of a disaster.

“I’m an established company here in the area and they can go ahead and produce more work from an established name because now it shows like they’re a local company,” he said.

The problem comes once the stormchasers leave town. The local company is left to answer to angry storm victims left high and dry.

“After they’re gone, there’s still going to be warranty works,” Murray said. “And I’m going to be responsible to go ahead and take care of that.”

To protect yourself:

  • Choose a contractor you or someone you know has used in the past
  • Ask for a physical address and don’t be afraid to visit their office
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau

“We don’t want the people that have already suffered like they have to lose the money that they’re getting from their insurance companies and there are people out there right now that are working to get that money from them,” Sandy Smythe with the Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety, said.

If you’re still not sure, you can ask to see a contractor’s driver’s license. A true local contractor will have a local home address.

Legitimate contractors will understand why you are asking and won’t mind showing their credentials.

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One Comment

  1. dd says:

    Typical Non-Union ways of doing things. Union contractors don’t pray on victims. I applaud Al’s Roofing. He is an awesome contractor doing the right thing.

    1. Funny Guy says:

      The crumbling wasteland that is now western Pennsylvania speaks volumes about the union mentality. Us anti-union folks really don’t have to put up much of an argument anymore. You’ve proven our point for us over the years. The Pittsburgh area is a reprehensible dump of a city. Potholes everywhere, bridges falling apart, zero reliable infrastructure. Way to go.

      You union people with your sour entitlement attitudes, nepotism, and underhandedness are so pathetic that it’s absolutely laughable. You still haven’t figured it out that you’re the laughing stock of the rest of the country. Pathetic. Collecting unemployment, standing outside in the rain holding a sign, and praying to God for an injury so you can sit on your fat butts drinking beer and watching the stillers for the rest of your lives: That’s the yinzer mentality.

  2. Ming the Merciless says:

    What about checking to see if there registered with Pa contractors law which was put in place 2 years ago .by Pa attorney generals office for residential properties. As usual forget to mention
    its illegal for these contractors to be doing work with out being registered.

    But how many home owners are willing to hire a contractor on sly then get all upset when something goes wrong.because the unregistered guy was cheaper
    Typical KDKA never get the facts right.

  3. Tom Klein says:

    The Contractor from Texas would bring up all his mexicans to work for a couple bucks while all the local guys would be struggling for a paycheck. Good Job Al’s Roofing

  4. Lin says:

    That’s my man ! Glad I emailed the news channels. whooooo !!!!! Good job honey ! Love ya babe !

  5. stormie says:

    The Travellers with Mark Wahiberg is the best example of why you should ask for id and sleep on a promise before you give your money away to a stranger. Pitttsburghers work hard for our money and we don’t need schemes and cons.

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