South Park Couple Appeals Eviction From Moldy House

SOUTH PARK (KDKA) — A South Park couple says their landlord let a problem with mold in their home get so bad, it ruined all their furnishings.

Now they say the landlord won’t pay for any of the damage.

The unusual thing about this story is that the landlord is Allegheny County. This is a home the county owns that used to be a fringe benefit for an employee like a park director.

But now it’s rented out.

The family is not behind on the rent, but was evicted for not allowing the management company to work inside.

Joseph Hinerman and his wife went to court on Thursday to file appeal their eviction.

They say the crew took no precautions to guard against disturbing mold.

“When there’s mold involved, asbestos involved, you’re supposed to secure the house, seal the house, have the people out of the house,” Hinerman said. “All they did, they came in with jackhammers, started going to town.”

The county’s health department website states that during mold cleanup, “Spore counts may be 10 to 1,000 times higher than background levels when mold-contaminated materials are disturbed.”

Mold can be particularly unhealthy for those with respiratory problems and for children.

The family says the mold got worse when Claire Reaghard became disabled and was unable to keep up with cleaning it.

The management company said it just learned about the mold recently. The family says it told the company nearly one year ago.

The family says they don’t want to live in the house, but can’t afford to scrap their belongings infected with mold and buy new.

“Whether the management company took care of the property or not, Allegheny County is the one who owns the home,” Hinerman said. “We need to have them cover the cost of either cleaning it or replacing it. Do something. Do the right thing.”

Despite repeated calls, no one from the county has returned calls for this report. An aide to County Councilman John Palmiere has promised to look into the situation.

The Hinermans have now hired an attorney.

Mold Takes Over South Park Family’s Home
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One Comment

  1. Dirty Hiners says:

    Clean your own house!! Stop asking for handouts!! By their own admission, they created the problem. The expectancy of people in this country make me sick. What ever happened to working hard and taking care of yourself?

    1. Yup says:

      Dirty – Mold can sometimes be VERY hard to clean. A video store I worked at had mold in the bathroom. I went in and sprayed it down with cleaning solution and by the next week it was already returning. It usually requires a PROFESSIONAL cleaning service with stronger, better cleaning solutions. If my current apartment got moldy, I’d expect the LANDLORD to get it cleaned because it’s their property and they are supposed to take care of stuff like that. Is that asking for a handout or asking the owners to do their job? How did these people “create the problem?” Mold comes about in many ways, usually because of leaks in the house and such.

      1. Daisy says:

        Why should Allegheny County pay up when he owes them (meaning us taxpayers) almost $2,000.00 in fines & fees to the Allegheny County Court Records – Criminal Division!

        Yeah, I’m sure when this goes to a jury, These two bozo dirtbags will get alot of sympathy from their peers. They’ll get laughed out of the Courtroom! HAHA!

        We’d all be better off, and safer, if they left our community! Drug use, fighting, harassment, drivign with suspended licenses and vehicle charges… what else do you think these folks have done without getting caught?!!! And they have Children?!!!

    2. T says:

      You are a very ignorant and uneducated person… simply can not clean mold. You should have done your reasearch before commenting. There are so many different types of mold and the toxic ones need to be professionally taken care of. You should be ashamed of yourself. To be so rude to a family that is going through such a horrible thing. This family is not trying to get anything for free!!!!!! This is not their fault. How would you feel if you paid for something and did not get what you paid for. I have personally been through something like this. I am a very clean person and AND DAY OF THE WEEK YOU CAN COME INTO MY HOUSE AND EAT OFF MY FLOORS. Mold is something that needs to be addressed properly. Not only is this mother dealing with a disability but to have the stress and worry from this whole ordeal is just not right. This family has every right to ask for help from the landlord and to get all of their items cleaned properly. I am praying that you will feel some sort of sympathy for this family rather than being so evil. I hope you never have to experience something like this and then have someone make a comment as you did. This family is paying the rent, paying for a hotel on their own, paying for all the exspenses that is cost to eat out and then to replace clothing and ect you tell me how they are trying to get something for free!!!!!!! You try living out of a hotel room with your family and having none of your things since they are contaminated. YOu look into your childs eyes and see the sadness because they miss their home and their toys. You looks into that childs eyes when your heart is breaking and try to make them feel that it will all be alright. You have someone tell you that even though you paid your rent for all these years you are evicted. That the home you lived in the place you saw your kids grow is no longer yours and all the stuff you have worked so hard for is all gone. So I suggest that until you have walked in their shoes you keep your comments to yourself!!!!!

  2. Melanie says:

    HOW DARE YOU !!!! I know this family personally & for you to say this about them, I cant even believe that you can live with yourself. These are hardworking people that thought that they had rented a nice home in a good area to raise their family in. This family is not looking for a handout from anyone, they are wanting a landlord to take responsibilty for the situation in the property that they rent.
    They RENT this property, THEY PAY FULL price each month, NOT SECTION 8 price.
    Why would the management company bring in people to demolition that DID NOT take the proper precautions to contain the mold spores that they knew were in the house ? CAN YOU SAY COVER UP ?!?!?!?!

    Ok, now apparently the management company & the county want to get this house fixed & rented out again, what about the next family that moves in ? What if they have a baby that ends up sick or god forbid dies due to the mold in the house ? Will that be their fault ?

    Yes Claire is dissabled, do you really think that she wants to be ?
    Yes the family tried to clean the mold , but all they were able to get was what was showing on the surface, how do you get what is behind the walls , in the framing ? That is not a renters responsibility, that is the property owners responsibility.

    1. Jerry Falcone says:

      Well apparently you dont know this family very well at all… lets see…

      He’s got a rap sheet as long as my arm!!!! Lets start with this: Possession of drug paraphanelia, possession of controlled substances, public drunkenness, aggravated assault, harassment, driving with suspended licenses, no vaild titleing or registration for vehicles.

      Now for her: Disorderly conduct, driving with suspended licenses, vehicle with no inspections, etc…

      These folks are NOT AT ALL vulnerable, they are animals. Whether she is even disabled is now qustionable… They should just move out of Allegheny County all together, the general public will obviously be safer for it. Good Riddence!!

      1. karen says:

        what does any of his prior charges have anything to do with allegheny county not taking care of his home in which he pays $1200 a month rent and not a section 8 portion of that and check your facts charges are way different than convictions

      2. Terrance Kimber says:

        They probably have been getting some agency to pay their rent for them all this time… Hows a disabled person with two kids pay $1,200.00 month in rent. HUH?

        If she is, then SS DIsablity paying her too much!!!!

      3. a close friens says:

        Who do you think you are to talk about someone like this. You apparently have no clue about real people. Like they say, let the person with no sin cast the first stone! Are you so perfect and have never done anything wrong? And what does this have to do with taking care of your family and not wanting them to be sick from mold spores? They are not asking for handouts, just help getting back on their feet because the county won’t stand up and do what is right to fix their problem. The house belongs to the county and they should fix things. or pay for them. You sound like a very horrible person. You are the animal.

  3. Mike S. says:

    If anyone care, Joseph Hinerman owes the Federal Government IRS TWENTY ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS, yes $21K in IRS Tax Liens! How can you get housing Subsidies if you owe this much in TAXES!!!! its unfairm to those of us that PAY OUR BILLS! Also, they walked away from their house in Munhall, Wells fargo had to recover it at Sheriff Sale. Obviously, some folks think its OK to NOT pay their BILLS like the rest of us!!!! Why help out folks who abuse the system meant to really help the TRULY NEEDY?

    1. Jake Dirty says:

      I heard he owes child support too!. There is a stack of information to read online,, whoa! Traffic tickets like twice a year. Maybe that fight in west mifflin took all her energy away. Now she is too weak to clean.

      1. family friend says:

        Get your facts straight before you start throwing trash around. Are you a saint with no wrongdoing ever? I hope your family gets sick and you need someone and you only get comments like yours

    2. Mike S. says:

      Looks like she defaulted on the mortgage for $60,789.79! The Bank then resold for $33,000, so essentially she stole $27 Thousand dollars from the bank! I hope they got 1099’d for the difference!?

      Plus, doesn’t he owe child support?

      1. family friend says:

        So you want these kids to suffer because you don’t like their parents? What if your kids were getting sick?

      2. family friend says:

        so because she couldn’t afford a to keep her house 10 years ago your going to villianize her now and check your county records because i just did and he doesnt owe any money for child support not to mention i contacted his ex wife and she also verified he doesnt owe child support sounds like you have too much time on your hands to worry about bashing good people you dont even know

Comments are closed.

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