Drivers Urged To Slow Down In Work Zones

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Construction projects are ongoing on some of the busiest roads in our region.

People who depend on Route 28, Interstate 79 and Route 19 in Wexford have already been faced with delays and detours.

However, before PennDOT continues with its plans a warning has been issued for people who drive through construction zones.

“It’s going to be a big year for construction around the region,” PennDOT District 11 Executive Dan Cessna said.

It seemed appropriate for PennDOT to use Route 28 as a backdrop to roll out construction plans this year.

“The 40th Street Bridge intersection is under construction,” Cessna said. “You’re actually going to see Route 28 drop 22 feet in that location.”

Other notable projects include Route 65 at the Marshall Shadeland Interchange and some roadway resurfacing between Crafton and Neville Island.

While there won’t be any construction on the Fort Duquesne Bridge or the Parkway North, there will be work done on the Crosstown. As a result, there will be short-term and long-term closures.

While the crews will be busy, expect a heavy police presence, especially with this week being declared as Work Zone Awareness Week.

In 2010, there were 1884 work zone crashes that resulted in 22 fatalities.

If you get caught speeding by more than 11 miles per hour in a work zone, it’s a 15-day suspension, plus points. If you cause a crash in a work zone and you’re convicted of speeding, it’s also a 15-day suspension and two points on your record.

In addition to the points and suspended license, work zone fines are doubled.

PennDOT has released a list of work zone safety tips that you can view here.


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One Comment

  1. eazytime says:

    Actually anybody doing over 5MPH in a work zone should have a 30 day suspension. Get hard on the speeders because they are out there. Institute harsher penalties and maybe, just maybe people will realize speeding is not a God given right. Be especially hard on young mothers with kids in the car and on their cell phones. BAN CELL PHONES WHILE DRIVING. That is a major problem.

    1. Hoss says:

      The 5 mph standard is not likely to happen. Speed cameras, radar guns, and other speed measuring devices have a variable of plus or minus 5 mph. The enforcement kicks in at 10 mph or greater above the limit because at that point the infraction has a greater chance of holding up in traffic court.

  2. Sara Sams says:

    I think if you get caught Speeding in a Construction Zone you should be double fined and 6mo. suspended driving and double points . Why target young mothers with children and cell phones? I think we should ban cell phone while driving for everyone.. Go the speed limit and their would be no accidents. Drive like you have a brain..

    1. Hoss says:

      Go the speed limit and no accidents? Not likely. Accidents will continue to occur even if folks obey the speed limit. Sure, there might be fewer accidents. But they won’t be eliminated. And for crying out loud, use spell check. It’s “there” not “their.”

  3. Melinda says:

    Who is going to tell the Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Ontario license plates that come flying through our state at 100 MPH this news?

  4. Brad Lodovico says:

    I’ve never gotten a ticket and take it easy through work zones, but I wonder how many of you people would be hypocrites and cry till your face went pink if you would get caught speeding and had your license suspended for 6 months. That is ridiculously excessive.

    1. uh hey brad says:

      so its just a slap on the wrist when you narrowly miss a worker because you were not paying attention and speeding?

  5. Karen says:

    That punishment is too harsh. There are pizza delivery drivers getting robbed at gun point and all these cops are worried about, are people exceeding the speed limit???? The whole system is wrong, from top to bottom!!! Safety is their front! Money, money, money is what motivates them!!! They could care less about the safety of people! Don’t let them fool you! If they really cared about our well being, then these law makers would stand side by side with us in these hard economical times!!!

    1. PGHisDumb says:

      Karen, stopping people from speeding and killing each other is just as important as stopping those pizza delivery shootings. You’re being an idiot.

      For real though, I have never seen anything close to the amount of asinine driving I see here in PIttsburgh. You Yinzers think you all are entitled to not use turn signals, “Pittsburgh Lefts,” park wherever you want in no parking areas. Oh did you know when you are coming to an on-ramp on the highway you should get into the left lane so the people coming down the ramp can easily get on? Also you idiots like to go around buses but instead of waiting for the first car behind the bus to go, you can be 3 cars behind the bus and go around it before anyone in front of you does. It’s called common courtesy and obviously none of you Pittsburghers have ANY class. I have never seen the ridiculous law breaking anywhere else like I see it here. Oh, how about the situation where there is a long line of cars going coming from an exit ramp, instead of getting in line you jagoffs just keep driving up so you can cut in front of someone and skip the line. Who are you? Nobody important if you ask me.

      1. RealityCheck says:

        Hey PGHisDumb… You and everyone else who lump all Pittsburghers into the same category of drivers as not having “ANY class” are the true jagoffs!. Where are you from? You didn’t say. What if we were to drive in your city? What would we find? The world’s most perfect drivers (according you YOU, I’m sure)!! Why don’t you take the time to drive in every city in America before you say things like, “I have never seen anything close to the amount of asinine driving I see here in Pittsburgh,” or, “I have never seen the ridiculous law breaking anywhere else like I see it here.” Obviously you don’t get out much. Furthermore, how have you PROVEN that people who fail to “get into the left lane so the people coming down the ramp can easily get on” are actually from Pittsburgh? How have you PROVEN that those who do “not use turn signals” are all Pittsburghers (Yinzers)? How have you PROVEN that those parking wherever they want in no parking areas are actually Pittsburghers? Hmmm? Where’s your PROOF?? Have you taken the time to stop every driver who hurts your wittle feewings, and ask them where they live?? Are you too dumb to realize that not all cars with Pennsylvania license plates driving in the city of Pittsburgh belong to people living in the city? Are you too Dumb to realize that people from other parts of the state may just be driving through the area? Is it possible? Huh? I didn’t think so. You’re too busy thinking about how perfect (in your own mind) you drive. Nobody important if you ask me.

      2. JoeLanders says:

        Sorry RealityCheck, I side with PGH on this. I have lived here all my life and he/she isn’t lying. The majority of people driving ARE Pittsburghers and they DO seem entitled to themselves. It’s not rocket science. I travel for work a lot and I’ve been to Milwaukee, Lancaster, Orlando, hell even NYC and people aren’t as clueless there as they are here. Driving downtown and back I see the same things PGH does every day. People not moving over, not letting people in, not using turn signals, etc.

  6. like people here will ever learn says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! these morons around here and a bunch of people i know will read this and think, how dare they tell me to slow down! i pay taxes!!! theyll keep speeding withno seatbelts and talking and mainly texting on the phones, but dont dare tell them to stop texting while driveing because its not illegal. they have the right to text and speed and narrowly miss crashing and killing people.

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