PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s a new twist on saving money and all you need is a smart phone and the willingness to take a picture of yourself.

The cell phone application is called WeReward.

“There’s some people who are making a couple hundred dollars a month using the platform,” Ted Murphy, with WeReward, said.

Here’s how it works. A list of restaurants and places in your area will pop up on your smart phone. They are ranked by the number of points you can get at each one.

The points equal money – basically a penny a point.

For example, at Uncle Sam’s Subs, you can get a 105 points which translates to $1.05 if you take your picture with some of their food.

It then asks you if you want to share your picture on social medial like Twitter or Facebook, but that’s not required.

You can also earn points by taking your picture enjoying various products.

The app shows you how much cash you’ve got coming your way and they send you your money when you request it, but you have to have at least $10 in your account.

Many of the deals ask that you get the restaurant logo in the picture. They also check the geo tag on the photo which allows them to figure out the coordinates of where you were when you took the picture on your cell phone.

While the steps involved in WeReward don’t appeal to everyone, some businesses, such as Uncle Sam’s Subs, think it’s a smart way to reach new customers.

“Just knowing how connected everyone is, how on their phone everyone is all the time, it seems like a natural progression to get into something like this,” Paul Marchetti said.

The app is free to download and is available on Androids, iPhones and BlackBerry smart phones.

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