Pizza Shop Owner Wants To Arm Employees

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA)  Double-M Pizza in Charleroi was robbed late Saturday night and owner, Mark Miller, has a plan to fight back.  He says his employees will begin carrying weapons.  He has even placed a sign in front of his shop saying, “We Now Carry.”

The suspect entered Miller’s restaurant around 10:45 Saturday night on Pennsylvania Avenue and was armed with a shotgun. He demanded money from Miller, but the owner said the suspect didn’t have the shotgun trained and he was able to grab his cash tray and run away from the suspect.

Miller then got into a car with one of his delivery drivers and called police as the suspect fled the store and drove off.

Now he’s urging his employees to arm themselves while working.

“I am encouraging my drivers to carry, get a permit, get trained, and know to use a weapon to prevent something like this from going on,” he said.

Miller said a “well-armed public is the greatest deterrent of crime in the world.”

KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino covers all aspects of such a proposition and takes calls and suggestions along the way.

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One Comment

  1. servantoftruth says:

    Its about time. An anbelievable number of pizza carriers have been murdered in Pittsburgh for as little as $23.00, and one for just the pizza he was carrying. Let the word go out. If you try to rob a dalivery man you will probably get killed. And, Pittsburgh, I hope it happens if someone tries.

    1. joeblo says:

      yeah now the idiots know you have a gun too your business better have a great pie because nobodies stomach can handle thr drama

      1. Psycho says:

        their stomach could if they would put idiots like you in the pizza oven and watch you scream

  2. Anvil says:

    If carrying works for armored guards, then why not for pizza drivers. As long as they get the proper training and certification/permits, I’m all for it.

  3. What's the deal? says:

    Curious what the T.O.S. for posting is because I’ve tried twice to post and it hasn’t shown up yet. I don’t think my comments were out of line with the topic.

    1. Dave says:

      Good question. I’ve posted in the past with a long reply and it didn’t show up. I couldn’t see anything wrong but tried to eliminate potentail “hot” words…and still no luck. I finally trimmed my response down to a useless comment and it worked. If you figure it out, post the answer!

  4. Dirty Harry - 1 says:

    I was in the military and I trained extensively with firearms and hand to hand combat. I have a healthy respect for a firearm and know how & when it should be used. I have a CCW permit and thankfully to date I have not been put into a situation that forced me to draw my firearm. I shoot regularly at the range which is about two miles from my house. That being said, these guys/kids working as pizza delivery drivers are more than likely not going to have the confidence in a high adrenaline situation to successfully deploy their firearm and shoot the bad guy.

    1. 1% better than u says:

      Thanks for the resume chief. I was in the military as well. Just because u had Tens of Thosands of Dollars worth of shooting targets doesn’t make u better than a person proud to be an american able to defend ones self. Must of been a marine still living the glory days. And that’s not a compliment in this case. Better than all the rest..

      1. Dirty Harry says:

        There was a lot more to my post which would have made that paragraph not seem as condescending, unfortunately for whatever reason it would not let me post. Apparently CBS doesn’t like to hear the truth…

        I would be happy to email you my entire post so you can read it in it’s entirety. For the record I was in the Navy ; ) I’m not a jarhead stuck in the glory days. I hated that mentality and it’s why I got out. I’m not better than anyone else, but you’d be foolish to think that shooting at paper targets will prepare you for a confrontation. Will it help? Absolutely, but I see A LOT of amateurs at the range that do not know how to handle a weapon. I had one guy next to me at the state game lands in Wexford…His gun kept jamming and to clear it he kept pointing the muzzle to his immedate left which is where I was standing! I had to push the gun away so it was not directed at me or anyone else on the range more than once!

        I’m all for these guys being able to defend themselves. I’m not saying they shouldn’t get guns. I’m just saying there’s a lot more involved than just having a gun on your person. It’s being aware of your situation, your surounding and being ready. I try to avoid bad areas, but sometimes that isn’t possible. In those instances I have it easily accessible.

        My advice to these guys: This is a piece of equipment your life could depend on, buy something reliable and practice with it. (often). Get something cheap and it jams at the wrong time it could cost you big time.

      2. Dirty Harry says:

        Unbelievable!!! I cannot even post a reply to have a civil debate. The reason my post seems condescending is because it’s not posted in it’s entirety. I’d be happy to email you what I tried to post originally. For the record I do not like Jar Heads…I was in the Navy. ; )

      3. THANK DIRTY HARRY says:


  5. Dirty Harry - 3 says:

    To your point about just handing over the money…What about the gentleman that got shot in the Liberty garage, back in January of 2003? His assailant asked for his wallet, he handed it over and got shot anyway and now he’s paralyzed. Here’s the story:

  6. Found the answer Dave... says:

    I guess the key is to break it up into smaller pieces…Still one part will not post.

  7. Dirty Harry - 2 says:

    WOW…I cannot believe CBS will not let me post 1 paragraph…so lame. It’s not even that bad, no foul language or anything. Censorship sucks!

    1. Dave says:

      Yep, it doesn’t make sense how some things are allowed and others aren’t

  8. Kev says:

    I have had friends/acquaints robbed, stabbed, and one killed by people as pizza delivery men for all the ones who have something to say if your son, daughter, best friend, or father were a delivery person and died how would you feel? I think if they are 21 and older and get trained it doesn’t need to be advertised broadly but is a good idea

  9. Don says:

    I”d gladly pay for for pizza if I knew the money would go for arming and training the employeer and delivery people

  10. Richard says:

    I have absolutely no problem with competent, responsible people carrying a weapon for their defense. I believe that knowing a potential victim may be armed can make a would-be attacker think twice. Someone once said ‘why do you carry a gun?’ The answer was ‘because a cop is too heavy.’ In reality, in most cases, the police are after the fact.

  11. HAD says:

    Wow, Thats a racist comment if I ever read one!

  12. Mike says:

    Rob, if they are armed, they still are at risk for being robbed, but think about this…

    You live on a street with five houses. Four of the home owners are gun owners, one is not. They are all equally at risk of having a home invasion. Let’s just say for the sake of the argument that the robber is someone that is familar with the neighboorhood and knows the home owners. Which house do you think he’s going to hit?

  13. Eating at the other pizza shop says:

    While I’m all for the right to bare arms, I think this is a media ploy by the owner. Firstly, the delivery man wasn’t robbed the shop was. This store isn’t in the middle of a ghetto it’s right on route 88 roughly 25 miles south of the city. It’s been robbed twice in 8 years. Instead of jumping to the extreme, this is the time to advocate for more police in north Charleroi since they just have 1 and to advocate Fallowfield twp to keep their police. Who better to persuade council then a business owner?

    1. Responsible protection,please? says:

      Furthermore, this owner must not be too worried about crime in the area or he’d have surveillance video of this crime. I think that speaks volume into how fearful he is. Please update your security before spouting off to the media that you encourage your employees to take up arms oh then a day later suggest they get permits. There is a duty to feel safe at work and I’m sorry this isn’t cutting it for us.

      1. Concerned Business Owner says:

        He does have surveillance video of this crime. The guy had a mask on and a shotgun. The owner has always been pro second amendment, this is not new. Until now, he felt his employees didn’t need protection. Now, he agrees they can if they want to, as long as they are licensed & trained…

    2. MIK says:

      Well lets see the pizza shop was hit, a house on Conrad was hit, and a car stolen from a church in N Charleroi all within a weeks time. That pizza shop pays more in taxes than you do. Why dont you go to a council meeting and see where all that tax money is going. As far as a media ploy, get real, they have cameras all over that building but if it is under investigation they sure as heck dont want to blast it all over tv DUH.

  14. FedUp says:

    Pretty sad that it’s come to this . . . but I guess as long as the thugs continue to take what’s not theirs, maybe they’ll get the message.

  15. myspcgrrrl says:

    My comment will hurt somebody’s feelings.

  16. Dhusk says:

    Yes, because having a bunch of untrained minimum-wage food-industry employees panic firing in a shop full of customers at a potential robber is such a good business tactic.

    I will avoid that shop and all others like it like a plague.

  17. Dhusk says:

    Also, this is ridiculously unfair to his employees. He expects employees that he’s probably paying as close to minimum wage that he can to risk their lives in firefights with thieves just to safeguard money that isn’t theirs? I wonder, if he requires his minimum-wage workers to also act as his store”s security guards, is he also going to spring for their insurance and medical costs too?

    1. Concerned Business Owner says:

      The owner isn’t requiring this, he is agreeing to let his employees carry if they are licensed and trained. It is not to protect the money, it is to protect their lives. I am sure that the owner is glad you don’t shop there, as you are probably to illiterate to read the menu…

      1. Dhusk says:

        Ah, another “Concerned Business Owner” who isn’t very concerned with employee’s safety at all. What an utter, utter shock. Because, hey, all employees are nothing but disposable serfs who exist only to do the bidding of their overlord, I mean, “boss,” right?

        The only reason he would be encouraging his employees to carry weapons is because he expects them to use them. ANY businesss owner who does not work in the security field who encourages his employees to get into firefights, where both they and bystanders could get shot or killed, should not be in business at all.

  18. Food For Thought says:

    With the exception of the owner, and 1 delivery driver ( who happens to be a vietnam vet) EVERYONE else employed there has another job(gasp!) this is a second job for them. We work 2 jobs to support our families and those on welfare who REFUSE to work. I guarantee there are more brains in this shop than any other in the valley Several of us already had our LTC and training prior to this incident. The owner isnt MAKING everyone carry, just giving us the option. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH.

  19. pizza girl says:

    Dhusk, he does not EXPECT us to use them and it is a choice if we carry or not. We have to work to support you and the others that are on welfare and yes we work 2 jobs to do that. Don’t talk about stuff you have no clue about

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