Pennsylvania Lawmakers Explore Mileage Tax

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Because gasoline prices have risen, the state’s gasoline revenues have diminished and is causing concern from our state leaders. A new “mileage tax” is being considered as one potential way to alleviate those concerns.

Pennsylvania House Tranportation Committe Chairman Representative Michael McGeehan says the commonwealth has more state highways than New York, New Jersey and New England combined.

He says the state is challenged economically with maintaining our infrastructure.  McGeehan says the “mileage tax” is just a proposal that might help generate new revenues.

“From what I understand — and it’s not something that’s high on my agenda — but I think because of the nature of the crisis, people are looking for any alternative. How it would work is in conjunction with a gas tax, fees would be based on the miles you travel in Pennsylvania. There’s a number of technologies, one is a transponder in your car that would go to a central monitoring facility that would monitor the miles you drive and then you’d be billed as a result of those miles,” McGeehan said on NewsRadio 1020 on Tuesday, adding that he was only explaining the proposal, not advocating it.

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One Comment

  1. Shockly says:

    Where is the rest of the story? What’s a mileage tax and who will regulate it? How much revenue do they expect to make off it? What about mileage outside the state? Come on KDKA you should be better than this.

    1. What's Up With That? says:

      HEY RIght…Why should the state get to tax miles I drive in say OH or NY? Good point!

  2. sharon says:

    Hell NO, we are already paying enough in gas taxes

  3. Norman says:

    Of course a mileage tax will generate new revenues, THERE ISN’T A MILEAGE TAX NOW!!! Let’s see, I filled my truck up with 25 galloms of gas 4 years ago and was paying fuel tax on those 25 gallons. Today I am filling my truck up with 25 gallons of gas and am still paying tax on those 25 gallons. I wonder why they are saying that there is less money? Oh that’s right, we are driving less because gas prices are so high. But if we are driving less then the roads will hold up longer and require less maintenance so why are more funds needed?

  4. FedUp says:

    Another crock of you know what . . . .

  5. Larry says:

    no way, why because he can afford it.

  6. bob says:

    lets take the Per deim away from the rats in Harrisburg… to pay for the roads…we pay tooo much now when are the bozos in harrisburg going to understand this or they just don’t care…..but keep on voting them in…

  7. JP says:

    TOLL I-80!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. NoToll says:


      You sound like a South bound mule talking out of the North end! Or maybe you really DO have manure for brains? Were you born this stupid or have you had to study? I could go on…

  8. keith Postlethwait says:

    We need to take their tax payer provided cars and healthcare and see how many more of our taxes they would be interested in raising at that time

  9. JP says:

    Obama’s taxing me enough!!!!
    BAD IDEA!!! this State loves coming up with new Taxes.
    Why dont we Tax the drink Tax.

  10. Chris says:

    Mr. McGeehan is being more than just a little bit disingenuous in his claim that PA has more state highways than NY, NJ, & NE combined. I have lived most of my life in NJ and had lived close to NY and those states have county highways in addition to state highways. Many of the back road state highways here in PA remind me of what would likely be county highways in NY & NJ. If county highways are factored in the amount of roads would likely be comparable.

  11. james ryan says:

    This is all a plan laid out by the globalists and the bankers,the Pa legislation just works for them!This is disgusting what about the rich who fly private planes and helicopters!Pennsylvania we must stop this,please go to I knew they would try to tax by the mile for over five years and they will also try to put gps on every car to keep track of the mileage and keep track of you!Why don’t they quit having illegal wars and devaluing the dollar by printing so much of it that is why the gas price is going up the dollar is worthless!We as the people of Pennsylvania should demand an audit of our state government and demand to see all the revenue they bring in and where every penny goes this should be made public and we should get to pick the auditors not them,why do we let people we pay overtax us!

  12. big john says:

    Their brains are programed to TAX everything. We should decommission about half of them. Problem solved.

  13. moose says:

    I think they should raise the taxes on politicians salarys, and take away their cars and expense accounts, then ise the money they save for highways

  14. Rizzenman says:

    Did you listen to the audio? Big brother is here!!! Install a transponder n my car to report the mileage to a central repository so they can send me a tax bill. What BS!. Wake up people it’s time to quit playing Democrat and Republican and put a stop to this nonsense. Too bad you don’t have enough money. You raised license fees to fix the roads, you raised the gas tax to fix the roads, and so on, yet you never have enough money. Let the roads go back to gravel or dirt. Enough is enough. Worse comes to worse STF home!

  15. RIzzenman says:

    The more we move into the future the more backward we become. The politicians of BOTH parties led by fast Eddie have bankrupted us. Now the rock is squeezed but they are coming back for more. Close all roads then the tax man can’t drive to my house.

  16. T.j. Heckman says:

    How about the politicians not get paid for their “service” like the good old days. Its such BS that we have to pay for them to bankrupt us and they sit high on the hog! If they try it I’ll move my family right out of this state and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

  17. toby says:

    Save money by cutting the size of state government. The number politicians should reflect the population decline Pa. has had over the past several decades.

    1. Seriously.... says:

      I agree–the number of poloticians should reflect the decline in the Pa population…

  18. DM says:

    this proposed mileage tax i feel would not be fair. What are the people that do allot of drving for their jobs suppose to do. my husband drives thirty miles each way to work. So he is going to be penalized with this proposed stupid tax because he has to drive such a distance five days a week, sometimes more. What about the people that drive way more than that to work each day. Come on. What moron, yes whoe ever you are I am calling you a moron, thought this up? I’m sorry moron, but we can not afford this. all the people that are laid off will probably end up not looking for work and going on welfare, that way they wouldn’t have to pay this absolutely stupid tax. Come on you people, think something better up and if you can’t then how about going to the PA. people with suggestions. If I have to put something in my car so PA politicians cna keep track of me, then guess what moron who thought this up. I’m moving out of state. and I don’t believe I would be the only one!!!!!

    1. wow :( says:

      So true…I not only drive a dstance to work but also drive for work….in home social services….my profession is already underpaid, I would need to chnge careers! I agree with taking govt appointed vehicles…if I have to pay my work mileage tax so should they! This is so frustrating…along with the other STUPID ridiculous unreal legislation that comes along with Corbett for govenor!

  19. Seriously.... says:

    He%$ No–Pa has the highest gas tax of any state right now already and then you want to tax us on how far we go with that gas that was already taxed, really???? I think not! It is like they just want to watch our every move. We can’t even leave our homes with out them knowing we left ,and how far we went–it is an invasion of privacy to regulate my comings and goings. Why don’t the politicians in Harrisburg get rid of their $160/day lunch stippend that they get–where are they eating lunch at everyday????? If they want to regulate where I am going, then I want to regulate where they are going…

  20. Mileage Tax...Really? says:

    Ok, so Joe & Jane Driver are spending less on gas because it’s too expensive and driving less which equates to less TAX dollars for PA, but equally less wear & tear on the roads…YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

    If you want people to buy more gas why not lower the gas tax which might have the effect of generating more revenue because people would have more money to buy gas and not feel like they’re being raped at the pump…I’m just saying…

    Think about it. You get taxed on your wages that you use to buy gas. Then you get taxed when you buy gas, then you get taxed to use the gas?

    The day they come out with a car with a mandated transponder is the day I rip it out of the car. They’ll have jamming devices that will interfer or jam the signal.

    Big brother can shove that transponder!

  21. unrattled_snake says:

    Reduce the size of the State Legislature by 50% first before you start stealing more money from the citizens.

  22. Just wonderin' says:

    Why not tax marcellus shale gas instead?

  23. Slap Ya Silly says:

    Have all politicians lost their minds? Guess they wouldn’t be so quick to balance the budget on the backs of working people if the proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution was law.

    “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

  24. taxman says:

    Why doesn’t this article mention who is considering a mileage tax? All it says is “state leaders” and Michael McGeehan, gee another Philthydelphia Dem wanting to raise taxes, who would have ever guessed that.

  25. Jennifer Banks says:

    I was looking for Harrisburg Cars and found your site. Wow. More rising taxes ?

Comments are closed.

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