CLAIRTON (KDKA) — The Allegheny County District Attorney is concerned about how 911 dispatch may have handled the call the night of the home invasion and police shooting in Clairton and is investigating, KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin reports.

KDKA-TV obtained some of the transcripts from Monday night of what the dispatcher told police headed to the scene and at the scene.

10:44 PM: Complainant states that her next-door neighbor is being held at gunpoint in her house while being robbed.

10:45 PM: This is a duplex. Neighbor states she can hear them next door and that someone is holding a gun to the resident’s head.

10:46 PM: Female is afraid to talk. Won’t answer any questions.

11:03 PM: Officer down. Possibly shot. No status on officer. He’s being flown from Miller Avenue. Interrupted possible home invasion.

11:43 PM: Officer was shot under the arm near the vest area. Is conscious and alert, but having minimal feeling in his legs.

Meantime, the suspect charged in this case, Myles Hutchinson, is telling Allegheny County Police he can prove he wasn’t in Clairton when the shooting happened. He said he was selling drugs in another part of town when Officer James Kuzak was shot.

The district attorney’s office is now involved in the investigation. They’re hoping to get two suspects in custody and a better response to this sort of emergency in the future.

“Because we are in the community, we have 118 police departments, those guys are part of those communities every day,” D.A. Stephen Zappala said. “I think we’re better situated, but obviously if someone’s not going to hesitate to take the life of a police officer, they have no regard for their own lives or for anybody else.”

Officer Kuzak is still in critical condition; however he is alert and talking to people.

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