Game Commission Doubts Bear Attack Claim

NORTH UNION TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A man from Fayette County claims he was attacked by a bear, but the Pennsylvania Game Commission does not believe his story.

Adam Knopsnider, 25, said he was cleaning a camper Tuesday night, when he heard some commotion.

When he went out to investigate, he claims he was attacked by a “bear or something.”

However, officials with the Game Commission said there is no reason to believe this was actually a bear attack. They also mentioned that a dog was on the property where the attack happened.

According to the Game Commission, in the last 50-plus years there have only been three bear attacks in Pennsylvania. All three instances involved a mother protecting her cubs.

Knopsnider suffered a serious arm injury and was flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, W. Va. for treatment.

Officers with the Pennsylvania Game Commission said they will not close the case until they can speak to him.


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  • righteous

    What does a racist comment have to do with this story? Bigots like you are a part of the problem in our society!

  • Yogi bear

    Hey Boo Boo, I bit his arm because I thought this guy was holding a pic-i-nic basket

  • TriciaB

    Since when is Yogi Bear rascist?
    Lighten up, for crying out loud.

  • RealNewsPlease

    Are all these stories from Fayette County for real? I mean, seriously. And TriciaB has a point….

  • righteous

    comment I replied to has been deleted

  • MsCynic

    I have sincere doubts that this was a bear attack. Possibly a coyote or he fell on the German Shepherd – not a lot of bears are going to approach a place where a large dog is tied! Bears are commonly shy, and avoid conflict if they can, looks like he just wants attention, but when the facts come out, he may not want that attention again!

  • haha43

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