By: Heather Abraham

McKEES ROCKS (KDKA) — A teenager is facing charges following a carjacking in McKees Rocks and police pursuit overnight that left a local couple with injuries.

Gerri Cruce says last night she and her husband were attacked at the laundromat on Chartiers Avenue.

“He started beating on me,” Cruce reported. “He said, ‘I’m gonna stick you! I’m gonna stick you. Where’s your key?'”

McKees Rocks police say 18-year-old Antonio Reed is accused of beating the couple, threatening them and then taking off in their car.

“My husband went out to the car, and I heard noises. I looked out and, oh my God, the guy had my husband on the ground,” she said. “I pulled him off my husband, and then he started beating me. I took the keys and threw them. He got in the car and flew.”

McKees Rocks Police Chief Robert Cifrulak said at one point the suspect pulled out a screwdriver and threatened to the couple.

Police say Reed is accused of driving their yellow Nissan to Swissvale before Pittsburgh Police caught up with him and made the arrest.

When asked why he did it, Chief Cifrulak said Reed reported that he needed a ride.

“No, no, no. He didn’t want a ride home,” said Cruce. “He was playing in there too long for wanting a ride home. He plotted that.”

Cruce, who says she was punched multiple times in her back, doesn’t buy that story. She says she is suffering from physical and emotional pain, not to mention the damage done to her car.

“It’s very vulnerable to be on the ground, to have someone pounding on you, punching you,” Cruce said. “I told police, I don’t want the kid hurt, but I want him to pay.”

Reed is facing charges of robbery of a motor vehicle and two counts of aggravated assault. Pittsburgh police are also expected to file additional charges for the pursuit that happened within their district.

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