Mount Pleasant Township Making Life Difficult On Range Resources

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) —  Range Resources may not be the exclusive drilling company for Mount Pleasant Township much longer.  With a vote nearing at the end of the month, Range Resources is threatening legal action to take their drilling to “more cooperative communities,” if a common ground can not be met.

A key point in the township’s battle with Range is the long-standing refusal to allow bunkhouses at drill sites for well-foremen.  The drilling company claims they need a foremen on-site 24/7 and that allowing the bunks reduces vehicle traffic to and from the site.

Range Resources Spokesman Matt Pitzarella joined KDKA Radio’s Larry and John to discuss the matter.

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Mount Pleasant Township
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One Comment

  1. eazytime says:

    They need bunkhouses to save motel/housing money. Can you imagine what those bunkhouses would look and smell like. They have brought some rif raf emplyees from Texas,Oklahoma etc. They would pack them in there like sardines. Do not buckle to their demands Mt.Pleasant. Make them observe your ordinances.

  2. eazytime says:

    Also why do they need bunks when these jobs were supposed to be filled by local emplyment? Range Resources ==LIARS,Con Men and polluters to boot. Look at the problems coal mining left us, these problems go deeper and probably will be a disaster for our grandchildren/great granchildren. No bunks Mt. Pleasant, stick by your guns.

    1. JamesH says:

      Why, I do believe we’ve been bamboozled, foondangled, noodled, handed a bill of goods, sold a bridge and lease to a faraway island. Good job, PA.

  3. k smith says:

    wow, just because a community is concerned about allowing a corporate energy company to “bunk” their employees on their properties and drill sites does not make them backward. We all work at “home” and get up to go to work driving distances acceptable to us. They should pay for 2/3 shifts of employees and either pay for them at local hotels, rent corporate housing, or invest in local staffers. Marcellus Shale is taking advantage of people who need the money, maybe they don’t need the money from these guys and maybe they should allow them to move on to another more ‘gullible’ community. by the way, when a company is causing a town to be under a “boil water” advisory, that is pretty sad. Just like BP who messed up the Gulf, Marcellus Shale needs to own up to its environmental disappointments.

  4. dwight says:

    The comments that I read is just pure ignorance . Iwork for A fracking comp. we are contracted through range. there is no more community minded company when they go into an area to drill or frack the roads and landscape is always as good or better then when they started . as for the BUNK HOUSE it is for the range company personal which is normaly two persons and is nothing more then a office trailor .I am personaly tired of people that have no idea of the oil and gas field to keep talking about things theyknow nothing about !

  5. Dan says:

    They can build a bunkhouse, drill a well and drink the water. Or will they pay for bottled water? Hmmmmm…. The water is safe right? Sure it is.

  6. fracman says:

    I have worked in the industry for 6 years in TX and now I am here with my trailer to take Mt. Pleasant for everything you have! If you do not like it, then find another place to live.

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